Level up your Life by Understanding the Laws Of Success & uncover the things that keep you stuck.
Do you feel like you get taken advantage of or screwed over?
Are you tired of a job you hate?
Do you feel like you wish you could find out what’s wrong with you?
Do you feel like you’re not good enough to have the GOOD LIFE?
Do you feel like your only value comes from taking care of everyone else?
Is it hard to make decisions?
Do you attract toxic relationships?
Do You want to know WHY you struggle to stay on track with new regimens or something healthy?
Are you scared to take action even though you KNOW you need to something to feel better & change?
Do you feel like you have something to prove?
Do you feel burnt THE fu*k out?
Do you want to know how successful people think?

Then, you’re in the right place

What’s up I’m Casey Shipp.

Not that long ago I was on the struggle bus thinking that life was just an uphill battle.

I was going to therapy, doing energy healing sessions, “doing all the things” that you’re supposed to do to become successful but something was off. I was STILL suffering and NOT hitting my targets.

I realized that I needed to learn how to heal myself and stop looking for others to fix me. I knew there was something there that I wasn’t seeing.

I took myself through a process of listening or reading every book that seemed like it had the answer.

Now, it is my joy and honor to help others find out for themselves the very things that helped me to increase my emotional IQ and in turn… Take massive action that helped me create a life that I’m in love with ( most days! because yall know I’m not fake and shit) lol.

I went from chronic fatigue, depression, low libido, NO money, no love, & no joy to working less and making multiple 6 figures, soon to be 7, I get to live where I want and ultimately, work with who I want and do what I want. My Marriage is better than it’s ever been and that’s after TWO kids back to back, total hysterectomy, losing jobs, parents dying and building a business.

I learned how to raise my vibe, call the shots and get everything I want in the process.

Personal development and self help is THE SECRET to attaining new levels of success. There’s a reason why top CEO’s and successful business owners read 60+ books per year.

While most people think that reading books is for geeks or old ladies who like to read romance novels…

Those assumptions couldn’t be any farther from the truth.

All you need is a desire to help those around you and willingness to learn how to feel better

I created The Hotmomz Lifestyle Book Club to give you the information and confidence you need to take the steps to create the life you want.

I’ve always thought the best way to “hack” our success was to find someone who inspires us and do what they do…

and guess what? you can! you can look up the books that successful people have read and get a taste of how they think. You can learn from the SAME source as them!



Identify your limiting beliefs even if you think you’re pretty solid
Learn how to re-parent yourself so you can stick to diets, get to bed on time and take action
Heal yourself by uncovering a few core wounds that keep you stuck in toxic cycles
Heal a few of your money blocks
Learn some of the most successful people in the WORLD know but keep a secret and more!

WELCOME To the Hotmomz Lifestyle Bookclub!

We will go over how to get the MOST out of the course, how to get FREE books and how to join the paid Book Club Group

Self Healing- Emotional IQ- Mindset

  • One: Get Access to Casey’s TOP self healing and mindset books
  • Find out why you have adrenal fatigue with the very first book in the list


Heal your money blocks! & learn how wealthy people THINK


Any type of coach, trainer, teacher, parent etc needs to know how to lead and motivate people and THIS will teach you what you need to know to increase your coaching skills


This goes beyond coaching and into building an empire. Learn how to get promotions, lead your team, household or just learn how to become more influential so you can grow with ease


This is GREAT for business owners, people with side hustles or future business owners! I share the most helpful titles to save you time and resources.


Sometimes, you just need to be in the energy of people who have been where you’ve been and made it to the other side. I share a few biography books that helped me understand myself a little better and I share them with you!


Hang on tight! This section isn’t for the faint of heart but for the person who wants ANSWERS! And the “HOW TO” get out of their current situation!


My go to books on inside information for elite performance, health and nutritional healing


While ALL books and sections WILL make you a better parent, I list a few titles here that was a GAME CHANGER for me!


  • Bonus Videos to help you as you make your way through the course.
  • How to handle guilt around feeling like you messed up your life and kids
  • Why you’re always in shitty relationships
  • Mommy Guilt even though mommy guilt


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Casey Shipp is a Mediocrity crusher, money maker, weight loss lover, foodie, goal crusher, life experience creator, life coach, sweet-aholic, fitness fanatic.

