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Secret #1: How I got HOT AF ( after 2 c-sections & total hysterectomy) by DOING LESS CARDIO and eating more foods that I actually enjoyed


Secret #2: How I Finally Found Success After Spending 50K on Other Health & medical Programs that didn’t work


Secret #3 How I increased productivity, lowered stress, and found happiness without thousands of hours in therapy


BONUS: Access to the exact Hormone hacks & food & gut test I used to land my best body to date!

Holy shit Casey Addison Shipp !!!! I did blood work yesterday afternoon and I just got off the phone with the doc. My testosterone at the beginning of last month was at 15 its now at 33!!

My DHEA was 69 and now its 300!

A big thing happened this weekend. My husband is no longer a diabetic!!! He has been off all 5 of his meds for the last month!! He did this by fixing his gut and eating the right foods!!!!!!!

It’s only been 23 days and I don’t have my food test back yet BUT I feel so much less bloated, less tired. I’ve been tracking loosely, lifting heavy, and clearing bad energy. I want moreee!
I just watched Casey’s video on How she went from diseased & depressed to Hot AF and I can honestly say I could check the box for ALL these compensatory behaviors! Also, understanding how I got my competition body several years ago and why I can do the same thing now and nothing works was such encouragement to me! So glad I found this group and got connected with all the professionals. Thanks for what you do, Casey Addison Shipp!

THIS is what working with Casey Addison Shipp 1 on 1 in her Shift program did for me! My income increased 71% 😳 in 2021!

Being in Casey’s vibe with her wealth of knowledge and high frequency helped to transform my business, health and life.

Today?? I can’t STOP making money doing what I love because of Casey’s intensive program. It wasn’t about the coaching calls (although those are the bomb)…what Casey did was give me the tools and taught me how to “do the work”.

If you want MASSIVE change, do her 1 on 1 Shift Mastermind. ❤️

Pssst—oh, and, I made back my original investment in less than two months

As a 20+ year Fit Pro, I’ve done it and sold it all, including BB!

Beachbody is a short-term initial fix. IF you haven’t been doing much consistently or anything you will see some short term results from that change in activity BUT it will not give you the long-term transformation that can stick from working with someone like Casey Addison Shipp.

Mindset, emotions won’t be touched.

Something not quite working with food…restriction will be the go to, not manipulating to make sure you feel good. How to adjust macros…nope, try these measuring tubs or multiple shakes.

The supplements…I have clients that love Shakeology, and will use it occasionally as a fast snack that we build into their plan but that’s it, personally non of the cleanses, shakes or supplements ever helped my body change. The programs are very high-stress, intense and restrictive…set up for short term intervals that then leave you wondering what is next.

Since starting with Casey in the Paid Group 1) I learned my self worth 2) I am eating what my body really needs 3) I am exercising for the first time in my life 4) I am taking better care of myself first and healing myself from the inside out by reading more motivational books (instead of fiction) and watching funny TV shows instead of ones that bring me down (I was addicted to anything by Dick Wolf) No, I don’t have amazing before and after pics to show you yet but I can see slight changes as I am working on my hormones and slowly getting there. (follow me for future Hot Momz pics in a few months 😉) I am taking better care of myself FIRST by doing things for myself like getting microblading for my eyebrows and lash extensions and regular hair appointments and facials that make me feel better about myself. BECAUSE I AM WORTH IT. I went to the chiro today for the 1st time in my life and will keep going regularly now. I had a Shamanic Reiki Energy Healing Session with one of Casey’s contacts within the group and learned A LOT. I am meditating each morning before starting my day and journaling for the 1st time ever. Just this little step alone has decreased my anxiety and stress of my very busy day. I was scared to join at first (Just like you probably are right now) because little did I know I had a ‘scarcity mindset’ about money. I am making more money now than I have ever made in my life. (multi 6 figures) and plan to increase that month over month. THERE IS MORE WHERE THAT CAME FROM!! So if you are still reading this…….This is not a one and done fitness and meal plan gimmick! This is a lifelong life changing experience TAKE THE LEAP! JUST DO IT! YOU WILL NEVER REGRET IT! Casey Addison Shipp

Thank you Casey Addison Shipp this is the first holiday I can remember that I did not go off the rails emotionally (food guilt etc) and did not punish myself for enjoying a meal or “make up for it with cardio etc” your course has helped me so much already and it is just beginning!’
I used to be super triggered with the holidays and stress about the weight I was going to gain but I don’t have that fear after working through hotmomz mastermind. I was 98lbs at 5”5 and I was anorexic. If I did eat food I would obsess about it and feel so much guilt and shame. Then few years I weighed my heaviest living off cake, ice cream and pizza. I was miserable and bitter. I did not enjoy my kids or my husband. I was horrible and cynical toward everyone because of my own inward hatred for myself. The bottom picture is me right when I joined hotmomz. I joined for emotional reasons thinking I completely had my health and body under control 🤣🤣And just last week… I’ve never had body like this. I no longer live in fear of gaining weight. I have no guilt or shame around eating. I hardly ever crave sugary food which use to be the only way I dealt with emotions. I mean I would live off donuts in the past. I can say for the first time ever I’m going into the holiday season with no stress about dieting or the weight I might gain. This has been life-changing in so many ways. I was initially nervous about the money I had to spend but honestly, I would pay double to be where I’m at in life right now. Thank you Casey Addison Shipp and my Hotmomz Mastermind Paid Community girls!!
If you’re wondering whether you should do Casey’s mastermind…GO FOR IT!! 💥 Since working with Casey (and Kate), I not only got in shape, but Casey’s helped me make an extra $300k in the last year!!! She helped me to focus and really go for what I want in life. Don’t wait, it will be worth it. 💖💖💖
Before Hotmomz: Nearly starving myself, 1400 calories, doing Beachbody, doing tons of cardio, 7 days a week workouts, working an unfulfilling W2 job, hated looking at myself in the mirror

During Hotmomz: Eating to fuel my body, 2400 calories, balanced hormones, workout 4 days a week, healed a lot of stored trauma, business owner, finally love the girl I see in the mirror

This is so much more than a workout plan which is all I thought I needed at the time. I’m so glad with Casey’s help that we dug deep and got to the root cause of a lot of trauma. I would not be where I am today without her.
Thank you Casey for making me truly feel like a badass. It’s time to take that leap and go all in on yourself this year.

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