28-29 weeks Pregnant FLOG and workouts

Meal 1
Trader Joes – Gluten Free Oatmeal, 1/2 cup uncooked15027g3g6g0mg0mg1g4g
Market Pantry – Frozen Blueberries 140 g, 52 g338g0g0g0mg0mg5g1g
365 Organic – Everyday Value Cage-Free Large Brown Eggs, 2 Egg1402g9g12g370mg130mg0g0g
All Whites – 100% Liquid Egg Whites (3tbsp Per Serv), 12 Tablespoons (46 grams)1000g0g20g0mg300mg0g0g
Trader Joe’s – Organic Whole Green Figs (Frozen), 1 figs339g0g0g0mg0mg8g1g
Trader Joes Fat Free Feta Cheese Crumbles – Feta Cheese Crumbles, 25 g311g0g6g3mg232mg0g0g
Meal 2
Visalus Nutra Cookie – Chocolate Chip, 1 cookie (40g)15019g6g9g5mg120mg11g6g
Edensoy Organic – Unsweetened Soy Milk, 6 oz (1 cup)904g5g9g0mg4mg2g0g
Meal 3
Black Olives – Black Olives (Medium), 6 olives301g3g0g0mg138mg0g1g
Olives – Green, Stuffed, 5 olives401g2g0g0mg250mg2g1g
Oikos – Organic Greek Yogurt Plain Fat Free 150 g, 15 g81g0g2g1mg5mg1g0g
Trader Joes – Whole Wheat Bread, 1 slice10020g1g3g0mg180mg3g3g
All Whites – 100% Liquid Egg Whites, 6 tbsp500g0g10g0mg150mg0g0g
Eggland’s Best – Eggs, Cage Free Large Brown, 1 Whole Egg Mj, 1 egg700g4g6g170mg65mg0g0g
Trader Joes – Veggie & Flaxseed Tortilla Chips, 9 chips/1oz16722g8g3g0mg64mg0g4g
Fresh, Raw – Individual Strawberry*, 5 strawberry103g0g1g0mg0mg2g1g
Meal 4
Visalus Vi-Shape Nutritional Shake Mix – Sweet Cream Flavor, 26 g907g1g12g15mg75mg1g5g
Oikos – Organic Greek Yogurt Plain Fat Free 150 g, 200 g1078g0g20g13mg67mg8g0g
Fresh, Raw – Individual Strawberry*, 6 strawberry123g0g1g0mg0mg2g1g
Lundberg – Brown Rice Cake- Unsalted, 2.5 cake15035g1g3g0mg0mg0g3g
Trader Joe’s – Raw Brazil Nuts, 4 pieces (30 g)1092g11g2g0mg0mg1g1g
Publix – Almonds, Raw, 3 g171g2g1g0mg0mg0g1g
Meal 5
Trader Joe’s Roasted Garlic Hummus – Hummus, 60 g10711g6g2g0mg204mg0g2g
Ground Beef – 96% Lean, 1.8 oz590g2g11g27mg29mg0g0g
Purdue – Fit and Easy Chicken Breast, 2.8 oz cooked1120g1g24g61mg70mg0g0g
Food for Life Brown Rice Gluten Free English Muffin – Food for Life Brown Rice Gluten Free English Muffin, 1/2 muffin11024g1g1g0mg150mg3g2g
Trader Joe’s – Organic Superfruit Spread, 0.5 Tbsp154g0g0g0mg0mg4g0g
Victoria Secret Vosges – Truffles, 1 truffles505g3g1g3mg22mg4g0g
Meal 6
Visalus Vi-Shape Nutritional Shake Mi – Sweet Cream Flavor, 26 g907g1g12g15mg75mg1g5g
Blue Diamond – Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk 8oz, 8.2 oz (240ml)412g4g1g0mg184mg0g1g
Nestle – Nesquik No Sugar Added, 1 tbsp184g1g1g0mg35mg2g1g
Trader Joe’s Unsalted Peanut Butter – Peanut Butter Natural , 14 g833g7g3g0mg0mg0g1g
Generic – Bananas – Raw, 15 grams133g0g0g0mg0mg2g0g
Pb@ – Pb2 Peanut Butter, Powdered, 1 tablespoons233g1g3g0mg47mg1g1g


