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It’s a quite Sunday..BEAUTIFUL weekend here in Atlanta GA. I am looking out my window, Murphy’s asleep on his bed and Skip is at work. My emails/clients are quite and I’m sitting here with hair thrown up, a tank and Skip’s men shorts on having to pee every 5 min 😉 imageimage









Can you see?? These big ol seated bikes feel GOOD! and I am not going to lie, they made my quads tight and sore. I haven’t trained my legs in a LONG TIME. meaning leg day, squats etc. some basic bitch old lady stuff, sure. The best feeling days I have are days when i do unsweet tea and Pro energy pre- workout. Here is the link If you want some https://enrollment.visalus.com/SignUp?referrer=2380350












in pic below,on left.. this was a basic pic.. no show, no photoshoot.. I train.. and eat! I love power bodybuilding style training. I do that type of training so I can avoid cardio and stay lean. I will add cardio for “extra help” if I am needing to dial in for something.

If you train hard… you can get this look ( on the left) HOWEVER, without the intensity  and being scared of food.. you will never get there. You are simply “playing around” and just exercising hoping for some kind of magic gains. which is fine.. whatever helps you sleep at night and feel good about yourself, right?

I like being strong! i get OFF on how much I can personally lift, and the positive changes that have come along   through fitness healing have been priceless. 

Pic on right is Me at 40 weeks. or what docs say anyway. I did the calculation app and according to my female cycle, it says due date is anywhere from May 1 to May 5th. It is May 3rd and no babe yet. He is a MOVING though. good lord. I have had the tightening/braxton hicks regularly. The other night they were every 3.5 min lasting about 50-90 seconds. some back and front cramps. I guess my body is getting ready. still 50% effaced and 2 cm dilated. what does that mean? check out pic to see.. just means my cervix is “soft/ripe” and moving back so that all the baby has to do is go through vagina canal ( once it’s dilated to a 10) about the size of a bagel. My cervix and uterus has ALWAYS been shaped abnormal so my midwife was unable to do the “sweep” where she separates my baby amniotic sac from cervix which speeds labor!

I have really enjoyed learning about human body during this pregnancy, it’s amazing to me how many women go through this and don’t think for themselves, listen to docs, listen to people, and are scared to go with instincts hence, staying weak minded towards the process. I have found it to be extremely empowering at times and extremely sad at times.. the sad times were times that I wasn’t allowing and didn’t understand why I felt the way I felt.. like being tired or just weak.. feeling like i was less of a trainer bc I couldn’t lift a certain way.  feeling inadequate bc my body didn’t look like a pro fitness diva and people wouldn’t listen to me because I didn’t “look” ripped at the moment…

Then sure enough, God ,higher source or whatever you believe in always had a way of rekindling the love/understanding I have with the little sweet thing depending on me in my belly and then everything that was “worrying” or tiresome became so minuscule and silly. The empowering times are all the other times! especially when I would listen to  inner promptings and it would end up being exactly what baby  needed. It was also empowering to realize and see what my body was going through .

The biggest thing is when I would see what most of the pregnant women are experiencing or have experienced, what they typically look like and how much some of them  bitch and complain about,  thinking wow… what a blessing that I found a way to be a 2%er vs a 98%er. Understanding that I CREATE my story, not being a  “victim” to circumstance. That I wanted to be pregnant! I wanted this babe and didn’t do it for the wrong reasons.. parents that bitch about their kids, I feel like, had them for the wrong reasons…I felt proud because I have a good man ( not a boy)  that appreciates me because I know self worth and chose someone for what I feel were the right reasons vs a commodity trying to be like my friends that were getting married or to fill a void looking for a “man” to give me validation bc of some whacky upbringing scar. . Sorry, I got on a mini sopabox..

if ya don’t like something, CHANGE IT.

++Go to someone that has what you want and get them to teach you.















for all the dumbasses STILL telling me to do wives tales to induce labor.. here’s what I have tried.

 EPO. 3 a day. even did some vaginally. bromelain which is active ingredient in pineapple. (which has an amazing anti-inflammatory effect) I take 2-3 a day which is equivalent of 7-8 pineapples.

scalini’s egg plant Parmesan .

sex, walking, guaifensin to thin cervical fluids/ripen cervix, membrane sweep, reiki, spicy foods, acupressure, massage, baths, pregnancy tea/raspberry leaf/nipple stem with breast pump,castor oil etc. when the baby is ready…. he will come. I HAVE seen the cardio moms go into labor faster though so maybe there is something to the runners and cardio queens going into early labor.  

if only heavy weight got him here.. . I did 105 on deads today and 100lb pulldowns. haha.. he is a TRUE taurus!












