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I have been absent! I do apologize… not really…but it sounds nice.  I was blogging lots when I was competing because I thought it would be more interesting.  Turns out.. building a new business, relationships all while keeping my family happy and body in shape is pretty interesting as well. Had a good friend spend some time with me over the holidays.  She has been a client for a few years and always “watched me” from the outside. I was stuffing my face with my meal 55 so it seemed and she watching in awe.. she says.. I always portrayed you to eat plain boring food and eat little bitty meals like all of the other competitors.  I wish people new that it’s ok to binge and give into stress! with green beans and sugar free syrup . I know eating your emotions are bad. But, you get my point… hopefully. check out my shake.  I have been mixing in frozen spinach in as my “ice” I like to eat my shakes.. taste like ice cream.. i usually add tbsp almond butter (no sugar added) sometimes 1/4 cup oats dry or frozen fruit. When I eat normal food.. Beef, chicken, fish etc.. I use walden farms BBQ, hot sauce and dip everything in spicy mustard or Walden farms Syrup. I have gained about 10 lbs.. I i like the “thicker” look. I am definitely stronger.

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This is me, Murphy and Skip (Hubby) meet in 05 married since 07.

On our hike to Kennesaw Mountain. I usually go there to get grounded.. I get tips, ideas and breakthroughs when I visit. Today, I planted Lavender and Sunflowers in my backyard flower bed. Made some new contacts and trained a client.. finished my day with a glass of Pino and iggy/TI interviews.. I have big dreams yall. Your Desires are in your design! know that. Don’t worry about the “how” just know what you want.. be strict with your goals and flexible with your options on how to reach them. Take care of your mind. Body.  and Soul. stay in touch.. follow me on Instagram, or facebook. I am working on some #stuff .me skip murphy

NO fluff, NO bs, no strict fad diets

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