Meal 1
All Whites – 100% Liquid Egg Whites (3tbsp Per Serv), 12 Tablespoons (46 grams)1000g0g20g0mg300mg0g0g
Haas – Whole Avocado (Medium), 0.25 whole avocado633g6g1g0mg3mg0g3g
disney – sugar free multivutamins, 2 gummies103g0g0g0mg0mg0g0g
365 Organic – Everyday Value Cage-Free Large Brown Eggs, 2 Egg1402g9g12g370mg130mg0g0g
Trader Joes Fat Free Feta Cheese Crumbles – Feta Cheese Crumbles, 17 g211g0g4g2mg158mg0g0g
Market Pantry – Frozen Blueberries 140 g, 52 g338g0g0g0mg0mg5g1g
Trader Joes – Gluten Free Oatmeal, 1/2 cup uncooked15027g3g6g0mg0mg1g4g
Apple – Honey Crisp Apple – Grams (Rmn), 24 grams123g0g0g0mg0mg2g1g
Trader Joe’s – Organic Whole Green Figs (Frozen), 1 figs339g0g0g0mg0mg8g1g
Meal 2
Silk – Unsweetened Cashew Milk, 8 oz (1 Cup/240ml)251g2g1g0mg160mg0g0g
Visalus Vi-Shape Nutritional Shake Mi – Sweet Cream Flavor, 26 g907g1g12g15mg75mg1g5g
Hershey’s – Cocoa Special Dark Powder, 6 g (1 Tbsp)124g1g1g0mg78mg0g2g
Pb2 – Powdered Peanut Butter, 1.3 tbsp (12g)293g1g3g0mg61mg1g1g
Trader Joe’s – Almond Butter Creamy Unsalted 32 g, 14 g (2tbsp=32g)833g7g4g0mg0mg1g1g
Quaker – Quaker – Instant Oatmeal Plain, 1/2c, 1/4 cup7514g2g3g0mg0mg1g2g
Fruit – Banana (Usda), 15 Grams133g0g0g0mg0mg2g0g
Visalus Nutra Cookie – Chocolate Chip, 1 cookie (40g)15019g6g9g5mg120mg11g6g
Meal 3
Generic – 4 oz White Potato Cooked, 7.8 oz20947g0g5g0mg16mg0g0g
Oikos – Organic Greek Yogurt Plain Fat Free 150 g, 10 g50g0g1g1mg3mg0g0g
Trader Joes – Extra Lean Ground Beef 96/4, 3.8 oz1240g4g21g57mg62mg0g0g
Trader Joe’s Lite Shredded Cheese Blend – Cheese Light, 28 g801g4g8g15mg135mg0g0g
Smart Balance – Buttery Spread Omega-3 (In Grams), 4 g250g2g0g0mg26mg0g0g
Meal 4
Quaker – Quaker – Instant Oatmeal Plain, 1/2c, 0.5 cup15027g3g5g0mg0mg0g4g
Dymatize – Elite Xt Protein Shake – Rich Chocolate, 1 Scoop (34.2g)1308g2g21g15mg210mg4g2g
Trader Joes – Organic Peanut Butter Creamy Salted – Grams, 14 g833g7g4g0mg26mg0g1g
Generic – Banana Raw 28 g, 16 g154g0g0g0mg1mg2g0g
Meal 5
Almonds – Raw 28 Grams, 11 grams642g6g2g0mg0mg0g1g
Trader Joe’s – Raw Brazil Nuts, 1 pieces (30 g)271g3g1g0mg0mg0g0g
Edensoy Organic – Unsweetened Soy Milk, 3 oz (1 cup)452g2g5g0mg2mg1g0g
Meal 6
Trader Joe’s/Trader Ming’s – Chicken Egg Roll, 2 egg roll28040g6g16g30mg900mg4g2g
Trader Joe’s – Tempura Chicken With Sweet & Sour Sauce, 9.5 oz66557g38g28g63mg1,172mg32g3



some views of last two days… I am 28 weeks pregnant – be 29 weeks Friday.


I usually have 1 “shit meal” a day to A. hit my cals and B. to have fun bc I know after baby comes… IT’S GAME ON! and I only allow crap food to be once a weekend or something.

Started to get symptoms of Third Trimester about  a week ago. For those that do not know me I am usually 90 miles an hour..Not “working” ..just 90 miles an hour. “hyper” if you will. I can usually get a lot of things done with deadlines. Usually VERY motivated! wake early, sleep early etc.

