Fall Festivities, selfishness and graceful transitions


I LOVE when fall rolls around. All of the foods that are in season, the smells and festivities.  This is my meal 6 – oats, pumpkin, pumpkin pie spice, stevia extract, cinnamon, wheat germ, flax meal 🙂


I had this for bfast the other day.  FIGS! I love figs! shredded unsweetened coconut flakes, oatmeal. I  hated coconut when i was a kid.  Now I love it. It’s like my body craves it.  Coconut is great for fungal issues, energy and immunity.


WOW! i added my shredded unsweetened coconut flakes (fat source) to my oats with pineapple chunks! wowzers. and ol faithful.  egg white omelet w peppers, onions and fat free feta cheese ( i bur frozen pepper & onion mix at trader joes or kroger).  This was today’


I usually have my vi-shake in my coffee but today I had already met my protein requirements so i just added vanilla flavored liquid stevia extract. VERY good.  This was decaf coffee bc I woke up and wanted to pop some energy pills instead of real Joe 🙂


I know what you’re thinking!  eww gross. this is my PWO- It’s ff greek plain yogurt with stevia, & vi-shake  with rice crisp and pnut butter balls.  I let the yogurt, shake and cereal  sit while im in the gym.  It like casserole! very hearty and satisfying after a workout.


My all time fav PWO.  pnut butter balls, Vi-shake with egg whites as “milk”.  soo good. I get the peanut butter balls from whole foods bc 1 cup is only 21 carbs! so i get more for less 🙂


I knew we would be out all day so i made a big ol container of veggies ( i buy frozen veggies) I heat veggies for about 2 min in the microwave and shazaam. i add mustard and sea salt…..sometimes hot sauce. above the veggies would be my meal 4.  rice cakes, pnut butter and chicken with buffalo sauce .I am adding muscle at the moment so i lowered my protein a bit and added more healthy fats and carbs. I love it.


his was also a meal 5 from the other day.  Beans do me right! they r loaded w b vitamins, protein and good carbs.  veggies, w seasoning, chicken breast, saurkraut and raw almonds.  I stay full when i eat fats with my meals. if i eat carbs and protein only, i tend to start seeing the little orange hunger guy from weight watchers.


Black bean and 96% lean ground beef w flax meal mush.  yum w hot sauce! this sticks to your guts. my meal 4


My meal 3 yesterday (9-14-12) Ezekiel bread w avocado for fat source, chicken, veggies, saurkraut, mustard.  Keeps me full. i keep my Ezekiel bread frozen and toast when i wanna eat it. you can buy Ezekiel bread in the frozen sec at kroger, publix, whole foods.  keeps you looking tight 🙂


This is the meal above….inside the sanmich.. hehe that’s how us cuntry folk say sandwich.


Meal 4 for friday (i think)
, whole egg ( fat is accounted for), egg whites, veggies, oat bran w flax meal (flax is high in fiber btw).   gotta keep the guts clean.  I wanna avoid the  colonic session! haha


There is something about an apple and pnut butter!  this was meal 2 on a non training day.  rice cakes, pnut butter, vi shake and apple. I have been using visalus shakes since the show and I really enjoy them and feel great.


TUNA SPREAD…. wow,  this just happened today.  my meal 3.   68 g of ff greek plain yogurt, 45 g avocado, 1 oz tuna in can. season and mix.  I spread it on 2 slices of ezekiel bread.  very nice!


The tuna spread samich… and my callus 😉 no I do not wear workout gloves.


This was taken this am 9-15-12  my pro show was 8-25. No rebound!   I started working with Noel Clark.  We will be working together this year.  I am very excited to see the new changes.  It’s such a big relief to have noel take over.  It’s hard being your own coach!!!  MY goal was to go pro by myself! Now, it’s time to continue education, learn and keep advancing.  I was thinking of getting on accutane after the show bc I know it’s hard to score modeling gigs with ACNE! even though it can be Photoshopped, I wanted to be like I used to.  I didn’t want to depend on concealer.

I was on Birth Control for 8 years.  I got on it when i was 16 for irregular periods and sex of course. Got off the pill in 07 or 08 bc I was tired of being synthetic on the inside. I went to to holistic dr’s and was diagnosed with severe adrenal fatigue, tons of food allergies AND i was insulin resistant.  I had gone thru 3 years of chronic stress….   Ex-wife from hell issues, lost everything we had financially from starting a new business and  too much partying. My body fat was 27%! i was depressed and acne was BAD.  It’s been 2 years now, I just got my  saliva test back and my adrenals, dhea and cortisol was much improved! however, my female hormones were jacked. My dr said it was from throwing the hormone wrench in my natural development  teenage stage, then getting off and going straight into bodybuilding…

I was trying to mimic male hormones, trying to increase my testosterone from foods that lower estrogen, specific diets and training tricks.  I would take test boosters, tribulus, growth hormone stimulators and anything that had test booster on it! haha, heck i figured it was the closest thing to steriods which in my head equaled big muscle gains.  Now I do not take any of that. I am trying to get my estrogen levels back up to normal and embrace the female fat! haha.


Today during meditation it was clear that i am transitioning.. it’s a good transition of course. The only way I can attain true happiness is to be happy in the now and accept the changes of life gracefully! I dreamed about stingrays. I looked them up and sure enough, that’s what the symbolize.  The Stingray’s adaptation abilities will aid in transitions.  He shows that in 2-4 months ideas will come to fruition and be alive with possibilities. Stingray shows that movements in life must be balanced with sharp action and graceful tenacity. pretty cool!

To be happy with your self, you have to do just that. let your SELF & your i am statements be positive and happy. Accept the things that have made you who you are.  If you don’t like who you are, start digging.. write down your fears, list out why you fear them and what would happen if the fears came true.  This will take away the power and hold that your fears have on you.  You can rise above them.  If you take care of your soul.. everybody and everything will be balanced and harmonic. It is hard sometimes. I get caught up trying to please others and  worry about what somebody thinks… that my friends is hell . take the path of least resistance.  if it feels good, its’s good.  If you are in a bad mood, don’t fight it.  just be.  the more self-ish you can be the better off the world. It’s like the mind your own business quote.  So true. You can accomplish so much when you focus on yourself and not other people.


enjoy your sunny Saturday.  If you can’t, get into a place where you can damnit! even it’s with a glass of wine and your doggy. 😉


NO fluff, NO bs, no strict fad diets

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