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For those that like chicken soup and doesn’t want to eat the msg, sodium, fat and non- sense that comes along with it.. here ya go! 

~ALWAYS have baked chicken on hand! I use two 9×13 dishes (save on aluminium foil) bake for an hour at 350 degrees. season however you like. (you can slam frozen breast right in and they cook fine)

~have chicken broth on hand. ( I get mine from kroger natural section) it’s the organic “imagine” brand. READ the ingredients! make sure there is no cane juice, sugar or any type of sugar. You don’t need it. 😉

~ANY green vegetable! I keep mine frozen and cook in microwave when I want some

~ your chicken should be very tender. Pull it apart, add chicken, greens, broth, seasoning, and rice if you need complex carbs. ENJOY!

With holidays coming up, you will probably be using broth. Don’t get tricked and buy the organic kind thinking it’s healthier.. read the ingredient label 🙂    **you can eat “healthy” and still be fat.  it’s about what you eat,what’s in it,  when you eat it and how much you eat.. 










 I have REALLY been into “tuna” sandwiches. I eat wild caught salmon not tuna bc Dr’s scared me abt “mercury” deaths. haha so silly.. IT HAS to better than a krispy kreme ?!. Preggo women are warned, scared and damned to hell if they eat certain fishes..not really, I am just poking fun.   WELL.. I eat sushi, sandwich meat,hot dogs, raw organic apple cider vinegar and all kinds of “unapproved” stuff. Of course my meats have zero sugar and no nitrates 😉 go to trader joes or try target applegate brand. 

I get a wild caught salmon pack, maybe 30-50 grams fat free plain greek ORGANIC yogurt, salt, pepper, tomato, lettuce and two slices of healthier bread. This is that nasty fatty glutino seeded bread ( shown above) .. I am SO glad I’m out so I can buy Ezekiel! I also add cayenne pepper for circulation benefits.  Had baked tostitos on side. You should try them.. 16 chips have only 3 grams of fat!

 I am logging everything in Fitnesspal. getting anywhere from 2,000-2500 cals a day.

50-75g fat, 200-2570carbs, 150-170g protein I am 5’5 with a fast metabolism and I lift min of 3 days a week. 

If you are preggo and not into eating healthy but have trouble hitting your added 300 cals a day to make da baybay.. have ya a peanut butter sandwich ;O) that will help.



I have Sushi once a week mostly… I eat salmon sashimi.. if i eat a “rolll” i take off the rice, eat the fish and seaweed.. I eat a tiny bit of rice.. the reason is….. bc I eat 4 salads! I LOVEEEEE the ginger dressing! I eat my sushi from Sushi Bites in kennesaw GA.. it’s a buffet and I LOVE “juce” and “dani” the owners. she ate sushi 5 times a week with her babies and did you know that Pregnant woman who eat omega 3 or fish have less anxiety at week 30 and stay leaner through the pregnancy vs women that do not.









This is My Visalus Nuero for pre-workout. loaded with B vitamins and 50 mg of caffeine. AND MY COOKIE! vi cookie. they are very filling and pretty healthy.. I eat one a day. (yes, the vi- nuero has sucralose) MY BLOG and I am aware of the “possible” side effects. 














       THIS IS MY PIZZA FIX! I don’t eat the pizza cuz I don’t want the dough so I ordered low fat ranch, salad (Johnny’s Pizza is so good) order of grilled chicken with melted cheese, dipped in marinara. side of french fries ( gotta get some fatty carbs, right)? haha I LOVE french fries right now even eating them I still hit about 2500 cals. some days I’m just not that hungry so I’ll eat something like fries or a pnut butter sandiwch or rice cakes and almond butter. imageimage












imageUsually my meal 5 (if I’m working)..  a Vi-shake.. has 23 essential vitamins, minerals and fiber.. taste like ice cream.. so I dig it. 

Working out was a little better this week. Got all muscle groups in.. squats were 115-135lbs, did come chin ups and that’s about all of the “impressive” stuff. My workouts are weak and last about 30 min. I added in some HIIT work in stairclimber and spin bike.. It feels SO much better than weights do right now. my hips and joints kind of hurt from the hormones that is allowing my ligaments to move and stretch. (it’s called Relaxin) I do miss the track but for some reason.. I feel like I will bounce the baby right out of my uterus. haha weird, I know. I guess, if I was a runner hardcore pre preggo..i wld keep it up. My goal is to keep my deads at 175-205 





Thanks for check out my blog, I am going to dig in a little on muscle building during pregnancy, I can’t find anything that’s straight and non bubble gum. Chicks that lift need a guide! I will find SOMETHING! promise.  I am accepting new members, if you have ANY questions, email me at casey@caseyshipp.com






Thanks for checking out my blog 

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