7-13 weeks Postpartum

Hello Hello! sitting here 9:17pm on a Baby Friday night.. ( SO LATE, I KNOW) lol. Now that babe is on schedule, I put him down around 7:45-8pm and try and get in bed by 11.

I like to get up a tad bit earlier than he does ( he wakes and eats at 7am) so, I like to get up and take some caffeine before I give him bottle.  


***Let’s address body.. Cesareans BEEEEEEEPING suck! After this recovery, I was wanting a kid back to back  to get all this hell on body over with..however, after this recovery.. I will wait the 2 years to attempt a VBAC ( vaginal birth after c-section) just in case I can get one. If I can’t get vbac, at least I tried. The fact that I have swayback probably doesn’t help my baby buldge, extra skin whatever the BEEEPPPP you want to call it. belly flop, strength and motivation are SLOW to come back. There are many day’s  I rather be reading online, playing with Grady  or doing something other than working out!

I DO IT ANYWAY! I have always wanted a nice butt! plus, My mission has always been to “prove” something. Was it a healthy motivation? who gives a BEEEEEEEP!? Now, more than ever, I feel deeply convicted to get my body back in a descent time frame.

All that “it took 10 months to make him is bullshit” or it is tonight anyways ;p I am working at it as if I can be back at it tomorrow!  

Abs still feel like they would split if I push it hard. I do leg lifts and raise.. Tried sit up’s and eww.. it felt weird. Still have ab sepaeration.. people don’t realize that I am TINY! my wrist are the size of most 8 year old’s.. I have to use child dental mouth pieces at the dentist office and I wear a 5.5 in kids shoe. I am 5’5 so I think people see pics and think I’m bigger than I really am.My point is… I got really big during pregnancy so I bet  that’s why i had so much separation. He was only 8.11 at birth 😉

I am going with a powerlifting/bodybuilding style of training to gain everything back. It has taken me about 5 weeks to get 4 pullups (dead hang) i use to could about 11. I have really tightened diet up using a smart non- junk food macro system with occasional wine or vi cookie. Skip says I’m training like a wussy except replace the W with a P.  It’s all good. once again… I am out to prove something. So back the BLEEEEEP off.. “you like that don’t you”? lol

This pic below is me at about 10-11 weeks post postpartum, middle is at 12 weeks and right is me before baby.. no shows, no shoots, just everyday look. 












This pic is at 12.5 weeks pp… Yes, I need a tan.. It’s coming 😉 I had to get a laser treatment on my face for acne scars from back in the stress fro hell days when i should’ve just taken accutane! so I didn’t want any addition sun on my skin. I am  very excited for my hair to get long, healthy and all one length again. 











This is what we do on Sunday Am’s .. It’s the one am I get to relax and get back in bed. As you can see, Skip is barely awake ( in my mad voice) Little Bo is always up for what’s in the newsfeed’s and selfies. 










This has been fun this week.. going on AM walks after his  7 o’clock bottle. HE LOVES to look around! Here in GA.. it’s so hot and muggy during the day. The morning times pretty amazing though. What’s interesting, is that my GOOD friend Rachel, told me that she didn’t “fall in love” with her babe  until about 3 months.  Man o man do i feel it’s true!!!!! for me anyways. If you haven’t been living under a rock and read my previous blog, you would know  that I DID not like being a mommy the first month… It’s like someone through  me to a pack of starving wolves and I had to fight to get out alive.

People say awww wait till you give birth, you will never experience a love like that.. maybe they meant .. sense of overwhelming responsibly.. like a mother bear type possessiveness.. bc i felt that.. just not the ohhhh my life just went up 30 points and I am now complete…HAHAHA I loved him and lOVE him now!

at birth, I just wasen’t “in love”.. It was more like oh shit!!.

I can’t rest bc I am keeping him alive,oh no, how do I breastfeed.. I have to do what after he eats? wash your hands or he dies! lol

as a new mom, I knew nothing about the secret schedule, swaddles,bottles, and alll the little things that get’s them full or to sleep all night. I pretty much hated every bit of it except playing with him and loving on him.

it wasn’t until I got a full nights sleep (which was at 8 weeks)! did I think.. hey, I kind of like you a lot!

THEN it happened. the awww I think I love you! like,  a lot, I wanna be all googoogaga for you. lol.

The formula was a heaven sent. Breastfeeding for me was miserable. I feel plenty needed without that being a reminder!

I feel like I have a little buddy. If you are a mom.. don’t feel inadequate when you look around and see all the estrogen overloaded moms in complete awe of ” he has my heart” hastags and think you are a bad mom for not feeling that way right out the gate.  Do I have PPD? heck, probably so.. I’m crazy too. What can we do about it? haha…..BLOG! 


I do blame fitness for my messed up way of thinking about childbirth though. My stepdaughter said,” Casey, if you weren’t all into muscles you wouldn’t care about having to go through it all”. I think she’s right! I don’t get a 12 week paid baby vacation. I don’t eat if I don’t work. That’s the only time that being an employee would be fun.. to reap the maternity leave benefits! between work and getting my fitness body back, It was hard to get lost in being a new mom. 


even though i had a great pregnancy, worked out until 42 week date and could incline press 95lbs… I still didn’t like it. I would say that when I hit 38.5-39weeks it started getting like woooo.. I’m big. at 40-42 weeks. it was ew, just like damn, hey stretch marks.. hello cesarean b/c baby is probably too big, getting hard to sleep at 21 weeks!. etc etc.

On the next kid, I will not give a shit about the docs watching the scale and eat everything to keep scale moving or eat fast food just b/c im too lazy to cook. I would like to stick to more of what I know is healthy because I gained 35 lbs with this pregnancy, now granted.. I was leaner than most females at conception however, I don’t think eating fast food everyday was healthy. It did produce a healthy healthy baby though lol. mmmm chic-fil-a


Have some BIG Body goals for OCT.

 I went to my doc and did an extensive workup to check hormones. My adrenals were weak, cortisol low, testosterone low  and aldosterone low.

  I add iodized sea salt to everything! it helps all of those issues. will let you know what I use to help testosterone. They put me on coq10, vit D inside my B-12 shots and adrenal cortex tabs. 







I am working on a few things.. finalizing my site, team and Caseyshipp apparel, e-books for  (it’s a secret) and a downloadable workout plan for intermediate/advanced trainees wanting a simple, structured workout system that yields serious lines. All while planning for a shoot ( dieting) , working my online biz, personal training clients, visalus and being a mom/wife. I need some help! If you are great at any of the things I listed out.. email me! I need help with ebooks! 


I am going to write a blog or have a section on sex. I feel women need this! and what a fun topic to blog about. i am taking my sleepy puffy red face to bed. Follow me on Snapchat caseyshipp, instagram funnyfitflirtgirl NOT.. @caseyshipp. or facebook!




NO fluff, NO bs, no strict fad diets

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