6 weeks Postpartum

In this video I go over my experience so far with breastfeeding, pumping, pregnancy (looking back), training, what other moms say and body image.

Blogs have been the last thing on my mind. I have had “do blog” on to do list for weeks. I feel like nobody wants to know about me unless it was the former information about training etc. However, I have been blown away at the feedback I get when I post about baby. Turns out there are more mom’s than there are professional physique athletes and that the “mommy issues” are not talked about enough.

You only hear about the mussy stuff. People don’t tell you the REAL shit! I know why to.. The world we live in is so fake. Everybody can be anybody, everyone can be a somebody thanks to social media. People hide behind PC’s and become key board warriors or they just don’t say anything at all. You know I will give it to straight up and raw based on MY experience.

Pregnancy- although it was great and I am SO blessed to have a pretty healthy sweet baby. Yes, It blows. being fat, tired , unmotivated, out of control and immobile IS NOT COOL for this fitness, business sexy body of a woman lol. I would highly recommend you NOT going 42 weeks to “try” for a natural birth UNLESS you are doing everything natural and zero modern medicine. There’s nothing for stretch marks except plastic surgery or laser. It’s total bullshit and if you’re reading this and disagree. well, send me YOUR POSTION honey!

Birth- Very cool experience, exciting and sweet. with or without pain meds. Something very earthy and humbling.. You feel more at one with everything and connect with people. You are in a weak vulnerable space and It’s cool. (says the sheman hear me roar gal)

Newborn stage- HOLY SHIT. nope! Now I know why women have c- sections unless they can have a 2 hour natural labor, and formula feed! If you are a stay at home mom and LOVE being a stay at home mom, money isn’t an issue and you are pretty chill…I guess you will like being a prisioner to the babies cry for your milk, where only you can keep it alive. Props to you super moms that do it. for the others, you rock too! be honest with your baby and love it. It won’t know the difference. Don’t let ANYONE tell you that you should or shouldn’t breastfeed! do what FEELS best .. and you will be happier. Try making your own Goat milk formula. I gave Grady goats milk when he was about 2-3 weeks bc I wasn’t prepared for the cluster breastfeeding and he was hungry! I give him organic babys only formula (soy) and mix the raw babies powdered pro biotics in 1-2 bottles a day.. when or if he get’s a little constipated. I double up the pro- biotics, or give some frozen breast milk OR give a 1.5-2 oz bottle of just water! no one TOLD me to do these things.. you as a mother will KNOW what to try.. go with your first gut instinct. This pic says it all! on the pump, keeping him from crying while working with online clients! I LOVE IT!


Depression- I thought I had PPD, turns out it was sleep deprivation. So get hubby or someone to help you so you can sleep a little while longer and quit being a crazy mom feeling like YOU are the only one who can properly care for your LO.. it’s the moms who say.. oh, they don’t do babysitters. are the ones with little shits! depression is when you give more than you give back and it causes sadness.. talk to a counselor or someone who has had a baby that will be REAL with you to see if you are depressed or just need some sleep bc we all know a DOC will just prescribe you a anti-depressant and then you will be even crazier! I never had thoughts of harming my LO so that may also be a sign that it wasen’t PPD

Grady has only been to pediatrician once.. I didn’t want to go for another check up bc they were going to “weigh him” I’m sorry, I can step on scale myself hehe. if your baby is gaining weight with no unusually signs.. they are ok, go when something is wrong to keep stress low during first 12 weeks. bc going to doc is ONE MORE APPT! Keep in mind that I am a little weird.. I do a lot of self healing, natural health, holistic health and integrate Modern medicine. If you are out of touch with your body and depend on anti-bitocs for sinus issues.. you will most likely need to keep going to the DR. just to be safe. Grady was adjusted by Chiropractor at 1 week and will go regularly once he starts holding his head up properly.

Working out- I do what MY body says I can do. if you are in touch with your body…. listen to it. i you are motivated to do something our of excitement vs fear of getting fat… go do it. It’s the right motivation. If I feel really tired but catch myself saying.. you will be disguising if you miss this workout.. I will rest bc I KNOW that the increased stress load of training will cause my immunity to drop. People telling me to not go as heavy as I am doing currently have NO CLUE how I use to train.. they are judging me strictly from their experience with the “iron” ..however, i appreciate their concern. There are certain idiotic exercises to do, use your hear and if you aren’t in touch with your body.. listen to the doctor!

Eating and nutrition- I am motivated by negativity. example. I will eat spot on if I’m feeling fat, or out of shape. I will workout harder if I feel like i’m slacking where some people need positive re-enforcement. so figure which one you are and go from there.. I eat the basic stuff right now, see pic


I eat lean protein EVERY TIME something goes in my mouth, I make sure I get my 5 grams of omega 3 in every day and eat healthy fats with my protein. I do shakes and caffeine. 50-100 mgs a day. getting about 5-7 hours of broken naps during night since about 41 weeks pregnant. I do NOT eat nut butters currently.. only almonds, olive oil, butter, egg yolks, hemp seed, coconut shredded, omega 3. Taking a multi vitamin and a calcium/magnesium supps bc breastfeeding drained me.. my joints were SO achy! the cal/mag/ vit d helped! i take about 5 thousand IU’s a day of vit D3. most women are deficient anyways.


Here is my sweet boy watching sons of anarchy with me. hehe Jax dies in the end. there, you’re welcome.I just saved you 100 hours of binge watching netflix.

imagelooking back.. I took that body for granted! after baby number 2.. I will feel totally different about my body than in pic above. it’s crazy cool how perspective changes. HOORAH! let’s get it!

NO fluff, NO bs, no strict fad diets

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