Casey January Flog and Tea



Breakfast!   I switch it up ..sometimes I have quinoa, sometimes I have oats. Today I wanted butternut squash. It’s bought in the frozen section at whole foods. I prefer Casey’s roasted butternut squash recipe than the frozen pre made. I had frozen blackberries, cinnamon, sea salt and Stevia in the butternut squash. I had a whole egg, egg whites, salsa, frozen peppers, and onions.


Pre workout caffeine. I switch it up OFTEN!  I make sure I stay on a GOOD adrenal supplement since I have been doing more caffeine.  I bring or keep stevia extract with me. I have been enjoying short Americanos!  It’s watered down espresso.  I treat my self on cheat days with a skinny something from starbucks 🙂  I throw down on treat meal or refeed days with FOOD! I don’t wanna waste cals on a starbucks drink ya know..

I try and limit artificial sweeteners. The only thing with artificial sweeteners that I use would be my meal replacement,  protein shakes or the occasional pre workout drink.  I haven’t found a protein powder that’s naturally sweetened that taste as good as visalus or gaspari.  I’ve used natural designer whey and all the natural ones from whole foods..even the dymatize with stevia.  I like the way Visalus taste, it’s very versatile. I  use different  protein powder  like designer whey or gaspari if I  make HIGH protein recipes.  I use stevia on every other occasion.  Sucralose doesn’t bother me, Its the aspartame that I can’t do. Hey, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it 🙂


Meal two- Post workout.. I had Plain Rice cakes ( 7 carbs per cake), topped with raw local honey and vishake mixed with Organic fat free plain greek yogurt. Taste like cake batter with a salty crunch.. I love salty and sweet


Lunch was japanese sweet potato with cinnamon and sea salt. I bake about 10 potatoes all at once, remove skin and mash then season. Chicken breast with hot sauce, brussel sprouts, green beans with mustard and pistachio nuts.


Meal 4 was steamed cabbage, brussel sprouts, green beans with mustard, avocado, chicken breast with hot sauce with oatmeal,  cinnamon and sea salt as my carb.


Last meal of the day… chilled fat free organic plain greek yogurt, strawberry extract flavoring, stevia extract, cocoa powder topped with pistachios.. weird combo I know.    I need to buy almond extract! I was  out of my visalus flavor packs or I would have used them for added tastiness! Made me feel fancy!


another pic from meal 6. The possibilities are endless with the combination.


Me playing in the mirror. I have a photo shoot with GW Burns in Feb. I’m not doing steady state low intensity cardio to lean out  this go round. I will save it for show prep 😉  I feel that the softer look is more appealing to the average person. No need to be ripped for a photoshoot 🙂 I’ll keep more fat on and see how it goes. Most people like pics of me that’s more on the softer side anyway..go figure 😛

I like to be lean. I  would like to get RIPPED,  leaner than last year.   Just  a one time  ripped Casey for a cool photoshoot.  You look bigger the leaner you are and you know I like dem muscles!


I have been busy with my website!  I am expanding my services through I will be able to reach a broader audience and help more people.   I also have been busy with  visalus and Personal Training.  I made a big ol pitcher of un-sweet tea today! I put it over ice and add stevia extract.  Makes me think of home, growing up in  the country..great pick me up to.




NO fluff, NO bs, no strict fad diets

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