Casey Quick FLOG

This was my post workout meal today. lemon greek fat free yogurt and 2 scoops visalus shake mix. 27carbs, 1 g fat and 27g protein.  I had ezekiel cereal, visalus and a tad bit of water for my pre workout..44carbs, 4 g fat and 20 g protein.   I was in a hurry and didn’t bring food (I only had the ezkiel cereal). It was good though. I keep a bag of shake mix in my car 😉  I dont like shakes by themselves.. too boring. I rather stir in a tad bit of water so its like pudding and eat than drink a boring shake.


If you want a crunch.. try cucmuber, raw organic apple cidar vinegar, sea salt and pepper. I tried the braggs nutritional yeast out today and  liked it. Can’t really taste it but it’s loaded withy b vitamins! you can buy at natural section at most kroger stores…not pictured are SNOW PEAS! just pop em in the microwave for 2 min..salt and enjoy. great you the “crunch” and they are great for buring fat and keeping you full.


This is a sample of what you can pack for trips. I do a lot of events and  can’t depend on hotels and whole foods to keep me lean so I have to be prepared.  If the hotel sucks.. I will pour their hot water in my oats, add my protein powder and whatever nuts I brought as a fat source.. some hotels have fruit and boiled eggs. If that’s the case, I will eat the boiled egg whites and cut up their fruit and add to my protein and oats.   I usually eat wild pink low fat salmon out of the bag paired with nuts and instant oats dry, rice cakes or sweet potatoes.  Make sure you have water handy if you eat the oats plain.  I love them. You could also do flavored oats.. I don’t bc of the added sugar.. but I’m weird. I make sure my yogurts are frozen so they make it through tsa… I LOVE protein powder mixed in with greek yogurt.. plain or flavored.


(that’s almond cheese on my 96% lean grass fed beef)  Made these “crunchy” baked sweet potatoes and WOW.. I have tried a LOT of recipes and they are always soggy…not these!. here’s the website for the recipe.


Found these for Mr. Skipper man.. (my hubby) he is getting back in the gym and wanted burritos so I found these.. freaking PACKED.. with 12 g fiber per wrap.. low fat and about 17 carbs. not bad ( i eat ezekiel tortillas btw)


Here’s some of skips food…. He LOVES easy things. he also loves visalus shakes so I bought the organic fat free milk that doesn’t need refrigeration. (usually on sale at kroger 10 for 10) he can mix those with his visalus for extra cals.  He loves sandwiches so he eats no sugar added no nitrates added deli meat on whole wheat natures own no sugar added or ezekiel bread and low fat mayo.. I got him the nut thins as (chips) you can eat about 30 chips for 25 carbs (that’s a win!)  try kellogs snack cracker chips.. another good find.  He used to HATE greek yogurt..BUT he likes the flavored kind, so I found em on sale (usually walmart or kroger). He adds the greek flavored yogurt to his vi shake in the am before workouts.  he can get a away with a little sugar around workouts 😉 One day he will be weened off and eatiing the big boy plain greek yogurt! I found brown rice that you can pop in the microwave or just eat out of the bowl.  He is usally good about carryiing tuna packs or pre made chicken with him but always lacks on good carbs. I threw in the family sized no sugar in ingredients salsa bc I enjoy salsa on my egg white omelet in the am’s 🙂   This was taken after skips first transformation… he is ready for another and has been out of the gym for a whole YEAR from nerve damage ..I think he can look better this time around 😉



I eat POUNDS of veggies sometimes…. in one sitting… no one has ever gotten fat off brussel sprouts and broccoli!  add some mustard to that shit and ENJOY!

NO fluff, NO bs, no strict fad diets

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