Ending the Weight/hormone/low energy/ STRUGGLE System Implementation

Casey Shipp here, founder and creator of the Hotmomz Lifestyle and Experience… I am personally inviting you to collide with your destiny before we evolve into charging full price for our intimate mastermind for 2023.

You want clarity, freedom, unshakable certainty, confidence, and next-level abundance in all areas…

You desire to live a life of ease, flow, and grace where your body feels good, and YOU feel good being in your body. You want to feel sexy and confident in a bikini and finally have answers as to why things feel the way they feel so that you can correct the path and never return to the old ways of “doing great, then LIFE happening and being thrown off.”

You desire to feel FREE and in a constant state of flow ( without adding a bunch extra shit on your plate because you’re already too busy) I get it

You want to own your time and create massive success. You want the bullet points for creating a magical life. You know what needs to be done but can’t figure out the “how” and “what’s in the way.”

(This is where the mastermind comes in)

So, in this 8-minute read, I’ll show you how The Hotmomz Lifestyle Mastermind will guarantee positive shifts in consciousness and give you answers for why you’ve struggled for so long with low energy, feeling stuck, poor health, injuries, sabotage, not enough time and or self-doubt/anxiety fear so you can FINALLY be the woman you’ve always dreamt of becoming.

You will be a better professional, mother, sister, wife, cat lady, dog mom, co-worker, and HUMAN, which will positively impact the world!

The truth is

you having/being/doing/ _______(insert your desire) helps the world become a more positive place.”

We don’t just make this offer to anyone (we are very selective about who we work with at this level), and you are reading this because you love helping others, your work, and being superwoman. So, for that, thank you for all that you do ❤️ It’s time to receive your merit

Plus, you KNOW deep down that you aren’t living as your highest-evolved self

Disclaimer: This page is an internal document I created to quickly explain things without having to do 90 minutes sales calls (life-draining, scary, icky, inauthentic sales calls where we try and handle your old story objections) can you tell how much I hate them? Lol

Plus, If I have to overcome objections, it means you aren’t a fit for the Mastermind. You know if you need what this container provides.

Besides, with over 300 case studies, what makes you think you will be the ONE who didn’t get results with our proven strategy?

My goal is to help you make an informed decision about your ascension process. I already know I can help you if you’re reading this… Now, it’s just a matter of if you’re ready to receive the healing, drop the victim story and allow yourself to have what you desire.

This information is raw and unpolished and has yet to go through “beautification.” If that’s ok with you and you can handle the information raw ‘n’ real … Let’s get started 💪 👇

Results After going through The Mastermind

❤️💪🏽🥂Weight, hormone, and body Issues GONE

❤️💪🏽🥂 Miraculous Healing is Taking place for you and the ones around you

❤️💪🏽🥂 More Self Compassion =More love ( which is the opposite of the fear that’s causing stress, scarcity, lack, and making you afraid to take action)

❤️💪🏽🥂Less Stress, more sex

❤️💪🏽🥂 More Confidence 

❤️💪🏽🥂A more Youthful, happy appearance

❤️💪🏽🥂 You’ll have everything in place to double your income no matter what type of work you do

❤️💪🏽🥂 You’ll have your team of genius experts to handle your health, hormones, relationships, and life situations 

❤️💪🏽🥂 For those with a business, you will have access to everything Casey did to build a 7 figure empire ( without needing to go spend 6 figures in other masterminds)


And you won’t have to ADD time to “do” Hotmomz Mastermind — this is not a “program” — It’s a genius network. You’ll get access to Casey’s resources and the answers to solving your BIGGEST problems!

You listen while you walk, drive, wind down, do the dishes, etc.

The only “work” would be the clearings; more in just a second.

But Don’t take our word for it – Check out a few of our case studies below, who were able to improve sleep, lower stress, increase income, and drop the weight.



Step 1: Food and gut bio Hacking System

So you know how you’re dealing with a lot of confusion about what to eat and how to structure things for hormone balance, and it’s making you feel like you have to be super “all or nothing,” or else you gain weight? Or maybe you’re bloated AF and dealing with stubborn fat?

So in this stage, we redesign your diet by implementing the “reverse dieting system”. 

