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Holistic Program To Help Goal Oriented Women Get Healthy and HOT AF



Any woman that considers herself to be open minded when it comes to maximizing her health.


Women who wants to FEEL GREAT and Look HOT AF. Goal= Boss Bitch.


Women who are READY to take full responsiblity for their current situation & ready to follow the steps needed to break the cycle.

13 Courses all in one

The Bad B*tch Bundle


A Grow at your own pace.


No 1-on-1 or group coaching calls with me but if you're a rebel and like doing things on your own time, this is a no brainer.

Get the “Healthy, Wealthy & HOT AF Series” FOR FREE



Gift #1: Fast Food Guide- So you Know How to Order When Dining Out


Gift #2: 50 Bonus Videos- Voted MOST Helpful By Hotmomz Students


Gift #3: Jumpstart- Mini Guide For Goal Setting and many more!

Blast Through Your Weight Loss Plateau

Dropping The F$@*ing Weight Loss Struggle !

Self-Discovery. Confidence. Reassurance.

The Channel


Validation. Preparation.Inspiration.Peace of Mind.Closure.Improved Relationships.Healing

Unbothered and Focused

Chaotic and Powerful