I have been taking it EASY with this pregnancy for a few reasons. One, I was told by my  Healthcare provider that if I didn’t slow down, I would miscarry.  Now, I don’t have the same type of energy. I seem to have just enough gas to get me through my top priorities that day. I sleep more! probably about an extra 2 hours a night. I am not “motivated” to take on the world, make sales, build an empire etc etc. THAT bums me out even though I know after he is here that I will be back to feeling normal.


For right now, I am TRULY fascinated at the human body! When I was in transition in school for MA program I wanted to go into maternal and childcare/ultra sound tech bc I thought it was so interesting.

I am just going to get graphic bc we all come from the same source! it’s like tooting. EVERYONE does it!

first thing I am in awe by, is the colostrum! I have always had sensitive breast/nipples so I cringed at the thought of breastfeeding or ANYTHING coming at them wanting to naw! (even if it was Jason Momoa) So one day I notice after a certain activity, that i had this stuff coming out of my boobs/breast! it was the colostrum! which provides super duper antibodies for baby and it’s like the “starting” milk. of course I wanted to taste.. I’ll do that later! and let you know haha. (come on, I know most preggos feel the same way) My mom did not breast feed and I have heard SO many horror stories about it so I was quite thrilled to see that my boobs actually were “working’.

Next! He is growing rapidly! so If you have ever had a UTI you know what the constant urge to pee is like. That happens ever so often. I talk to him and tap.. I tap low and tell him that his head needs to stay there and then i will say that I need him to get off of my bladder and just scoot up so we are both more comfortable. Does it work? has so far. I could give a shit about looking cute! I wear Skips Nike shorts, a top , Labrons and socks with a headband most days unless i have to dress up.


 DO NOT get a prenatal massage! you have to lay on your side ( unless they have a fancy belly hole table) which is so flipping uncomfortable. because when you get a massage, you want to be dead weight..face down! slobbering everywhere you know!? so I wouldn’t get one of those. Pedicure? sure.

Monday was very funny! I wanted to cry.. a few times that day. I did… felt better. I cried because I wasn’t use to the “slow” down mode. 2nd trimester was awesome! now don’t get me wrong, yesterday and today were great. so far it’s 1-3 days a week where you just aren’t up to doing too much. SO DON’T .. I still trained a few clients, tended to the top priority online clients and checked in with Vi.

As of right now, I do what feels good while trying to hit major muscle groups. Legs.. I do NOT do BB squats! my s joints will have me so locked up it’s not even funny! it’s the same pain as when you are an athlete though.. no different.  I am feeling cardio, and swimming when the lanes are open.  I am wanting more healthy food right now. That changed big time. first and 2nd Trimester… WOOO. I was late for client one day because I HAD to go get a biscuit! this go around, I find myself not that hungry  and opting out for more healthy foods vs french fries with every meal. I am Gaining about 1-2 lbs a week so far. I started at 121 and I am at 143. So, I’m thinking I will gain maybe 35? not sure. I sure do feel for people that’s overweight! I feel like the foam roller itself is a workout! The only thing I would say I “struggle with” besides allowing the rest time is the “basic bitch syndrome” the OMG we registered!!!!! baby shower ya me!

I guess it’s partly because I am not girly and have a problem with receiving. I also don’t like attention for things like this. I would let other kids open my gifts at my party and I didn’t like people watching me open Santa gifts.. I GUESS I need to go in for a counsel session for THAT one! I have a couple of showers that people have planned for me. If it were up to me.. I would probably,

  1. not have one or
  2. have one but let people bring whatever they want, ask for diapers, give them some wine and they would be on their way ..

I AM finding out that women LOVE this shit though! SO, I know that when it’s “not me” that’s having the shower. I enjoy going and showering other people. yea yea yea.. I will work on that. I just want to play and hold little Grady.. he doesn’t care about anything or what “theme” his room is. so as you can sense.. I am going to have to work on getting into “mommy mode”  I am so very thankful that was able to conceive and everything has been great! it’s a true gift. I feel for the moms that cannot or the ones that go through hard times with baby. Excited about being a mama girl. bring on the chaos! I always wanted a bug family! this will make 3 kids.. be cool to have 1-2 more so that when I’m old.. I can have HUGE Christmas’s and a bunch of cool grand babies to do grandma stuff with.


image I am attaching photos of my GLUCOSE TEST! it tasted great! like HI-C! and THEN! this white girl got sick! i felt like i was going to have a panic attack then vomit.. I can’t BELIEVE I passed the test! cannot believe it.  I did not get a flu shot. Even though i am going to a Dr’s office. I still don’t agree with modern med. I am seeing only Midwives. sure, I will have drugs or whatever I need so me and the baby are ok on D-day.. all the other crap.. is just crap! same with pediatricians. all of my friends kids are 5 & 7 and have only been once! holistic is the way to go unless of course you need certain types of intervention to save a life.








