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A course for those who desire to learn the systems, energetics, sales/marketing and team building to create, start and scale a company into the millions.

I show you exactly how I built a multi-million dollar online coaching brand..while being a money making mommy with successful 18 year marriage.


Trading time for money
Feeling Overwhelmed and lost when It comes to creating an offer
Spinning your wheels
Rejection in the marketplace
Pain in the ass clients
Paying for business courses
Feeling limited
Feeling Stuck
Not making the amount of money you desire
Living in Scarcity
Feeling limited with your time
Wishing you could do whatever you want, when you want

Are you Ready to:

Unlock the codes to freedom
Live life how YOU want to
How to align with your desires
How to tap into soul-aligned freedom
Reinvent yourself
Create offers that feel fun, good, and expansive
Step into financial abundance
Believe deeply in your gifts and talents
Share your heart with the world
Create positive change in the world
Be self-led, influenced only by your highest self
Take massive action toward your goals
Be around other power players who are doing BIG things in the world
Scale your business
Become independent
Learn how to build an online coaching/digital course business from the ground up
Monetize your life

Hey future millionaire!

Business has been a passion since I was a little girl. Selling things, creating stores, and speaking on camera.

Not long ago, I launched Hotmomz Mastermind.. A fitness and health program for women whose bodies weren’t responding the way they should, given all the work being done or attempted to do.

I had massive success.

My journey began in 2008, and in 2012, I decided to follow the fitness model route because I thought it would bring success.

As many of you know, I became a fitness model, landing magazine covers, and felt like a local celeb in my hometown but suffered severely on the road to self-improvement via fitness.

I was in burnout, had hormonal and relationship issues, money problems, and was the victim of many shitty circumstances.

I finally learned how to heal the body by addressing trauma, balancing hormones, healing my nervous system, eating more, working out less, etc.

I started the Hotmomz Brand in 2015 after seven years of peddling in-person clients, running fitness classes, and online training business.

I paid thousands for, Done-for-You funnels, digital agencies, programs, you name it! Each little thing showed me what I didn’t like and what I did like.

After years of crying, feeling frustrated, copying everyone on the internet, and failing…

I found a glimmer of hope on my morning walk. It was springtime in Georgia, and my first babe was a few months old…

I felt like something asked me how I wanted my life to be. I responded, “ to wake up when I wanted, to spend time with the family and film.” and live near a tropical beach.

So, I started doing more of what felt good to me ( which was terrifying because I thought I had to grind and do what everybody else was doing to make it big)

I started making more significant moves in my business and taking things into my own hands.

Fast forward to 2023, we live dual residency in the hills of southern California with a beach and mountain view and a few miles from Siesta key beach in the Florida location… Im just getting started! We are just getting started.

I found a way to do things with integrity, where it feels good, where I follow intuition and sometimes create what seems like magic money.

Hotmomz is a multi-7-figure brand and has changed thousands of families for the positive.

On the road to a million, I learned how to think, respond and live like a millionaire.

I built a business that allows me to work from wherever I get to live wherever and have my family with me. It’s the best! And I highly recommend it!

I want to share every detail of how I got here with those who feel called to be more!

This container will help you to…

Unlock your badass, take no prisoners, going to kill it with energy and mindset, and operate from power vs. force

Unlock your fullest life potential
Step into power and confidence
Have an intense level of drive
Unlock the mind, body, and soul connection
Unlock your business potential and hit record numbers
Take inspired action
Unlock the codes to confidence, wisdom, abundance, and freedom
Live in the energy of grace, growth, power, and truth
Stay open to the frequency and vibration of that which you desire
Help you surround yourself with high-vibe individuals on the same path
Clear out blocks around money, time management, and self-acceptance
Do it and get it Fucking DONE
Release fear of doing it wrong
Release the fear of not being perfect
Release all pre-programming that is holding you back
Live your best life
Believe in your abilities
Show up for yourself
Recognize if you’re taking on others’ energy & clear it
Release and remove all preprogramming from my ancestors’ lives
Work through any and all of your shit or unseen shit
Be able to cruise gracefully through the bad feelings & transmute them into LIGHT
Drop the struggle martyr story
To truly and fully love yourself
Have plenty of time to do all the things
Release fear and need to be in survival mode
To always know how to go back to neutral
Always be ok
Be built and feel like an MF superhero. Strong and flexible
Find passions
Through The Millionaire Matrix, I’m offering guidance and support to help you access the sacred knowledge that can help transform, grow, and start your online coaching and course business. If you feel my story and the things written on the page, we would be honored to have it. Let’s dream your business into reality

So that you can:

Feel peace and trust, and follow your highest evolved path.