Casey Shipp discovered her passion for training, nutrition when she was 22 years old.

She grew up eating mayo out of industrial size containers, sweet tea, Wendi triple burgers, the BEST homemade cornbread and cobbler! Most people in her family suffered from heart disease at young ages. She was also quite the tomboy.

This is Casey at 19yrs old (left) and then at 23yrs old, (right) after changing her lifestyle from unhealthy to healthy.

She had completed college to be a Medical Assistant and found herself in the weight room instead of the operating room.


Over the next two years, Casey developed a clean eating plan for her husband. In just 18 weeks he lost 55 pounds.

This started a client base for Casey consisting of young athletes ages nine to nineteen. She has trained men and women that led to weight loss and the elimination of heart medication as well as diabetes. In 2010, Casey participated in her first regional figure competition where she experienced the dedication, devotion and discipline to drive serious results physically and mentally.

She trains with the reasoning that diet or training alone will only lead to short term gains. An overall lifestyle concept where exercise, nutrition, self control and persistence is the desire Casey has for her clients. Casey is nationally certified through the International Sports Sciences Association. ISSA, is a Professional Fitness Model, Top 100 hottest Models & is a partner in Project 10 Challenge.

Casey Addison Shipp thank you for getting me out of my damn comfort zone. Nothing grows there. Just had my first sales call where I landed a new client paying in full. Not where I want to be but man I’ve grown!!
Happy Thursday hotmomz! I felt compelled to hop on here and share some key things I’ve learned through my time with the lovely Casey Addison Shipp . I’ve been under her guidance since 2014/2015. I was a bikini competitor looking to understand the lifestyle and stop the yoyo and Learn how to balance and sustain. I failed in part of that for the first year or 2. Sometimes I took advantage of the convenience and didn’t hold myself accountable to the learning portion and just did whatever she said. I got results but then I got frustrated because I felt like I wasn’t getting what I signed up for fully, I didn’t think I could sustain or know how to without Casey. Now looking at myself older I think well bitch, whose fault is that? It’s mine, my own fear and my own lack of effort. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make em drink right? Well the reality is, I came off anti depressants(Lexapro for 4 years, my choice) after I’d gotten my body to that comfortable fit and maintainable sweet spot. My life was at an all time high and I thought I was ready to finally take the condom off lol. It was and is still an actual emotional roller coaster. I went dark and manifested my body weight to come back out of fear without even acknowledging wth I was doing. I thought I was doing EVERYTHING I knew how to avoid that. After all, I’ve competed for years and know how to sustain right? Hahaha. Well I’ll never forget when Casey said, what if your version isn’t actually EVERYTHING you could be doing? What if you need to dig deeper into something else(1).. because I respect this woman more than most I thought well fuck me. And from there chakra, therapy, Journaling, questioning traditional methods all came into my life. Most of that time and still I’ll get triggered by things Casey may mention in her lives or posts. And often times she will say if this triggers you, find out why(2)… that is Gold… learn and take accountability for you, in all areas. Even when your ego is a dark obnoxious cloud telling you otherwise. I’m grateful for the path and journey she and everyone in this group has been through because I’ve truly learned SO much from it. That’s the goal… to have a power group who gets it and gives tough love to better each other because we’re fucking fabulous. If you’re afraid of the investment, you’re in the right place and take the leap. Another golden nugget Casey reminded me of was that money can ALWAYS be made. I said to her a couple years ago I was saving and limiting myself to open my own business and she said be YOUR best self to give others that(3).. I’ve never restricted myself on self care before that so why I thought I should start and take advice from other business people that aren’t where I choose to be idk. My friend and I were talking budgets the other day and he said o cool where do you think you can cut back. Without hesitation I said I don’t restrict myself I just make more money. (Or manifest it but that was too deep for his moment lol)
This was winded but felt necessary to share. Love and light and I hope this helps at least 1 of you

I have been working through my Money Mentality Makeover course for the 3rd time in the last year and I feel like finally everything is clicking. Can I just say in the last week it’s felt AMAZING to drop the money struggle
I own a gym in a small town (about 1500 people) and a few days ago contracted about $800 which is a big day there.
I found out yesterday I am getting $4200 back on taxes, which never happens owning my own business. We are lucky to get back $2k most years.
I also received $1800 from a new client who I wasn’t expecting payment from for at least another month.
Big energy shifts happening astrologically and energetically for me!
We are pretty lucky to have the most amazing Leader Casey Addison Shipp! Thanks for all you do!
Side note I’m also down 2lbs from last week thank you Universe lol!