The reason I call it a “reverse diet system ” is because it’s a 3 step process that allows you to eliminate foods based on what your biofeedback test says. We slowly integrate what your body DOES while slowly increasing 

calories. You will lean out in the process & save money because you won’t be taking 100 different supplements and trying 50 different diets. It’s like magic.  Not to mention, you will feel sharper in your daily activities because it improves brain function, being that your gut is your second brain. 

The problem with most programs is that they put everyone on the SAME restrictive programs and meal plans, or they focus on macronutrients only, leading to GI issues, failure, and feeling restricted. 

So By doing it this way, you can get MORE results by doing LESS because you're burning calories way more efficiently than before & honoring your body by eating what it needs to heal and run efficiently vs. blinding following a mainstream “diet” that could be causing the actual problem to persist. 

I can’t tell you how often I’ve seen “healthy diet food” cause major GI issues. 

Plus, the way we teach metabolic restructure is empowering. Our women feel better within the first week, usually, because they aren’t so tired or hungry, and they finally FEEL FREE!!

They aren't in diet HELL,  wondering if is this  “right or wrong.” 

 we even help you with custom things if you travel and or have a busy schedule. We look at YOU and YOUR LIFE and help you find something sustainable 

you will be able to cut training and cardio in half once you get this down. So instead of spending that time exhausted throughout the day. You can have more time to build your business and be with your family. Make sense?

( for those with severe hormonal issues in chronic fatigue where you don’t have any energy to work out, we can start with hormones, food, and gut testing and add the custom nervous system regulation workouts in later.”

Don’t believe me? Well, Lauryn lost 17 lbs JUST by doing the nervous system clearings and food test ( in three weeks). She didn’t even work out!

Step 2: Hormone Training system ( I can feel you salivating)

This is where you will connect with our hormone physicians - available in the USA, Canada, and MOST large cities worldwide. 

You will access the information through The Hotmomz Mastermind Hormone Codes course. It tells you everything to do and expect.. Step by step. 

Out of pocket, you’re looking at $250-$300, and insurance covers the rest. For those who don’t have insurance, Paying out of pocket is around $500. You need to weigh your problem with dollars here.

 I know you’re a smart, resourceful boss and can see the logic, so I’ll leave this here. I lay out everything for you inside the program. 

Our Physicians will order the panels after your first call with them.  ( these are panels that other doctors won't order) Not even functional medicine doctors, and even if they do, they don’t have the remedy for what to do with the results... They will put you on nature thyroid and testosterone. Maybe an adrenal supplement and call it a day. So please, don’t waste any more of your precious time. We have your back! Allow us to take care of you.

The problem is.. Many women go to functional medicine doctors and come to us for help after the fact because things are still not right. They fall back into the same up and down roller coaster ride of energy because the doctors didn’t fix the root issue. 

After your first phone call with our doctors, you will visit a local quest diagnostics lab to get the blood drawn. (it’s a lot, so plan for early am and bring a baby food pack with you to eat right after)

It will take about two weeks to get the results back, and when you do. You will put your results in the excel sheet with the range goals that we provide.

The follow-up doctors consult will go over your results 

You could also get on a hormone consulting zoom call with me ( Casey ) to see what I recommend so that when you speak to the doctors, you will get faster results than if you consulted by yourself. 

This is not a one-size-fits-all; you may need minor tweaks to find your magic spot. So be patient HOWEVER, you will quickly see WHY you’ve been so tired after logging in.

Most notice more energy within the first week after getting their bloodwork back. However, It’s essential to go through our emotional clearings for the nervous system, or you will waste your money.

You’ll start doing more because of the influx of energy and may end up in WORSE shape than when you found me because you didn’t repair your nervous system while addressing hormones

, so it’s essential to do the nervous system work. Okay?

So please know that the hormone aspect is powerful; it is 30-40% of the remedy. 

DISCLAIMER- For those wondering if you HAVE TO DO hormones…

No is the answer 

You can get results without doing hormones! We have helped a LOT of women heal naturally. Most, especially those who have had children suffered stressful life events or those over 35. Hormone balancing will be how you go from below average to elite bitch!

