Holy Cuss words!! IT’S HERE!!



I can’t believe I FINALLY get to officially open enrollment and welcome you to RELATION BY DESIGN!

It feels SO GOOD, yet SCARY to offer this

As I sit here after having a major breakthrough last night…

Skip was upset and I saw everything from a different perspective for the first time ever.

Rewind 3 years ago and It would have been a major blow-up, going to bed upset, feeling abandoned, and questioning if we should even be together.

Instead, it was more of, “holding space” for him to work through his triggers, without me taking things personally. ( shout out Hotmomz Lifestyle Mastermind Mindset work)

after it was over, he said thank you, we went to bed feeling safe and had one of the BEST days ever.


I remember having blow up’s and immediately thinking about divorce.

I would get emotionally hi-jacked after a disagreement and unknowingly create NEW problems from it.

I would feel unappreciated, unseen, not heard. I would feel inadequate and defensive. I would feel resentful and betrayed.


I remember crying and feeling so much despair after a fight.

and now…I’m so grateful. so so grateful and I’ve cried many tears in sheer amazement and gratitude for how we have gotten to this place.

I’ve been applying the same spiritual, energetic principles and basic laws of success to create everything I want since 2008.

Applying the ancient wisdom truths, to health, relationships, parenting, fitness, and money.

I’m not going to lie, it was new and scary for me.

I didn’t have anyone to walk me through the journey and show me the ropes…

I hired mentors. therapist and healers but nothing seemed to really flick my soul switch into helping things feel better.

so, I did what any hard head would do…

I became obsessed with figuring this shit out

until I mastered it!

I LOVE this work.

I love helping people who want a better life, integrate the mindset work, and get what they want

so that they are never left hungry… and in a constant state of stress, panic or despair

This is my soul’s purpose. This is what I was put here to do.

and we don’t have much time so let’s get to it!

Here’s the truth:

Fitness-weight-loss and looking sexy was never about fitness and looking sexy

relationships were never about relationships

relationships are about feeling safe and supported.. a certain kind of freedom

feeling good, feeling loved unconditionally, being in great health, and feeling sexy AF is also about feeling supported, safe and FREE inside the relationship!

It’s about the fact that I am no longer limited in my decisions, because of the asshole I live with or have yet to manifest ( for my single peeps out there).

It’s no longer about feeling like I’m limited because I need to change HIM in order for me to be happy.

It’s no longer about incomplete.

My options have been opened, time and time again, because of my relationship with my mind.body.soul and how it’s connected to relationships

I’m no longer in a constant state of “shrew”.

you know, a woman who is argumentative, nagging, resentful, and ill-tempered.

My relationship feels like my ally now.

It feels stable & supportive. It feels like I can trust that I’m taken care of and things always work in my favor.


Feeling Happy, feeling in love, feeling loved and supported is a way to have an easier, happier life. Having healthy relationships is a catalyst to stepping into more success.

Relationships are like getting drunk on tequila. It exposes who we really are… and who we aren’t

so, if you are a miserable, undeserving, not good enough, jealous, distrustful, paranoid SHREW who feels all alone and like they do too much without praise…. you’ll be the same miserable SHREW with the next one you find.

If you are a good-hearted soul that is willing to take responsibility for your relationship woes ( even if you feel like it’s all their fault).. you’ll BE that.. only amplified when you transmute the undesirable feelings.

And today is another important moment in time!

When I created this container for healing our relationship, I had a certain person in mind.

The person is stressed, anxious, tired, worried, sad, afraid, and freaking the F*&k out about anything and everything.

Hormone levels are whack, focus is off, kids are draining, family feels like an extra burden, and struggles with guilt when taking care of herself.

she struggles with boundaries.. As a matter of fact, she doesn’t even know where to start.

Stress, anger, or feelings of doubt and despair consumes her thoughts when she’s resting

I understand her. I feel for her.

She was me. She was my mom. My Grandmother. My Friend…My female followers…

I remember what it was like.

I was raised to not trust. To never depend on a man. and to be ready for whatever life had to throw at me”.

This woman is exhausted…

She desperately wants to believe there’s a way out… She’s looking to feel like a queen and be treated like one as well.

But, everything she has ever been taught told her that it just wasn’t in the cards or that it came with a sacrificial price tag.

It came time for her to see things differently.

I knew if I could teach her to reprogram her mind, body, and nervous system to receive what she desires & allow love… That I could teach her how to shift into the experience of being a match for what she desires.

I knew I could teach her how to have the relationship she wants in a way that she couldn’t imagine in her earlier days.

I knew I would help her transform how things get to work out for her and her future linage and those around her.

so… I DID. and I have… Helped Thousands of students.

I believe so deeply in the process I teach in The, Relationship by Design Course, which is an adjunct tool for the Hotmomz Mastermind. ( where we clear health, fitness, and money blocks on a deeper level).

The principles I teach in Relationship By Design is one of the things I know for sure!

This is SO much more than a Relationship mindset program–This is a NEW way of LIVING!

… It’s a new way of being, thinking, living, parenting, receiving, and doing.

I understand that it may seem weird or “out there” or too good to be true–but just like my coach said…

anything that feels too good to be true is what you mother fucking deserve! #wipestear my queen!

check out the Relationship By Design page

know that the women I help are real!

they are the ones who are here for massive shifts.

I LIVE for this

This is THE new vibe… This is the next safe step to getting where you want to go with your relationship.

You don’t have to have problems… If you want to crack the code on MEN and or your little boys… This course is for YOU!


Relationship By Design

keep in mind, enrollment special promo rate closes!

special rates end soon. I wouldn’t wait.

cheers to you, and cheers to a better life.

Casey 😉

NO fluff, NO bs, no strict fad diets

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