I Teach Goal Oriented Women how to HAVE IT ALL & Get Healthy AF while doing it.

The Hotmomz Lifestyle Coaching Program!

If you want to get UNstuck, breakthrough all of your abundance blocks, gain clarity around your health and self-sabotage WHILE getting healthy & Sexy AF.. then read below

Hotmomz Lifestyle

Increased Self-Awareness, Support, Health, Fitness, Hormone Balance, Empowerment, Rehabilitating Metabolisms & Mindset

The FIRST Online Holistic-Fitness, Health,Life and Money Group Coaching Program (With customized programming) that’s Medically backed. Putting An Individualized Approach to Reach your Health and Fitness Goals By Healing the Root Cause

What if you had a TEAM of Medical Professionals that specialized in Fitness hormones, an intuitive to help you figure out the emotional root of your problems so you can get faster results ?

Imagine having a team of supportive driven and successful women to help you when you hit roadblocks and get you on the fast track to feeling better

Imagine what it would be like to finally have the answers to all of your weight,poor health, physique problems so that you could change your patterns and putting an end to self sabotage.

Imagine what it would be like to actually meet other people who are ahead of you that can shed light on what’s possible without the fluff or having alternative motives?

What if you could change how you think about food, exercise and health so it doesn’t seem so scary and overwhelming?

What if you really could stop the cravings and binge eating?


Results May Include..

Better Sleep ( so you can have the energy to take on the day)

Descreased Anxiety

Increased Metabolic rate

A younger looking energy and apperance 

Better Outlook on Life

Increased Self Awareness- Because Until you can control your thoughts, you can’t control anything

Increased spiritual connection- Prayer and Positive Affirmations become more powerful

Better Relationships

Promotions or Increase In Income ( no matter what your current situation is)

Better Time Management – So you can actually do the things you need to do and STILL have time left over( no matter how busy you think you are)

Better parenting Skills

Increased Influence

Enhanced Sense of purpose and self esteem

Hormones of a HEALTHY 18 year old (if you desire)

You’ll become so empowered that You may even turn into a coach 

You’ll learn how to get WHAT YOU WANT out of life 

You’ll finally have the body and health you want. 

Decrease in Flare up’s

Increased Vitality & Energy

Overall sense of enjoyment vs waking up everyday and going through the motions of life

You’ll learn why you have the fears and problems in your present day life and learn how to re-write the script

What Happens After Women Enroll in The Hotmomz Lifestyle Coaching Program?

They Get Answers. They Get To Have Balanced Hormones. They Attain Goals They were Once Impossible. They become better parents. They rise up the ranks in their company. They make more money. They feel better. They experience more self-acceptance. They trust themselves more. They believe in themselves. They are more confident. They are able to help more people. My helping them allows them to help multitude of others.

Who This is For ?


Any woman that considers herself to be open minded when it comes to maximizing her health.


Women who wants to FEEL GREAT and Look HOT AF. Goal= Boss Bitch


Women who are READY to take full responsiblity for their current situation & ready to follow the steps needed to break the cycle


Any woman who likes to be given specific execution strategies that will increase overall happiness.


Women who are looking to learn long term success

The HOtmomz Lifestyle

 Become A Hotmomz Lifestyle Student!

 Program Includes:

Access to Our Healing Team of Medical Professionals

Access to Casey’s Personal Medical Team to help with your Hormones so you can finally get to the root of the problem and feel better fast! (Insurance covers)

Education on Blood Panels and improving health from a cellular level

Access to Pro-health/Alternative Proven Protocols for things like Fatty Liver, Estrogen Dominance and Gut Issues

Access to a low cost ($35) – Food Analysis to avoid eliminating certain foods from your diet and getting faster results- Not included in membership rate

Bio-Hack your Health and break free from family cycles

Get access to natural healing Resources and self-improvement techniques that can put an end to compensatory behaviors

2 Coaching Calls Per Week– Custom 1 on 1 attention

Healing & Doable Meal Plans

(Custom To your unique Goals and lifestyle)

Detailed Meal Plans – Updated weekly meals and recipes, Custom Macros and Meal Plans

Ingredient substitutions to fit the way YOU eat

Grocery lists – get your shopping DONE without spending extra money on foods that will be thrown out in 2 weeks

Meal prep tips – make healthy food FAST

On The Go emergency meal choices

Vegan & Hashimoto Sample Plans

Gluten and Dairy Free Education inside the Nutrition Section

Access to Casey’s CUSTOM Macro Calculator if You Already Track Your Calories

50+ whole body workout plans for the gym

Fat burning at-home exercises for those that can’t get to the gym

Toning cardio, abs, & circuit training routines

Pregnancy Section showing you what I did during Pregnancy with workouts and food

Detailed demo videos

Access to MY PERSONAL workout. I change it every 8 Weeks

Whole-health tips on sleep, supplements, and more

Lifestyle suggestions – you CAN live your life while getting in shape!

Workout plans to aid in hormone health

Community and Support

Access to a Casey via the private Facebook group.  Coaching Calls included

Answers to your big questions from women just like you ( you don’t have to be a MOM)

Friendship and accountability so you can reach your goals!

Inspiration from others who’ve been where you are

Contests, prizes, and fun competition to push you further

Hormone edu, Personal Growth and more!

Who is Casey ?


Professional Fitness Model and Sexy Glam Cover Model


Total Hysterectomy – 3 years post and looking/feeling better than ever before


Overcame Eating Disorder, Child hood Trauma, Depression, Poverty and auto-immune disease


Intuitive Life Coach & Trusted By Phsycians 


Married 13 years and has 2 small children


Increased Income by $82,000 Every Year and will Show you How she Did it by Working LESS

What’s the Investment Amount?


Investment Price Is Custom To the Client. We craft the offer via the Booked Strategy Call.

NO fluff, NO bs, no strict fad diets.. Just execution Strategies and Coaching you to be the BEST version of yourself.

Got Questions ?

Our Goal is to help you find the right package/service/product in the quickest amount of time possible.

If you have questions, please watch the webinar and book a chat with us CLICK HERE TO BOOK A CHAT