ALSO-  this is where you’ll learn how to use a combination of specific hormone-hormonal-based exercises where we create a custom workout to help you feel and look better faster because we honor the body's current state vs throwing you into an intense program that could make you sick and backtrack. 

And the reason this is so important is that YOU make your world run.. when you are burned out and broken down, you aren't efficient, and no one gets served. 

This will help you slowly emerge from the deficit and get MORE done in less time because you’re running like a high-performance machine vs. a victim of circumstance disempowered MARTYR and feeling like you need to be “all in or nothing.” saving everyone. 

It's time to rescue yourself!

You will be emotionally mature and understand that less is more this time around. It's going to work this time. 

So this is something I’d like to see you doing sooner rather than later because otherwise, you’re handling surface-level shit and wasting time and money because you’re not honoring your body's energy system and putting your thyroid and adrenals in a vulnerable state by running on empty. 

Know what I mean?

Step 3: The Support System

So the first two alone can get you to at least 40% better. But even if you’re doing 40%, that means 60% of the time, for one reason or another - you still feel Unsure when obstacles come your way and possibly tired where you’ll run into plateaus and obstacles. 

This is where the integrative portion and most crucial part comes in. ( please see the GLITTER VIDEO for the visual)

This is where you learn how to control your life...

You’ll reach a point where you’re confident, safe, and taken care of vs. fearing that you’ll go backward. Or when you DO have a bad day, you won’t sabotage yourself because of everything from steps 1-3 HOWEVER, 

If you do get triggered, scared, overwhelmed, etc., you will have access to the High-level mastermind and Access to Casey via Coaching calls. Along with five other industry-leading experts! 

We offer over 25 calls per month where you can get on and ask questions. They are NOT mandatory! We understand that you have money to be made and things to do. I recommend only getting on these if you have questions to remain efficient In your career

The zooms are small and intimate, so it will feel like you get one-on-one attention. I pay the experts so that you don’t have to! You will get over $1500 of FREE expert consulting ( the same people that Casey uses) when you join the mastermind.  

I give you access to those who have helped me!  Some I have worked with for over 12 years. 

Most people wouldn't want to share their resources with you out of scarcity, afraid that you'll no longer need me but that's the point lol 

I want you to FLY!

Being that we are a trauma-informed approach to health and having it all. We are still human, and we need other humans to hold a safe place for us to help and grow into the woman we are meant to be. 

So anything that would cause you to fail and or if you get stuck as you go through the steps, you will have private access to asking questions. 

You can ask them anonymously in the group or use our private form submission. They are small and quick. If you’re unable to get on, just send in your check-in and or questions, and they will answer you can access the recording at your earliest convenience because we know you’re busy. 

The problem with other programs is that they take responsibility for the client's results, and with this, we already KNOW you’re capable, and we teach you how to do things on your own so that you can reach your next level. 

This will save you money and time in the long run. Other programs can make it seem scary to ask for help. You feel stupid or embarrassed, and our group is sacred and safe because it’s a trauma-informed community.

 We understand that feeling shitty is part of the human experience. Most of our ladies feel seen, heard, and loved through their metamorphosis experience because we understand that it CAN be scary! 

The guidance on the calls is life-shifting because they are all mentors, and you will be able to catch yourself before you fall by getting on and getting your frustrations and or questions answered. 

So if you just raise your hand and ask for help publicly or anonymously, you will be 100% successful, no matter what you go through.

Step 4: The Last thing we’re going to do is.. THE MAGIC!!!!!!!!

We are going to get clear on the block and how it’s showing up in your current reality, and CLEAR IT… can you imagine wiping the reason why you fail… away!?!?!?

This is the only “work” you will be doing. Everything else is a one-time thing, and maybe take 15 minutes to make the appointment, ask a question or send off the food test.

We’ll do this in a way that feels compelling, empowering, new, and very different from what you’re used to. It takes about 30-40 minutes, and you only need to do it when you feel frustrated about results, stuck, anxious, sad about a loss, or when you’re feeling defeated or can’t stop thinking about something. Maybe once per week after your first initial clearing, if that.

This will not only allow you to clear the main block or reason why you’re stuck and not to feel the way you want to, but it will also increase your emotional intelligence so that life starts to feel supportive... Like everything is happening FOR YOU! vs. like you’re in constant survival mode, afraid of failing and or anxious.