Bring in soul mate clients
Build a lucrative business based on YOUR passion
Live and be unapologetically raw in your marketing
Learn the art of vulnerability ( this is your power)
Set up boundaries for your time and energy
Learn how to be magnetic
Have enough money to Travel often and have large amounts of money sitting in bank accounts whenever you want
Have a career that allows you to have the freedom to work whenever and wherever you want
Stop the comparisonitis and the not good enoughness and fall in love with YOURSELF and monetize how you did it
Step into worthiness, abundance, freedom, peace, joy, luxury, and pleasure

What is included?

This container Comes with the following.
Weekly zoom calls to go over action steps/clear any perceived obstacles
Sales Scripts
Low and High ticket sales systems
Private Group, where I will be giving most of my attention to
Blessings into your dreams and business
Funnel Systems
Excel and couments for your internal systems
Blueprint for setting up company
Blueprint for setting up internal systems
Blueprint for hiring/firing a team
Resources and network connections to build your brand/business
Small amount of Ad Training
VSL, webinar and case study strategy
Marketing/Sales education
Tech How to videos and resources you’ll need to create automations
Pathway to 6 figure months
BONUSES for those who enroll NOW:

Discounted rate because the course is being built ( investment will double at completion)  

First dibs on in person mastermind offers

Casey on zoom calls ( this will discontinue when the course is built)

BONUS: FIND OUT how I manifested a beach view mansion, revamped my business, increased sales, and have more time than I know what to do with!… all within six months- profttig more than ever. Went from a 2x ROAS to 8.5 roas! And remember, if it sounds crazy, you probably want to do it.

Must be…

  • Willing to step into the frequencies of abundance and love.
  • Ready to mourn and give up your B.S old stories
  • Willing to decide that you GET to shift into a better feeling and life
  • Willing to get a little crazy and fun
This is a beta program and is the only time I will be working in person and exclusively on this content to create the sacred container. Hotmomz beta program started as a $500 course,aka “level up” , and now goes 10-25k. My in-person and live program offers like this move quickly. They are here and gone…

👑Prayer intention before enrolling

Know that the trembling you feel is your high Self coming to shed darkness into light, truth and your creating a new way to pay and play on this planet.  You are healthy, rich, sexy, tight, toned, tan and magical.  It’s not fear but an energy that is power. The mind will put stories to this power to suppress growth cause ego knows it will have lost its grip on you. The anxiety isn’t real…. It’s your goddess awakening.  You have her permission and are making room for her now. You said, “yes” to the calling.  When you enroll. As you’re paying… Do this  🌬️Connect to your breath  Call on the thing that make you feel powerful and supported  💰Bless the investment – state that it’s going to connect you to love and that you and me will create connection for the greater good and for your dreams to manifest  Claim what it is that you’re dreaming with me  Make this as you would a donation because it’s blessing me. You will gain good merit. ❤️

Please message me when you pay and we will get you enrolled.

Payment Options

Looking forward guiding you into the MULTI-MILLIONAIRE MATRIX. I Trust your resourcefulness

If you’re thinking about enrolling, I encourage you to do so with purpose. Imagine yourself as the future version of you who has already achieved what you want with this program. It’s important to do this for yourself and for those you want to help.

Just a heads up, our policy for digital products is no refunds. However, I want to let you know that I truly believe in this program and the principles behind it. The success stories you’ll see are from real people who have gotten amazing results.

It’s important to note that I can’t guarantee specific results or increased income. Every student’s experience may be different. But I do believe in the power of this program and am excited for you to join us!