Halloween, 14 weeks preggo and healthy recipes



 Happy Monday! this was a bfast from last week! moving into 2nd trimester.. i was HONGRY! i woke up everyday wanting big bfast foods! this was cinnamon raisin ezekiel bread with polander jelly, 2 eggs and 3 egg whites with salsa and kiwi on the side. (Sometimes if I have organic kiwis, I eat the outside skin, if I don’t..I just cut and dig out with spoon! 








 YUMMMM .told ya I was into tuna salad sandwiches .  This was last week. moving in on Halloween (my fav!) 

















 Ok, yes, these are adorable! Anna Wood helped me with this! get bananas, (recipe says to freeze them but we didn’t) make a face with chocolate chips (we used carob chips) next, for the pumpkins.. we used clementines! peel them and cut your celery in half then down the middle. We took a bunch of food to my friends samhain “halloween party. the kids LOVED the pumpkins! it was cool seeing them go for that vs the refined foods. 






 AWWW these were just too cute! MONSTER SANDWICHES . get white or wheat bread.. use glass to cut the circle with.. get ya cheese and cut “teeth” lay on bread so the “teeth” stick out a bit. add your meat and condiment. top with half toothpick and green stuffed olive for eye balls! we used applegate no nitrate or sugar added deli meat. low fat swissand low fat munster cheese from trader joes. 










imagewho doesn’t like deviled eggs??? these were VERY different than the ones I grew up eating. They were AWESOME…. different but good! I will post recipe. on recipes and post here.. we boiled 18 eggs. (recipe says 6 eggs)

once the eggs were done and peeled, half them carefully with a knife and take out yoke.  put the yoke in bowl with 2 tbsp of dukes mayo, 2 tbsp of Thai Curry paste, 2 tsp ketchup, 1/2 tsp paprika, 1/2 tsp spicy mustard, salt to taste.  It called for 1/4 tsp sriracha or other red chili sauce.. we couldn’t find it..so i left it out… I added a little bit of yellow and red food dye. cut tip (small tip) off the ziplock bag and put in the yoke mixture in the ziplock …you are going to  “pipe in” the mixture like icing into the  half boiled egg white…. if you know how to decorate cakes… pipe in 3 separate lines to create the pumpkin lines.. cut little bitty snips off of green onions and sprinkle with paprika and or cayenne to make em hot! 





 YALL, this is my CASEY’S SLAW! i don’t even know how much goes in bc i make it with my alter ego named old sally.. old sally is 350 lbs of pure sugar and fat happiness. lol, my FAVORITE food is slaw dogs! we bought a trader joes no nitrate turkey hot dog.. grilled it, topped with my BADASS chili!( was the best I have ever tasted homemade when it comes to chili).topped dog with slaw, ketchup and mustard.. I don’t eat the bun. my slaw is one head of cabbage shredded in food processor or grater. dang near 3/4 container of dukes squirt bottle mayo, 3-4 tomatoes cut, salt and pepper…This is why I use to buy mayo in industrial sized containers! I HOOKED IT UP! and made everyones cholesterol go up lol. The chili recipe…. go to my recipes and check it out!!! there is a secret ingredient that my mom never told me about. 















 This is saturday night.. we went on a date night.. and of course has the same Johnny’s pizza meal as the other blog.. chicken with melted cheese, marinara, fries, salad with low fat ranch and unsweet tea.. I didn’t eat the captain waffers.. I was telling skip “remember being a kid and getting these, dipping in butter and it tasting awesome”? 











 After our meal.. I had to tinkle. figured I would show ya a pic of Mr. baby.. 14 weeks right here. I feel like a fatty. i have put on about 4-5 lbs maybe.. I need to weigh in am and get a definite number.. I had halloween candy this weekend.. it’s like crack! my trick this year was to HALF the fun size bars…. that way I would get my fix and if i wanted more.. it would still be the equivalent of 1 fun size bar.. all in all i had prob 6 full fun size bars.. reeses, snickers, almond joy, butterfinger…and 3 musketeers. GOSH…it was GOOD! why, why , WHY does it have to taste so good? I know where it leads and that I will eat in moderation 😉 I like my life better with healthy stuff. I start getting more colds when I eat more sugar so I STAY away as much as possible. But hey, I hope the half of the fun size bars was a good tip. 






 This was at the mall.. I didn’t pack a cooler and this was date night.. we went to the mall and played the $100 game.. where you spend 100 per item and before you know it.. you have spent 10’s of thousands of dollars.. it’s so fun! santa was already at the mall, kids were giddy and WE NEVER go shopping anymore.. i look like a 1990’s soccer mom that needs to upgrade her windsuits! lawd lawd! anyway.. went to get 6 peice nugget grilled, friuit cup and water.. oh yes, also had a sugar free skinny peppermint mocha from starbucks! soooo good! i stole about 3 fries from skips plate! the chicken is A JOKE  from chic fil a.. so many additives! but oh well. it was the experience that I liked. 😉 







Egg and Olive sandwich.. go check out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GoTRDW2O-gQ&list=UUze1yx5PIlk13MYjJoN35GQ

for my cooking video 🙂 














Top secret tip on saving money and BANANAS!  (skip tried to bust up in my vlog) 











This was Sunday active rest day for me.. I did a preggo flow yoga for 2nd trimester. was like 20 min long.. I actually enjoy doing yoga from videos lol. I SUCK at yoga!!! oe day I would love to be really good at it. All of you busy people that have ambition or the want to when it comes to being active.. just go close yourself in a room with youtube and do a workout video. you can’t go wrong. esp if you follow my food advice! 

NO fluff, NO bs, no strict fad diets

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