10-06-14 Fall Festivities and FOOD!

  ACORN SQUASH! I love baked acorn squash and butternut squash during fall months. I didn’t grow up eating this type of food. I found out about it when I got into natural nutritional healing and shopping at Whole Foods. Knowing that grain causes inflammation, I  try and eat non grain foods when I can or should say.. when I am not being lazy. 













image For a MINUTE.. I got into french toast! I would get ezekiel bread or natures own whole wheat bread (no sugar added) microwave the ezekiel (bc it stays frozen), get vanilla extract, cinnamon, unsweetened almond milk, egg or egg white and soak bread.. put in skillet to brown and top with sugar free syrup. 

added pumpkin to the top and had egg whites  to get in my protein macros.


The pic on right of french toast was oats.. i added Vi mix, frozen berries, pumpkin, and shredded coconut!



This meatloaf was phenomenal, you had to let it sit to hold form. YES, it was that soft! recipe is posted.   Pic on right is TAKE OUT SUSHI!i was craving it around 6.. i thought.. nah, you don’t need it. went for a walk.. worked a bit and couldn’t stop thinking about it. kept pushing it off and FINALLY called my hubby, told him and he jumped my butt and said don’t deny what you crave! go get it!so I did and enjoyed that along withs sweet an sour chicken haha yep .. weird I know



COOOKIIESSSSS vi cookie before workout! and on right.. that would be.. chic, banana vi shake! which will knock your socks off. Best mixture hands down. taste like a dang healthyish milkshake. not like a nasty protein shake.

imageTHIS will be posted! i use to make this way back in the  day. Its chicken (boneless skinless) homemade honey mustard (a tad bit of organic raw honey,and mustard) chopped celery, chopped red, orange, green and yellow bell peppers, sea salt and ground black pepper.. I topped with white rice for extra carbs bc honey counts as a carb. you keep in fridge and it;s wonderful!

imageI LOVE Halloween and the fall  so I wanted to kick it off with my hometown fall festival/parade , apple barn and pumpkin patch but FIRST we had to stop at BOJANGLES! Skip has never eaten at a Bojangles. I grew up in Cedartown GA and it’s was the happening place on friday am for cheerleaders/football players. I use to order a sweet tea or coke, country ham butter biscuit and taters! In the pic I ate half of a egg white biscuit and unsweet tea. I hear Martins is a better biscuit place but we had to knock Bojangles off Skip’s list.


imageThis was taken in Rockmart GA. Carlton Farms! we usually drive 3 hours, sit in traffic to get to Berts Pumpkin Patch In North GA. and you get there to be overloaded by people bumping shoulders, a ton of pumpkins and a little bitty silly hay ride. CARLTON farms is a full blown dairy farm! they had a corn maze (shown above) educational hay ride. ( you get to feed cows), had a petting zoo, a ton of games for kids, and you could buy “pet” milk, organic lean grass fed meats and what not. oh, and a pumpkin patch. 


Drove  up the rode a ways and I started wanting southern cooking.  Found a place called John Boy’s.. OH YES! it’s funny that i LOVE the Piccadilly and cafeteria type country food and am a fitness chick. Anywho, we ate there.. I always get a lean meat, good carbs like yams (these were candied so I only got a few) a ton of veggies, black eye peas and salad!. NO dessert! gotta keep this figure you knowwww haha. NOT






NEXT stop .. apple barn! this is where i eat sweets! every year i have a fried apple pie.. just one time a year although I grew up frying up chocolate pies! I treat myself once a year. Had a fried pie, dap of homemade ice cream and a nibble of their homemade fudge. I didn’t go overboard. really haven’t been wanting sweets (WHAT A BLESSING) . 

 image  this is ANNA! she likes to do old lady stuff with me and Skip.


thereeeee ya go.. my fall and food festivities. My website has been down and I have been unable to post. It’s good now, and I have been filming more for ya. 

log your food and don’t stay in your shit storm cycle.. make a change and get someone that believes in you. 🙂 luh ya! 


NO fluff, NO bs, no strict fad diets

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