Food, fun, and getting in alignment

fcs1My bfast today..When Fall is in the air I always LOVE incorporating PUMPKIN, apples, and warm spices. I was out of canned pumpkin but had the others 🙂


Boring POST workout meal.. the cinnamon toast rice cakes r pretty tasty though.  still some added sugar, so that was a plus for post workout. and i usually don’t have fruit bc of the fructose and fiber (not the BEST for pwo) bc of slower digestion and not as fun as rice crispies. but it still works just fine!


I started adding my chia seeds to grapefruit.  That way if I choose to not have fat for meal 1 or bfast i can have it later in the day and count my grapefruit as a complexish carb.

fcs4ahhh this wa a “fun” dinner or supper for you cuntry folk hehe.  shrimp (yummy protein source), edamame! gosh this stuff taste so good w sea salt.  honestly counts as every macronutrient haha. it has everything.  joking aside. it is a mono and polyunsaturated fat so thats a plus.  when i eat edamame. I do not worry about counting it bc i know it isnt a normal food i eat and that im just gunna enjoy it and count my oats tomorrow.  Red salmon! although it contains healthy fats, I still am aware that its fatty. and fatty means extra calories. so if you are watching your weight, monitor how much fatty meat you eat. Bc i know some people that eat fat in every meal (it just sneaks in there through cheeses, breads, soups etc.  that you aren’t aware of) THEN… you actually go out of you way and cook with oils for dinner because you have heard olive oil is healthy.  pack all that fat into your day and have red salmon. in addition to your carbs and protein.. you will be way over your calorie numbers.  YES even though its HEALTHY! difference in eating for leanness and just healthy.  you can always find a nice little balance to get the best of both worlds.


this has been my meal 3 for a few days.  Im really digging the petes buffalo sauce.  I eat oats as complex carb. I freaking love oats.  i add sea salt, sun dried tomatoes sometimes, garlic sometimes, laughing cow light cheese wedges r tha bomb in oats.  you should google or check out oatmeal ideas on pinterest! I eat probably 10 lbs of greens a day. not really 10, but i do love my veggies.a little avocado for healthy fat and  of course topped w mustard and saurkraut ;D


what can i say.  PEANUT BUTTER.  my fav way to get a healthy fat in. I usually eat this as dessert for meal 5 or 6. peanut butter is a fat source


I swear to the heavens that Vi-shakes taste amazing.  I have tried all kinds.  Beverly International choc ump is on the top with vi-shakes. any who.. i pre made the shake and let it sit in my cooler while i trained. It got all thick and syrup-y.  i poured or i should say folded into my brown rice crispies. and it was like a healthy chicks rice crispy treat for PWO


OMG. you know how much i love food. SWEETs! oh how they make me feel. haha I added 3/4 container of artic zone ice cream, half cup choc unsweetend almond milk ( you can buy organic section kroger) and artic zone in  normal freezer section, Vi-Shake and a little bit of ice with sugar free choc syrup. It was the first one i saw when i opened the refrigerator. I have the real deal syrup in the fridge as well! oh yea


That’s a little bit of food  I have been enjoying for the past week or so.  I added  whole eggs  in my egg white omelet for bfast , eating sushi twice a week! i try and time it after training. except for  Last sunday,  I had sushi as a treat meal in addition i had a couple of japanese beers ….  damn it was good. I think I could have gotten hammered on 4 if I would have kept drinking. ha.

I have been doing some steady state cardio in the am’s.  It just makes me feel good. I change it up all the time.   I have been listening to Abraham Hicks on youtube for teachings.  I really like her delivery. She is an intelligent lady.  I wanted to share with you a video from this am.  She hit the nail on the head with me.  I get caught up in the i want i want…where are my rewards and things that i have been asking for? I am following the law of attraction. or at least I thought I was. I have learned that intentions are everything. and living in the past or future is pure mental hell .  I had to get back to being happy in the NOW.. accept and not resist what was happening, but be happy and grateful for what I have NOW.  Only until then can the universe, God,source, vortex..whatever you wanna call it ..can give you those things.  You have to be in alignment with your general wants. Giving energy towards my wants was making me aware that i didnt have them and in turn pushing them further away.  I have noticed a nice little shift since I got back in a good mental state. Started focusing on staying happy. facing fears and doing what i love…. HELPING OTHERS.  It’s what i am here to do.

NO fluff, NO bs, no strict fad diets

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