I’m So happy for you, me, and your family!

A few of you know about my relationship struggles and how we almost got divorced.

a small % of the few that know the divorce tea, also know that I’ve been talking about creating a course on WHAT WE DID to recover and become happier than ever for a while now.

and it’s FINALLY HERE​​​​​​​​​

I’m noticing that unsupportive spouses are a REAL THING and it’s very apparent that bad relationships are a BIG part of the reason why women aren’t where they want to be. ( as much as they don’t want to see it)

Some of them have money shame, some are on their 3rd marriage, some are single and looking for love, some have closet issues and don’t feel comfortable sharing certain things with their spouse, and some… are thinking of calling it quits

and I want to help! Because I know that If I could turn my relationship around, that I could help others do the same.

Here’s why,

Awareness is the beginning of the healing journey. Until you notice your thoughts, they think you, and you have no choice about your actions. 

I am going to show you where your thinking comes from, which may allow you to become free of it so that you can create your relationship by design.


If you’re experiencing any of the things below, Relationship By Design will help you experience 180 in this department ( which will help you hit your goals in all other areas)…

  • Sex life is a wreck
  • Single and wondering if you’ll ever find the one​
  • Infertility that’s causing stress on the relationship
  • Struggling to get them to help around the house
  • Fear around open communication
  • Struggle with attracting broken men
  • Attracting cheaters​
  • Attracting peter pan boys
  • Feeling inferior because you’re a woman and he’s a man​
  • Struggling to excel in business because you don’t want to make more than him
  • Just hate looking at him
  • Wanting a divorce
  • Tired of walking on eggshells and trying to keep the peace
  • Tired of them messing up your plans
  • Feels like men are distant, unsupportive, defensive, uncommunicative, selfish, untrustworthy, motivated by foolish things

​If you’re ready to break the cycle. If you’re ready to find and FEEL more love.

Increase romance, support, improve communication and save a lot of money on counseling, or divorce attorney… 

or WORSE.. pass it down to your children.​​…

click, pay and tune in!

the first training goes live tomorrow!

Those that purchase will have access to all recordings. This will be a 5-10 video course with optional homework/worksheets. ​​

The course will go to $1,000 in DECEMBER! so get in now while it’s almost 78% off!​

click, pay and I’ll see you at our first training tomorrow ( will be recorded if you miss it)

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