Do you Ever Think or say, “WHY do things like this always freaking happens to ME”?
Do you ever have a sneaky suspicion that when things are going great that there could be something lurking in the shadows? ⁣
Do you ever think, “I better do this in case that happens?⁣”
Do you feel like, you need to be Prepared in case The other shoe drops or something bad happens?⁣
Do you feel like something always comes up to take your money the second you make a little extra?
Do you suffer a strain, sprain, injury or get sick the very moment you start to get in a healthy groove?
Do you feel like, wtf am I missing?
As you read this, do you find yourself thinking, That sounds like me?

Heyyyy Gurlll. I’m Casey Shipp.

Not that long ago I was victim of circumstance. I then realized that there was something in that was creating the shit storm because my problems always had ME in it!

and then, I decided that If I wanted things to look and FEEL different then I had to address my intentions and energy in how I flow through life.

I took myself through a process of understanding WHY I was feeling the way I felt.

I was WILLING to see things differently and lean into the fear of the unknown.

THEN, I learned how to transmute my current shitty situations into something That was in alignment with where I WANTED to be

Now, it is my joy and honor to help others increase their resilience so they can face reality and to not be overwhelmed by frustration, disappointment, hurt, etc and instead, life life with confidence and clarity



Identify and clearing the “not good enough” blocks, so you can finally start living life according to your needs, wants and desires.
Learn the skills for creating a safe and supportive environment that enables an easy change for the better
Form your strategy for getting on the other side of where you’re at no matter what life throws at you
Learn How to KEEP the results you get vs starting over every time
Integrate trust and ease into the manifestation process. Allow yourself to receive the things you’ve always wanted.
Learn how to start feeling and looking better with way less effort than before.

You will learn how to always feel good about working on yourself vs feeling guilty or ashamed because you didn’t “do something

  • Video One: Resilience 101 ‘The Other Shoe Syndrome”
  • Video Two: How to Get Better results
  • Video Three: What to Do When Shit Hit’s The Fan
  • Video Four: I’m Sick and It’s not My Fault
  • Video Five: When Things Don’t Go Our Way
  • Video Six: The Mindset to Lose Weight Instantly
  • Video Seven: Moving Through The Shitstorm vs Getting Caught In It
  • Video Eight: How to Transmute Fear, Shame and guilt into something powerfully useful
  • Video Nine: Fear around Economic Shifts, Losing Job & What To do About It
  • Video Ten: When You Feel Like You’re Slacking
  • Video Eleven: Dealing with Shame around Asking For Help and Getting on Coaching Calls
  • Video Twelve: Processing a Parents Death
  • Video Thirteen: The Art Of Quickly Shifting
  • Video Fourteen: When You Don’t Feel Like Doing Something
  • Video Fifteen: Anxiety Around Getting a New Job or Position
  • Video Sixteen: When You Feel Like You Want To Quit
  • Video Seventeen: Why Things Aren’t Working Out
  • Video Eighteen: When You Don’t Know What To Do
  • Video Nineteen: Cord Cutting 101
  • Video Twenty: Elevated Esteem Solar Codes- Stepping Into Your Purpose

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You have all content and updates for life.

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I’m not exactly sure what part of this program is changing this for me or just all of it, but my desire and urges to drink wine most nights is nearly non-existent right after beginning this program. I believe part of it is the kick in the ass you’ve given me, Casey Addison Shipp, to get going and find ways to make money instead of sitting around avoiding the problem and drinking while watching Netflix to pass the time. Now that I’m focusing on my money issues, I’m finding opportunities available I never saw before that will surely help me get out of my hole. AND you’ve also made me realize that working out so that I can drink alcohol is a type of eating disorder. When I think of it like that, it’s so messed up! What an awful motivator to workout. changing that dialogue and motivation real fast!
Call me sentimental but I seriously just wanted to take a minute to say Thank You Casey Addison Shipp. Thank you for continually following your passion to make the lives’ of others simply incredible. If you had given up when you face obstacles, stopped believing in yourself, or let the devil on your shoulder tell you that you couldn’t succeed, we wouldn’t be here right now. We wouldn’t be living our best lives. I know to many, it is about being HOT AF and that’s ok too, but to me, it’s about that and loving the body I’m in, treating myself better, being the wife and mom I need to be, pushing myself to do incredible things in my business and overcoming whatever gets in my way. I love watching HotMomz change the lives of friends of mine! It just feels so good to… FEEL SO GOOD! So… THANK YOU for doing what you do!
Happy Valentines Day to all you hot ass women! When I first started with Casey I had NO confidence at all I was completely dependent on someone else’s approval. I constantly seen woman as a threat. This is so much more than a workout plan which is all I thought I needed at the time. I’m so glad with Casey’s help that we dug deep and got to the root cause of a lot of trauma. I would not be where I am today without her. Thank you Casey for making me truly feel like a bad ass.
Absolutely love Casey!! I scheduled a call with her because I was at my witts end.. making that call made all the difference to me ..if ur like me u need someone to get 100% real with u and she will ! She made me wake up and take care of MYSELF .. I made drs appointments I started back at the gym im working on myself mentally and emotionally q’ fixing myself from the inside out and thats what needed to be done . As a mom ur the last person for yourself to take care of and it really made me realize alot just talking with her and her getting real with me .. pointing out this and that.. So make the call have the talk with her you won’t be disappointed at all !!!
Casey Addison Shipp “stop your stupid crying”…. a statement my mom used to say to me on repeat as I grew up as an extremely emotional, sensitive child…I viewed my sensitivity as something negative or bad for almost my entire life…I was taught to hold all of my emotions in because crying was simply stupid and the reasons behind my emotions and crying was stupid and invalidated…. NOW I know that my crying was a trigger for my mom. It had nothing to do with me having a weakness or overdramatizing a feeling I was having. I am finally healing from this harshness from my mom and seeing my empath self as a blessing to others and a gift to my design as it has opened a wide window for my awakening to & embracing my purpose in life. Only God knows how long it would have taken me to be awakened to this realization without you… could be years or a lifetime or never…. I’m so so thankful for you, Casey!


