Have you ever thought to yourself,

“I can only eat 1,300 calories and my body doesn’t do well with carbs”
“I do keto because I feel the best with it and I’m scared of carbs but I want to eat them”?
Don’t worry, Because I have too!
I started out eating 1400 calories a DAY, was working 30 hours a week as a trainer, training 5 days a week WITH cardio!

I had NO IDEA that my body needed rehabilitation!?

Fast forward, 2700 calories later with only 4-5 days of 45 minute workouts.. POST TOTAL HYSTERECTOMY..

You could say, I learned a LITTLE bit about nutrition manipulation.

Heyyyy Gurlll. I’m Casey Shipp.

Not that long ago I was victim of circumstance. I then realized that there was something in that was creating the shit storm because my problems always had ME in it!

and then, I decided that If I wanted things to look and FEEL different then I had to address my intentions and energy in how I flow through life.

I took myself through a process of understanding WHY I was feeling the way I felt.

I was WILLING to see things differently and lean into the fear of the unknown.

THEN, I learned how to transmute my current shitty situations into something That was in alignment with where I WANTED to be

Now, it is my joy and honor to help others increase their resilience so they can face reality and to not be overwhelmed by frustration, disappointment, hurt, etc and instead, life life with confidence and clarity


History of Crash Dieting
Competion History
Has been in a Severe calorie restriction
Former Yo- yo dieter
Have multiple failed diet attempts
Nothing you do for weightloss will work
Jumps from one program to the next with little to No results from extra cardio

Sneak Peak of What’s Inside

  • Exactly who needs to do a reverse diet to rebuild their metabolism
  • Case Studies with a walk through of HOW they did it
  • How we help clients eat over 200 carbs without fat gain
  • Why You can’t reply on ONE website or coach for proper reverse dieting Information
  • Give you an idea of what kind of goal to shoot for
  • Education on what dieting or low calorie diets do to your body and endocrine system
  • Definitions pertaining to the metabolism and diets
  • You’ll learn why your body fights against your “do good” efforts
  • You’ll learn WHY the myth of “CICO” Calories in, Calories out is total bullshit and that there’s a grey area
  • 7 Steps to The Actual Reverse Dieting Strategy
  • How to Address Exercise while you reverse diet
  • I will put your concerns and questions to ease regarding the “what if’s and yea buts” menopause, age etc
  • Bonus VIDEO – When to adjust Macros and other trainings where I break down the calorie game
  • Bonus- EBOOK- Eat Smart Even If You’re Not
  • What I wish I knew back then if I had to go back and do it all over again

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Casey Addison Shipp thank you for getting me out of my damn comfort zone. Nothing grows there. Just had my first sales call where I landed a new client paying in full. Not where I want to be but man I’ve grown!!
Happy Thursday hotmomz! I felt compelled to hop on here and share some key things I’ve learned through my time with the lovely Casey Addison Shipp . I’ve been under her guidance since 2014/2015. I was a bikini competitor looking to understand the lifestyle and stop the yoyo and Learn how to balance and sustain. I failed in part of that for the first year or 2. Sometimes I took advantage of the convenience and didn’t hold myself accountable to the learning portion and just did whatever she said. I got results but then I got frustrated because I felt like I wasn’t getting what I signed up for fully, I didn’t think I could sustain or know how to without Casey. Now looking at myself older I think well bitch, whose fault is that? It’s mine, my own fear and my own lack of effort. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make em drink right? Well the reality is, I came off anti depressants(Lexapro for 4 years, my choice) after I’d gotten my body to that comfortable fit and maintainable sweet spot. My life was at an all time high and I thought I was ready to finally take the condom off lol. It was and is still an actual emotional roller coaster. I went dark and manifested my body weight to come back out of fear without even acknowledging wth I was doing. I thought I was doing EVERYTHING I knew how to avoid that. After all, I’ve competed for years and know how to sustain right? Hahaha. Well I’ll never forget when Casey said, what if your version isn’t actually EVERYTHING you could be doing? What if you need to dig deeper into something else(1).. because I respect this woman more than most I thought well fuck me. And from there chakra, therapy, Journaling, questioning traditional methods all came into my life. Most of that time and still I’ll get triggered by things Casey may mention in her lives or posts. And often times she will say if this triggers you, find out why(2)… that is Gold… learn and take accountability for you, in all areas. Even when your ego is a dark obnoxious cloud telling you otherwise. I’m grateful for the path and journey she and everyone in this group has been through because I’ve truly learned SO much from it. That’s the goal… to have a power group who gets it and gives tough love to better each other because we’re fucking fabulous. If you’re afraid of the investment, you’re in the right place and take the leap. Another golden nugget Casey reminded me of was that money can ALWAYS be made. I said to her a couple years ago I was saving and limiting myself to open my own business and she said be YOUR best self to give others that(3).. I’ve never restricted myself on self care before that so why I thought I should start and take advice from other business people that aren’t where I choose to be idk. My friend and I were talking budgets the other day and he said o cool where do you think you can cut back. Without hesitation I said I don’t restrict myself I just make more money. (Or manifest it but that was too deep for his moment lol)
This was winded but felt necessary to share. Love and light and I hope this helps at least 1 of you

I have been working through my Money Mentality Makeover course for the 3rd time in the last year and I feel like finally everything is clicking. Can I just say in the last week it’s felt AMAZING to drop the money struggle
I own a gym in a small town (about 1500 people) and a few days ago contracted about $800 which is a big day there.
I found out yesterday I am getting $4200 back on taxes, which never happens owning my own business. We are lucky to get back $2k most years.
I also received $1800 from a new client who I wasn’t expecting payment from for at least another month.
Big energy shifts happening astrologically and energetically for me!
We are pretty lucky to have the most amazing Leader Casey Addison Shipp! Thanks for all you do!
Side note I’m also down 2lbs from last week thank you Universe lol!

Call me sentimental but I seriously just wanted to take a minute to say Thank You Casey Addison Shipp. Thank you for continually following your passion to make the lives’ of others simply incredible. If you had given up when you faced obstacles, stopped believing in yourself, or let the devil on your shoulder tell you that you couldn’t succeed, we wouldn’t be here right now. We wouldn’t be living our best lives. I know to many, it is about being HOT AF and that’s ok too, but to me, it’s about that and loving the body I’m in, treating myself better, being the wife and mom I need to be, pushing myself to do incredible things in my business and overcoming whatever gets in my way. I love watching HotMomz change the lives of friends of mine! It just feels so good to… FEEL SO GOOD!
So… THANK YOU for doing what you do!
If you are enrolling now, I encourage you to do so intentionally. Enroll as the Future you who already has the “thing” she wants. Do this for you. Do this for those you are here to help. Do this on purpose.

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