Bliss and Johnny on the spot

Johnny on the spot and Bliss

I know what you’re thinking when you read the title of this note. Oh dear, It’s Casey and her obsession with bodily functions lol. I wanted to share another cool personal experience with you about doing what makes you happy. I make monthly intentions or goals, visions, prayers, whatever you want to call it. It’s very important for you to write or think about what YOU WANT on a daily basis. It’s a great exercise for feeling grateful, because when you know what you want you also know what you don’t want. Life experience and “mistakes” as we call them, clue us in on the things we don’t want. This month, one of my intentions was to love more and be in a constant state of bliss. When I meditate, I never know what the focus of the day will be on. For the past week I have been getting a continuous message about focusing on the downstream thoughts, the easy, the feelings that feel full, secure, basic, free, gentle, loving, expansive, feels like me, feels confident, feeling certain. I have gotten better about being aware of my thoughts, I will ask myself if it is a thought that makes me feel like one of the words above or is it a thought that makes me feel closed or confused. Once I turn it into a “good” thought, I feel at ease and peaceful and the day gets better.




My husband and I found out that my favorite band (Pearl Jam) was in town for a music festival called Music Midtown in Atlanta this weekend and we had to go! No matter what… I remember a few years ago when we were broke as a joke, Skip surprised me with 2 tickets to see Eddie Vedder (lead singer of Pearl Jam). I think he spent all 200 bucks that we had to our name. It was a two day event and we got tickets to the Saturday show. We got a babysitter and went. We get to the door and the lady said “these tickets are for yesterday’s show”. We were pissed and very let down! Then, I didn’t think like I do now. Then, I dwelled in self pity and negative emotions. SO, we went to a Mexican restaurant and had a few drinks. The end. I told you that so you would know how important it was that we make it to THE SHOW THIS WEEKEND. We got in for 20 bucks! Tickets were $100 each. I always buy tickets from guys on the street. The show was sold out, so we just bought tickets on people as they were walking out. I think we spent 60 bucks the whole night. Talk about good karama!.




Before the show started I had to PEE! You know how we fitness folks drink a shit ton water. Pair that with few miller light tallboys and the seal was officially broken. All they had was 100 nasty porta-potties with a 1.5 hour long wait! I told Skip that I would just walk out of the gate and go find a bush. He got so mad and we almost had a throw down right there in line. There was so many people and he didn’t want to have to re-enter and or have to find me. All of the spiritual work I have been doing this week and I get faced with ….Is this a downstream conversation/situation? NOPE, so I said to myself. What would make ME happy right now? Right this moment? The answer….It was to go out of the gate and find a “spot” for relief. I marched my happy tail out and found a spot very close and private. It was perfect! I walked back in with no problem, found our friends and had a blast at the show. Why is my pee story important? Because, any situation you are faced with will always come out perfect. IF you do what makes YOU happy. Things will flow better. You will get tapped in to the wisdom of life. Your inner self knows all there is to know. When you get caught up trying to please others or get on their level to comfort or sooth them. You’re doing an injustice to yourself. Let people get on YOUR level. If they don’t, let it go. When you do things in state of bliss and do what feels good. Good things happen. It’s all about perspective.

Peace out Casey Shipp


NO fluff, NO bs, no strict fad diets

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