7 Months Post Baby Madness

Sitting here NEXT to baby in his swing.. He is coughing.. BAD. Like a wet cough( not croop) just a bronchial  cough. he has been sick for about a week now. It started off with cold like symptoms, then he started cutting his top two teeth and all hell broke loose. fever, cough, raw sore butt from chemical poops, no sleep, not hungry etc etc. I woke up today around 640am with about 4x’s waking during night for him. It was MUCH better than previous night where I had to sleep downstairs next to him in his swing. Normally, I have him on good schedule from mom’s on call.. 730pm to 7 am.. no waking up! so naturally, this week has been hell! I don’t need a lot to get shit done.. I DO NEED SLEEP! this is like when he was a newborn. lol. anyway.. that’s what mindset I am blogging from today. I have a hey, what the hell attitude yet productive.

P.S.  I did want kids btw lol. he was not an accident . So I am getting JUST what I asked for. However, so far with him .. there’s only a bad stage or time every so often… all the other times he makes the everyday experience much more precious.

I have really needed to get my morning meditation in order for some time now. having clients 30 min after waking, through a major wrench in the deal 🙁  

So I will figure out how to maneuver around that.. What I would LIKE to do is get in bed at 9! wake at like 5 and get after it!  would need to just take something to knock me out. (which I am not opposed to) hell, It’s better than drinking wine!

I am very sleepy and uninspired at the moment. (5pm) I managed to get in half of a routine, eat, work, take care of babe, get some graphic crap taken care of and paper work. and now, sit on my ass and type this note. I still need to finish a couple of videos, call for intern and set up more filming this week. I just want to hold off taking Babe to kid care while he is weak. I should have a sitter tomorrow and that will help.


Went to change him and “fix his butt”.. andddd he peed in his face lol. so had to run bathe him. I just find humor in the madness . I just get some good video and laugh bc most parents know all about this type of thing. it’s now 6pm and I have more energy.


Training is soso.. I get sad sometimes bc I know I need to gain bodyfat so I can get and stay pregnant.. so I am eating! ( really into hummus) I get torn between .. the hey, let’s get in sick shape, PR on lifts, sleep 8 hours, get pumped about going to gym, do some photoshoots and the “trying to get pregnant” making fertile ground for my second human 🙂

.. I am SURE hormones have a little to do with I how feel about everything day to day with still coming off the miscarriage . A friend pointed out the other day that it’s crazy to watch me do the mom thing bc I am not overwhelmed at all by being a mom.. I stress more about my business and goals lol. I think it’s because I  have raised about 3 kids that didn’t belong to me before having one of my own.. I grew up early.


ok, wanted to drop a line and let ya know how I’m feeling today. behind the scenes, I am still working with a company in LA on my site.. my youtube channel ,training  personal training clients, prepping clients for competition, helping regular people get healthy, creating plans for men and women all over the US.. writing books etc..


and the MADNESS continues. ..

NO fluff, NO bs, no strict fad diets

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