Casey Shipp is a Mediocrity crusher, money maker, weight loss lover, foodie, goal crusher, life experience creator, life coach, sweet-aholic, fitness fanatic.

Casey Shipp discovered her passion for training, nutrition when she was 22 years old.

She grew up eating mayo out of industrial size containers, sweet tea, Wendi triple burgers, the BEST homemade cornbread and cobbler! Most people in her family suffered from heart disease at young ages. She was also quite the tomboy.

This is Casey at 19yrs old (left) and then at 23yrs old, (right) after changing her lifestyle from unhealthy to healthy.

She had completed college to be a Medical Assistant and found herself in the weight room instead of the operating room.

Over the next two years, Casey developed a clean eating plan for her husband. In just 18 weeks he lost 55 pounds.

This started a client base for Casey consisting of young athletes ages nine to nineteen. She has trained men and women that led to weight loss and the elimination of heart medication as well as diabetes. In 2010, Casey participated in her first regional figure competition where she experienced the dedication, devotion and discipline to drive serious results physically and mentally.

She trains with the reasoning that diet or training alone will only lead to short term gains. An overall lifestyle concept where exercise, nutrition, self control and persistence is the desire Casey has for her clients. Casey is nationally certified through the International Sports Sciences Association. ISSA, is a Professional Fitness Model, Top 100 hottest Models & is a partner in Project 10 Challenge.

NO fluff, NO bs, no strict fad diets.. Just execution Strategies and Coaching you to be the BEST version of yourself.

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