What I have done, is, everyday during pregnancy, I eat FAST FOOD! yeeehaww  lately it’s been chic fil a. I get a number 1 with no bun, fries and unsweet tea and sugar free lemonade. It was, wendy’s number 2 or 3 no bun. Here is the thing to consider. Looking at other fitness models who blow up during pregnancy.. i would question why why  ??? how does that happen!???  well, most do crash diets and restrict salt and all the stupid stupid make no sense diet old school crap, then, when they get pregnant i guess they eat these things and swell up?.

non pregnant, I do eat pretty strict.  However, I eat salt, dairy, fruit.. everything . I count macros, cycle carbs and do refeeds through out training to keep a lean look. Of course I have “bad food” I grew up on it! i LIKE BISCUITS you know! and cobbler! sugar!  I also have a SICK metabolism and work ethic… my bodytype can get away with eating a lot.. if your’s can’t, that’s fine too. I BET you can add muscle easier than me or maybe can run a longer distance in less time.. everyone has their physical gifts. JUST know. Get the lifestyle and knowledge down NOW! about what you can and can’t eat to stay ripped year round so that when you get pregnant, then, you can get away with being pregnant and not blowing up! .

I posted my training in earlier post. I still lift similar to old splits and still go heavy as possible with upper body. I am re -building my site and publishing new programs for people to learn my techniques and training style without paying my personal service fees (will cost a lot less than working with me privately) I will be sure to teach you everything you need to know about how to stay ripped with your body type, no drugs, no pills.

YOU WILL NEED a non pussy mentality though. the type of mindset that says… ok, I can go harder. I can do better.. I am nothing special.. I just think I am doing good.. there’s always room to get better kind of “lack of denial attitude”.. also the mindset of .. it’s ok. I will get there… rome wasn’t built in a day… my genetics are different and this will be tuff. I am ready to do whatever it takes though! no need to make excuses and hate on other people that look better and be jealous.. I will “do me” and keep setting new goals and will crush em! THAT’S the kind of attitude you will need. 











If you haven’t tried these from trader joes, you should! I make mine dairy free.. they are fat free meaning, HELLO POST WORKOUT carb source!!!! all you do is preheat oven, add applesauce or yogurt, mix and bake! I freeze them in case I have a sweet tooth.  I will go for these vs publix fat girl cake. I say that bc I have eaten a lot of publix cake lately and have lots of new cellulite LOL!

which brings me to the idea of how excited I am to show you gals and guys my body after Grady( like just birthed body) with cellulite, saggy nasty tummy, stretch marks and all ….SO that the non educated, no carb eating, skinny hatin earthly women species that say.. “just wait till you have kids” can do my program with ME and be amazed at what babies  REALLY CAN do to a body.. which is MAKE IT BETTER THAN BEFORE! 


Some things the past couple of weeks. I have had nausea.. prior to this month, I never experienced “morning sickness” anytime I would feel the nausea, I would just go eat and it went away. 

-I have done caffeine on and off the entire time. I have seen only Midwives this far. I am ok with a c section, natural, medicated, unmedicated.. I have come to be ok with any option. A dream would be for everything to run smoothly and do it natural unmedicated. However, I know better than to set myself up for something so “out of my hands” So now, I just want to A. not die  and B. hear him cry and see him to know he is running good and is ok. 

– I am taking probiotics in pill form and in amasi/suero vive form. from beyond organic

– Went to the chiro the entire time for adjustments

– Had two glasses of wine the past 9 months (both were in last week of pregnancy)

– Quit logging food in fitnesspal at week 36 (may be a couple of days in there)

– tried my breast pump! I was TERRIFIED! one, I do NOT like things sucking on boobs! very sensitive!!! plus, the machine looked so intimidating. Something told me to go try it out yesterday, so I did. and OMG THE COOLEST THING EVER! at first, my dumbass put BOTH pump doohickies on BOTH boobs! and turned it all the way UP! I almost flipped out bc of the weird strong sucking sensation. It was far from enjoyable btw. THEN, I rested… read up and tried one at a time on low… tried my right breast first (it’s the smaller one, less colostrum comes out of it vs the left) did it for 5 min and I was already use to the sensation. I definitely had to “get my mind right” bc It is …just different. That prompted me to call Skip with crazy excitement and say, I am going to wait on you to get home because you HAVE TO SEE THIS IN ACTION! so we both sat there in awe, talking when I did my other boob. It made me have contractions immediately when I put the pump on. (pretty cool huh) a little colostrum and clear stuff came out that time and it was a  lot more than the first so to SEE my body actually doing what it was designed for, was the coolest thing ever. We had so much fun with it i made skip try on the boob pump! lol. we were ROLLING!!!!! I will have to get it on video for you sooner than later. 


I think That is all for now. Thanks for reading.. Toodles. 




NO fluff, NO bs, no strict fad diets

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