21-22 weeks pregnant, food and cellulite

aw isn’t Murphy sweet with his head on my belly!!


I promised I would show you my cellulite !!!! and I did!

.. it’s crazy how it feels ( i play with it)  and honestly…It’s from a mixture of eating shit food (fried food and sugar), not lifting heavy and that’s about it. you can say pregnant all day..BS..  IT’S what I just said.. I am enjoying this experience.. thinking of eating for him so he is happy and healthy has made me really happy.. messed with my mind in beginning bc I felt like I would get sick or be like I was when I was 19.  

it’s cool when we go out to eat.. I am smarter than I use to be so I order different and still get my good food. Listening to my body BIG TIME! walking more and doing certain moves like an old lady. I will post my workouts.. I try and hit the weights 4 times a week ad go heavy with upper body.

 I want to experiment .. I want to not hold back the first/second tri and see If i still blow up in my third like most gals do .. ORRRR restrict myself like a food eating disorder fit chick  1st – 2nd and then 3rd trimester kicks my tail.. it may come on regardless?.. all the “just wait hussies” will say ohhhh just wait.. you will blah blah blah..

It would be cool to know for my next little one! I want two close together.

I wanna get in sick shape when Grady comes out! already day dreaming about some good sessions and TRACK WORK. These pics are documenting that I AM NORMAL! well.. I get cellulite like some women do at times.. I feel more accepted by the female community now that im preggo.. it’s cool. before, they would talk shit and think I trained 3 hours a day, had all the time in the world, never worked, never ate bad and had never overcome body image struggles. well, put this in ya pipe and smoke it ol sally!

MOVING ON.image image image image image image
























How funny is this? i wanted pizza, corn and mac! like little kids do! sooo I ate it. I bought horizon organic super w added protein mac, corn and made pizza on rice cakes with sugar free pizza sauce and you know the rest. 

I eat one bad meal a day mostly.. likeimage










WENDY’S! I had a number 2! and my heart started racing haha. haven’t wanted it again since.. first real burger, lke burger, fries and bread since prob 09-2010




left over mac.. sirloin ad brocc for Christmas weekend.. I don’t post my healthy stuff really.. I log fitnesspal everyday mostly.. getting in about 2500-3k on some hard workout days. one day last week I got in 2100 and felt ok.. I just go with how I feel and make sure I get in meal every 3 hours or so with the protein. 















I made steel cut oats in the crockpot.. it was so good!! added berries (frozen berries) and stevia w cinnamon. 







HOLIDAY present from kate! for the first time in YEARS … I was craving cookies.. sooo i had some. these are from cosco.. so good! (moderation folks) and log your cals/get in your heavy weights 😉 it’s all good. (unless you want a 6 pack) you mayyyy get less cookies lol





Secret santa at True Food Kitchen with Anna, Karen and Stacey. so cool. i got the best thing.. a glass water bottle ( doesn’t break when I drop it) i drink so much water. it taste better. and I have really been into lemon water. 

I made the chia, banana coconut pudding for holidays ( inspired from true food kitchen and the kale salad) it was great!   The holidays were GREAT.. we only bought the girls something! no gifts really.. no travel.. just sat on our butts.. enjoyed each other, the dogs and grady kicking while we had some good eats. I didn’t even go to see my fam. It was nice tho. sometimes I think we tend to stress ourselves out doing things bc we THINK it’s the “right” thing to do.. when in turn.. we are giving our power away when we do something we aren’t feeling. I am a nut on camera and all, use to party with the best and man I tell ya.. I slap get anxiety lately when it comes to social events. I get all pissy like I don’t wanna go.. then when I get there.. I’m glad I went. I DO want some wine though! a good cackle shit talk session with some gals and pino noir would be too fun! 






THIS IS GROSS!! BUT….. I was wanting it! had artificial crab meat dipped in butter, asparagus and tilapia. I also made red lobster biscuits and dipped them in apple sauce. I figured It would be smarter to save coin than going to red lobster for poop eating tilapia and fake crab. moving on…..







imageMexican food and ew.. i don’t think i want Mexican again.. something about spicy and onions that just doesn’t gel well right now.   I ate a couple of chips and the chicken and steak taco salad, no sour cream.   steak tasted like a kangaroo filled fat strip so won’t be doing that again. Skip had ordered me ranch and celery bc he knows I dip celery in salsa to avoid fried chips.. (not sure where he came up with ranch) however, it was a sweet gesture so I ate some. 












NO fluff, NO bs, no strict fad diets

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