10 Minute Break

Holidays make it hard to stay on schedule. It’s the day after 4th of July. I wanted to share something that I’ve learned over the past few weeks that’s really helped me out. I was running behind this morning ( about three hours).I had unexpected business issues rise up and was going to forfeit my me-time (car ride & gym). In the shower I thought to myself no, just do what you had planned and everything will work itself out. I drove to the gym, was sore from yesterday and knew that I probably shouldn’t go in and wear myself out. I got a snack and some water and headed to a local track.  I turned on a podcast that I normally listen to in the car ride to the gym, put my headphones on and walked the track. My way of thinking is at least I got to ride in the car by myself, listen to my podcast, and got to walk outside. (Totaling 20-30min) Walking is phenomenal for fat burning. You’ll actually get leaner about walking then you would jogging long distance. Being outside is also a mood enhancer, so it’s a win-win.I hope this encourages you to stay the course no matter what daily obstacles or thrown your way.Please, stick to your 5 to 60 minutes of “you” time… even if it’s a quick centering meditation. You need to tap out and do something that allows your mind to experience joy, gratitude, creativity and or inspiration. have a good one!

NO fluff, NO bs, no strict fad diets

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