Call me sentimental but I seriously just wanted to take a minute to say Thank You Casey Addison Shipp. Thank you for continually following your passion to make the lives’ of others simply incredible. If you had given up when you faced obstacles, stopped believing in yourself, or let the devil on your shoulder tell you that you couldn’t succeed, we wouldn’t be here right now. We wouldn’t be living our best lives. I know to many, it is about being HOT AF and that’s ok too, but to me, it’s about that and loving the body I’m in, treating myself better, being the wife and mom I need to be, pushing myself to do incredible things in my business and overcoming whatever gets in my way. I love watching HotMomz change the lives of friends of mine! It just feels so good to… FEEL SO GOOD!
So… THANK YOU for doing what you do!


Access to EVERY Casey Worthy Title that’s helped her or her clients: Some categories Includes Casey’s Feedback on what she got out of the books. Designed to prompt and support you as you move through the course content!

PLUS ( Graphic) Peer-to-Peer Support Group: Access to the Hotmomz Lifestyle Book Club Facebook Group for additional support, wisdom and love. This is designed to be a safe space to ask questions and receive feedback from each other.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What if I Want To Just Lose weight? Is this still for me?

Yes! Many people with a history of yo-yo dieting come here to learn the reason WHY things come up to derail them and trash their progress..They report finding themselves confidently taking the steps to start breaking the cycle. We need validation and that’s what you’ll find in the books

Is this program just for advanced fitness or business people?

100% no. Whether you’re a beginner or balling ass 8 figure person.. You WILL learn new things that will help you shift into your next level

I’m super busy right now. What if I don’t have time to take the course now?

While the lessons will be there when you’re ready, it is up to you when you start. You have all contents and updates for life. You can take the course completely at your own pace. Listen for a few minutes while you shower, drive, do the dishes etc. yep, It’s that easy.

Are you offering a payment plan?

Not at this time. if you want payments, I suggest using a credit card with points, that way, you can make the payments to the card and get points for paying it off over time! click the, “I’m So Ready” button.

What can I expect from this course?

Inspiration. A renewed belief in yourself. Fresh perspective. Progress. Movement in the direction of your dreams. Meditations. Affirmations. New energy. The Secrets to unlocking blocks. A peer-to-peer support group. Lifetime access and updates.

Can you guarantee specific results?

I love this course and I deeply believe in the principles in it. The testimonials on this page are from real, live people who signed up for the course, did the work, and got some really cool results. According to my incredible attorney, I need to say this to you: DISCLAIMER: I don’t guarantee or warrant results or increased income. The testimonials on this page may not be typical for all students. Plus, It’s like a church service, You go to receive a message. Whether or not you “get it” is up to you and your willingness to receive new knowledge.

What is your refund policy?

I do not believe that you are going to want one… you were led to it and trusted yourself to enroll. I would never enroll in something like this and even think about asking for a refund so anybody that thinks that way probably isn’t a good fit for my energy.

How Do I Get The books?

Great question. I am busy so I prefer to listen to the books. You can use audible, or use your library card and check the titles out for free ( paperback kindle or audio) you can also try searching on youtube for some of the titles to be read to you while you drive or do laundry. There’s also a cool site that I use if I want paperback. Thriftbooks.com. You can get gently used titles for $1-$4!
If you are enrolling now, I encourage you to do so intentionally. Enroll as the Future you who already has the “thing” she wants. Do this for you. Do this for those you are here to help. Do this on purpose.

Refunds: Although our policy is no refunds on digital products.

Disclaimer: I love this program and I deeply believe in the principles in it. The success stories on this page are from real live people who have worked with me through this program and got incredible results. According to my attorney, I need to make sure I always say this to you: I don’t guarantee or warrant results or increased income. The testimonials on this page may not be typical for all students.