Resilient AF Homework:

Includes your homework for each training lesson. Designed to prompt and support you as you move through the course content!

Resilient AF Private Community:

If you Thrive In a Supportive Community, I got you! This is designed to be a safe space to ask questions and receive feedback from each other

Resilient AF Bonus Book Club Sample:

A Sample of The Book Club Course. Audio Books/Book Titles That has helped my students and me level up continuously ( and it’s not fluff B.S)

Mentality Needed To Succeed:

One Of THE most Powerful Mindset Series’ for Reprogramming Your Mind for Health/Wellness/Fitness Success. Also Includes the Famous ( How to Beat Scale Fear)

Food Test Success: Access to The Food Test Success Mini Course!

I will give you the exact food test we use so you can stop guessing what’s causing the bloat or wondering what foods you “should” be eating. This $30 test will tell you which vitamins you need and don’t need ( hello money savings) which probiotocs you actually need, and which foods ( even alcohol) are causing issues and which ones are good to go.

Money Shifts Playlist:

My top Money Training Videos from previous live trainings. ( no videos from Money Codes) but A compilation of every video training I have around Money!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What if I Want To Just Lose wright? Is this still for me?

Yes! Many people with a history of yo-yo dieting come here to learn the reason WHY things come up to derail them and trash their progress..They report finding themselves confidently taking the steps to start breaking the cycle

Is this program just for advanced woowoo people?

100% no. Whether you are hardcore religious or deep into the spirital wooowoo, this program can help you step into a new way of being that will cause other people around you to ask WTF you’ve been doing!

I’m super busy right now. What if I don’t have time to take the course now?

While the lessons will be there when you’re ready, it is up to you when you start. You have all contents and updates for life. You can take the course completely at your own pace. Listen for a few minutes while you shower, drive, do the dishes etc. yep, It’s that easy.

Are you offering a payment plan?

Not at this time. if you want payments, I suggest using a credit card with points, that way, you can make the payments to the card and get points for paying it off over time! click the, “I’m So Ready” button.

What can I expect from this course?

Inspired content. A renewed belief in yourself. Fresh perspective. Progress. Movement in the direction of your dreams. Meditations. Affirmations. New energy. The Secrets to unlocking blocks. A stronger connection to your spirtual practice. A peer-to-peer support group. Lifetime access and updates.

Can you guarantee specific results?

I love this course and I deeply believe in the principles in it. The testimonials on this page are from real, live people who signed up for the course, did the work, and got some really cool results. According to my incredible attorney, I need to say this to you: DISCLAIMER: I don’t guarantee or warrant results or increased income. The testimonials on this page may not be typical for all students. Plus, It’s like a church service, You go to receive a message. Weather or not you “get it” is up t you and your willingness to receive new knowledge.

What is your refund policy?

I do not believe that you are going to want one… you were led to it and trusted yourself to enroll. I would never enroll in something like this and even think about asking for a refund so anybody that thinks that way probably isn’t a good fit for my energy.

How It works:

The Becoming Resilient AF Course- Experience includes:

20+ training modules above listed (truly life changing) bonuses
3 recorded FAQ calls That will be in the FB GROUP
Lifetime access to BRAF members’ site
Peer-to-peer support group The above content is located on an exclusive members’ only site. While the training lessons open 24-7,you can dig into the content at your own pace — it isn’t going anywhere.

You get immediate access to the Contents and Group.

You have all content
+ updates for life.

If you are enrolling now, I encourage you to do so intentionally. Enroll as the Future you who already has the “thing” she wants. Do this for you. Do this for those you are here to help. Do this on purpose.

Refunds: Although our policy is no refunds on digital products.

Disclaimer: I love this program and I deeply believe in the principles in it. The success stories on this page are from real live people who have worked with me through this program and got incredible results. According to my attorney, I need to make sure I always say this to you: I don’t guarantee or warrant results or increased income. The testimonials on this page may not be typical for all students.