15/16 weeks Preggo vlog and meltdown


I was wanting gravy and turkey so i had fat free turkey ground. ( ew) i just don’t like the FF turkey! i like the 8 grams of fat per 4 oz kind though. I use FF turkey for chili.. That’s about it. the gravy is from a natural food store. I wanted one without yeast and sugar which is almost impossible.

This is was at sweet tomatoes salad buffet. They don’t have chicken! if you look around. there is a lot of overweight folks that eat here. I think they think it’s “healthy” which it is, it is. HOWEVER, there’s no lean protein. so they load up on fat and carbs with no protein which is what they already do. now… they just don’t feel as bad about it. ( i use to be that gal) nah, not really .. I would just eat anywhere I wanted with a don’t give a shit about how it made me look or feel lol. THIS TIME.. I brought my OWN chicken from home ( OR) you can fish the chicken out of the chicken noodle soup 😉  don’t get caught bc all the old people will get mad at you.



Very odd mixture, for some reason I was wanting these two. this is my UNSWEETENED vanilla almond milk, vi, avocado for fat source and apple for carb source. I always try and eat green apples.

OH MY HEAVENS! i have really been into sandwiches this pregnancy! this is wild salmon foil pack, fat free plain ORGANIC GREEK yogurt, sweet relish ( no sugar added) and maters. (tomatoes) with POP CHIPS!!!! best shiiiiiiiii*** ever! with unsweet tea! yea buddy


Ya’ll, I have been looking for a GOOD tasting protein whey powder for the days im in a hurry or don’t wanna eat chicken. I see now why people think health nuts are crazy! bc most protein powders taste like nasty fitos you know what! I found this RTD orgain, organic choc shake.. tasted good! I can’t live off VI.. so sometimes i add  protein powder instead of meat.. I have tried just about every brand out there and they all have that “protein taste”

next is my fav.. the RAW kombucha! with chia! docs say ” no raw or unpasteurized while pregnant” whatever! I am fine.. now, if my baby is born (bless it’s heart) with some odd issue we will blame ol kombucha! until then.. im eating it.. and of course! coconut water without added sugar! so good. this stuff is so powerful for hydration it could be used in an IV. i have read that.. who knows if it’s true. You should drink that before retiring on nights you stay up drinking. bc you know.. binge drinking really goes well with health, fatloss and fitness. 🙂 anyway.. had to throw that in. binge in moderation.. how about that? lol

This past week was tough to get through workouts!  (copied straight from my phone)

Monday 11-3
A.Incline Press
2 sets of 8 reps, 1 set to failure (10-20 reps)
B. Seated Dumbbell Press
3 sets of 12 reps(15,20,20,25)
C1.Weighted Bench Dips
3 sets of 12 reps
C2.Front raise (15)
3 sets of 12 reps

Tuesday 11-4
A. Bb rows. 2×8 then amap 75-12
B. pull-ups w band 3×12
C. Cable row. 3×12 3×11(90)

Wed off. Sore ass. Chest lats

Thursday. 11-6
A.Squats low bar riser square n stool
B.lunges. Db. 3×12 (8)
C1. Sngle press.3×12 (45)
C2. Calf raise angle lp 3×12(45)
C3. Side leg kicks 3×15

Friday rest

Saturday 11-8
A.Incline Press
3×8(45,65) 1×3(85)
A2. Lat pull down (60,70,80)
B. Seated Dumbbell Press
3 sets of 12 reps(25)
C. Weighted Bench Dips
3 sets of 12 reps
D. 45 angle bb press (45)3×10

Sunday rest. Bojangles.. yes had bojangles which meant the only lifting was that biscuit to my face!

NO fluff, NO bs, no strict fad diets

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