Casey Oct Goodies


The saurkraut. I was tired of spending 50 bucks a bottle for Pro-biotics. I have been testing different brands. Found this one, Bubbies. It was less expensive than the others.  To get the probiotic healthy gut benefit, It has to contain live cultures. some do not because of the processing. I found this one at Whole Foods. They have pickles to. ( They also contain live cultures) I would ASSUME you absorb more probiotics from eating vs pill form. I will have to look into that.


my cheat meal from last night. I get about 3 off plan meals a week. I am eating about 2350 cals. plus my cheats and barely moving the scale. NO CARDIO. only 1 circuit a week. I posted my progress pic. I fee like I lost some size in my upper body from doing my lower body specialization program. I am now finished with my lower body and moving to upper.  I hired Noel Clark to take over my routine for while.  I wanted that to be my reward post contest!.  It’s nice having someone else tell your what to do. I also do it for continuing education purposes.  Once you think you know everything, you die! not really, but I always want to learn and find new ways to do things. .  I feel kind of beat up today! Damn rack pulls got me Monday!


cookies… They were so freaking good. I posted the recipe on my site on the dessert recipe tab. I prefer cooking my own cheats. I love to cook, plus I KNOW what’s in everything. I can customize to my liking.


This was interesting. I tried the low sodium soy sauce and yes it tasted good. I found the Coconut aminos and went WOW! I will give this a world. It taste great as well. Not as salty so I added more sea salt. I do not worry about sodium. I used to worry about sodium when I didn’t know too much about nutrition….yep, put that in your fitness pipe and smoke it.  I always hit my macros. I just get creative with the dishes….. I think about a dirty version on something I have been wanting and then make it out of my own ingredients.




I have been adding walnuts and macadamia nuts to my meals. I love it over sweet potato, pumpkin and butternut squash!. I wanted to post a picture of my meal 5 with brown rice. I usually rotate carbohydrates. Not intentionally, just happens. The Body knows what it needs.  And no If you are craving shit food, your diet is off.






The salad pic is from a business mtg. I had already eaten my meals, so i ordered a green salad with balsamic vinegar! not vinaigrette! the vinegar has no fat. Can’t make the others feel weird about eating. I usually do anyway. Although, I am getting used to the guilt church mentality conversation. People will feel convicted for eating “normal” in front of me. They start explaining how they are soo bad and want to change. blah fucking blah.  pay me and I’ll help or go the fuck home. (That’s what I’m Thinking) anyway hahaha


The samoas were pretty cool. These would be  a GREAT carb up meal for runners.  recipe is on under dessert recipes


AHHHH the flavor mix-ins! COMPETITORS or calorie counters! check this out! there are 4 cals. 1 carb. you can put them in anything. just add whatever sweetener you like and BOOM. PLUS, they all have added health benefits. Flavors are strawberry, orange, banana, chocolate, and peach. they go well with greek fat free plain yogurt and oatmeal. order from


A little trick.. I always have something sweet premade in the freezer. It’s always lower cals and clean vs store bought junk. I do this for days I want a cheat sweet and do not have one.. Instead of resorting to those darn little beautiful soft sugar cookies at kroger..I’ll go have my goodies that’s been stored safely in my freezer.


I will be sending out my Oct newsletter soon. I will be going over how to stay lean while building or adding size. subscribe on


Tonight I kidnapped my step daughter! We are watching Hocus Pocus, making more goodies and decorating. I  am using her for the trick or treat at whole foods tomorrow haha. 1-4 you bring your kiddo in their halloween costumes and get CANDY!. YOU KNOW whole foods has the goods!.
Here’s to eating sweets. (because you are), good drinks, good conversations, good company and good fortune.
Peace out






NO fluff, NO bs, no strict fad diets

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