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Frequently Asked Questions

For Lifetime/Level up mastermind/private coaching Memberships:
Will these meals be difficult to shop for? Are there any weird ingredients?
Not only do I give you meal plans, I also provide you with shopping lists so you can get in and out of the grocery store FAST. Also, there are times that I might recommend something specific that your local shop doesn’t have, but I’ll always provide an alternative AND a link so you can buy the item online.
Will they be a pain in the ass to prepare?
HA! Remember, this is Hot Momz, not hot chefs. Your meal plans are prepared with LIFESTYLE CHANGE in mind and that means spending SOME time in the kitchen, but not a ton.
Can I prepare the food for my whole family?
Sure – why not? All our recipes are part of a balanced diet – just multiple the ingredients to fit your family size.
What if I’m vegan / GF / allergic to …?
I will provide substitutions for those with dietary restrictions. Also, if you’re good at making substitutions on your own, you can absolutely use this information to set up your meals. On the other hand, if you’re working with strict parameters and you’re not sure how to substitute, you’d be better off working with me one-on-one to create a meal plan that suits your exact needs. Just contact me to get scheduled and set up with a personal plan.
How will I know what moves/exercises to do?
Great question! It’s so frustrating to see an article or blog post with “15X Russian Twists” if you have no idea what a Russian Twist is. In order to support you, I’ve provided the program as printable PDFs you can take to the gym AND a series of videos so you know what each move is and how to perform it safely.
Do I need equipment or a gym membership?
Since we’re breaking free from the pink dumbbells, you will likely have to pick up a gym membership in order to do all the exercises for maximum impact. Planet Fitness is just $10 a month and their locations have everything you need. Also, I have created an at home workout for some situations. Don’t worry – I’ve created a shopping list with links for anything you might need to pick up for home workouts.
Should I do this if I have a medical issue?
As with all fitness and lifestyle changes, definitely consult your doctor before you get started. Having said that, though? I’ve NEVER EVER heard of a doctor who said, “No, don’t eat healthy and don’t exercise.” Have you?
How do I know this works?
Beyond the dozens of women on this page showing you YES, IT WORKS, I’ll tell you this. Hot Momz was created with your real life in mind, but it’s NOT designed to be simple or easy. It’s designed to GET RESULTS. You will be sore. You will be tired. But eventually? You WILL LOOK AND FEEL HOT.
Who’s NOT a good fit for this membership?

If you’re looking for fitness model coaching, this is not for you. You need a custom program to go to the levels of body fat and tone needed to compete. I can do that for you with one-on-one training. If this is what you need, contact me to get started.

What if I get pregnant / go on vacation / need to take a break?
Remember, this isn’t a deprivation diet or a crushing workout routine – it’s the support you need to make sustainable lifestyle changes. You can do all these things – including having babies! I did! – within your new Hot Momz lifestyle. If you find you’ve strayed a little bit, just get back to it – there’s no one judging you or punishing you. We all want you to succeed, so just get back to it as soon as you can.
So, why Hot MOMZ and not just “hot women”?
In reality, any woman COULD take this program and succeed with it, but I created it especially with moms in mind. Moms have different challenges – less time available, more familial obligations, and usually a lot less SLEEP! – so this program was designed with those challenges in mind.

Also, so many women have kids and lose sight of themselves. They forget how to take care of themselves, and they decide that looking and feeling sexy is a thing of the past. It doesn’t have to be that way – it really doesn’t! You CAN have kids and still be smokin’ hot. I’ll show you how.

NO fluff, NO bs, no strict fad diets

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