You will finally feel safe, confident, peaceful, and in control, and have a ton of clarity.

The problem with most programs is that they give you things to do or new regimens to implement on TOP of your anxiety, unseen issues, and low self-esteem…( no wonder other programs don’t work)

and around week 3, you lose steam and fall off because it’s  ADDING something else to your plate. Or, your baby gets sick, covid happens, or someone dies, and you gain weight and lose motivation. I’ve seen it thousands of times, and it’s the highlight of every victim martyrs story...

If that IS your old story, we will show you how to change the script!

And I KNOW you’re tired of that shit and being the victim.. I know you’re tired of watching EVERYONE else CRUSH IT.. while you’re wondering WTF you’re missing?!

This trauma-informed- soul-healing approach helps clarify the issue at the source and transmutes the stuck energy into confidence, clarity, and success.

Clients report feeling RELIEF, more successful, and clear about the direction they need to go in within 24 hours of doing the clearings.

This will also help your nervous system return to a calm state vs. staying in the trauma cycle that way, you STOP ATTRACTING shitty circumstances and start ATTRACTING what you DO WANT.

You will look younger, experience more happiness, and become unshakable… the reason why you would fall off after week three will be cleared! The reason why money would be scarce.. GETS CLEARED. PRAISE THE HEAVENS! Right?!

The clearings- are the only things that Take time. They take 30-40 minutes but are like Motrin for a headache.

They CLEAR your energy! The neutralize whatever emotion you are in, and we help you figure out which it is. I’ve never seen anything work as fast as this does.
You will not only see what’s got you fucked up but will neutralize the energy and call in clarity for the safe next step. You will feel SO GOOD after you do it!
Your life gets better and better with this tool.
You can get results, of course, without doing it; it’s just a massive shortcut/hack to feeling better. ( if there was a secret for the elite bad bitches.. Its this)
We have them for anxiety/fear/frustration/desire-want/resentment/shame/guilt/anger/grief-loss, and sadness, so let us know which one you feel is the most prevalent so you can supercharge your results upon enrollment

..But like I said, this is optional to get results. Just a bonus for those who wat to go fast lol, and it’s the only thing that will “take up time.”

Everything else is video based that you can do when you drive, walk, etc. This program is best for busy business women or women who don’t have much time to dedicate to learning new systems.

What It looks like to Become A hotmomz and work with us.

After you enroll, you will receive an onboarding document with specific links custom you your situation.

This will help save time and get you the fastest results possible. LIKE 24-hour shifts!
We will book your kickoff call with your private success coach, and you will be on your way!

Please message me as soon as you finish, and I will send the enrolled options so you can get started.

Strategy Call Video- What To Expect
& How To Find Out The Root Cause

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Video Testimonials


Suffering from postpartum depression, alcoholism, and self-indulgence to sober, healthy and happier!
From low energy, and rough business to income multiplying 3x, with brand new offers
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*Understand more about yourself and your situation so you can finally get control.

*Awaken your inner power so you can create what you want when you want it.

*Learn the skills needed to address any type of pain or triggers that come up, and break the cycle of things not working out.

*Increase joy, inspiration, and confidence. 

*Open your heart and mind, so you can FEEL better and become a match for the life you want.

*Integrate trust and ease into your daily life so you don’t feel the fear that comes with “letting go and relaxing.” vs viewing it as “lazy or bad”

*Learn how to create more positive energy.

*Learn how to get happy.

*Learn how to get unstuck with money and weight loss.

Who is Casey ?


Professional Fitness Model and Sexy Glam Cover Model


Total Hysterectomy – 3 years post and looking/feeling better than ever before


Overcame Eating Disorder, Child hood Trauma, Depression, Poverty and auto-immune disease


Intuitive Life Coach & Trusted By Physicians


Married 14 years and has 2 small children


Increased Income by $82,000 Every Year and will Show you How she Did it by Working LESS

Receive Instant Access to all Training Lessons upon enrollment.

You have all content and updates for life.

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NO fluff, NO bs, no strict fad diets.. Just execution Strategies and Coaching you to be the BEST version of yourself.

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Our Goal is to help you find the right package/service/product in the quickest amount of time possible.

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