 I will post my workouts … If you can’t read them, sorry. I wasn’t planning on sharing. Some of the notes are pretty funny. starts at 8-9 weeks and I have today’s workout logged I think.

Monday 9-29(8-9)weeks
A. Rack pull riser.     211. 5×5(135
B. push press.         200.  7,5,3-7,5,3
C. Incline db row.    301. 4×8
D. Net grip db press301 8,6,4,15
E. Cable row           301. 3×8(80)
Pro and felt great.

Tuesday 9-30

Wed 10-1
A.Squats.                211 5×5(95,115,
B.glute bridge smith.     4×8(90,140)
C. Cable pull thru.         4×8(80,100,

Thursday 10-2
A.Close grip pull
       down                   2. 4×6(70,80
B. lat pull rope.           2 4×10(90,100
C. Str8 arm lat.      501. 4×10(50,)
D1.seated military. 201. 3×10(45)
D2.front raise bb.  2.      3×10(girl)
D3. Seated lateral.301.  3×12(8)

Friday 10-3

Saturday 10-4

Sunday 10-5
A. 1.5 squats.                 4×6(45,65)
B. slng rdl box.  &
    Step up.                     4×10-12(15)
B2. Anterior reach.         4×15
C1. Split squat.              3×15(10-15)
C2. X band walk.           3×12

Monday 10-6 sore legs
Rest. Headache but walked

Tuesday 10-7
A. Seated db press 201       4×6-8
B1. Front raise.       2.          4×8
B2.db laterals.        2.          4×10
C. Seated db cleans. 20x.  4×6+2 drops

Wed 10-8 legs
A.Squats low bar     211 5×5(95,120,

Didn’t do.
B.glute bridge smith.     4×8(90,140)
C. Cable pull thru.         4×8(80,100,

Thursday 10-9
A.Rack pull riser.     211. 5×5(135
B. push press.         200.  7,5,3-7,5,3
Did later tired and felt sick. Are sushi today.
C. Incline db row.    301. 4×8
Didn’t do
D. Net grip db press301 8,6,4,15
     25,30,35,15.  30,
E. Cable row           301. 3×8(80)

Friday la fitness.
A.Close grip pull
       down               2. 4×6(85,90,90,
B. lat pull .                  2 4×10(85)
C. Str8 arm lat.      501. 4×10(60.6
D1.seated military. 201. 3×10(45,55

D2.front raise bb.  2.      3×10(10,
D3. Seated lateral.301.  3×12(10)

Monday 10-13
A. Front squats.             4×10(65)
B. leg press.                  4×10(90,180.

Tuesday. 10-14
A. push press.         200.  4×12(45,55
55,65,70- 70,75,90
A2. Face pulls.                  4×15(60,70

Wednesday 10-15
C. Incline db row.    301. 4×8
D. Net grip db press301 8,6,4,15
     25,30,35,15.  30,
E. Cable row           301. 3×8(80)

D.glute bridge smith.     4×8(90,140)

Thursday 10-16
A squats smith atg.       4×10(50)
B.leg press.                   4×10(3,5)
C. Glute bridge smith.  4×8(160)

Friday 10-17
Smith press                  4×10,10,10,8
Front raise
Rear delts

Saturday 10-18
Wu lat pull down
Deads.     185

Sunday   Mountain

Monday. Rest
Tuesday 10-21-14
Calf 20
push press.         200.  4×12(45,55
55,65,70- 70,75,90
Db press
Bb press
Front raise
Rear delts

Wed 10-22
Squats.                211 5×5(95,115,
B.glute bridge smith.     4×8(90,140)
C. Cable pull thru.         4×8(80,100

Thursday 10-23
A.Military press.          3×10 45,65,65
B1.Pull-up.(band)          3×8-
B2. Incline skull crusher 3×8 45
C1.side lateral

Friday. Nonthkng. Sore as shit. Tricep

Saturday Anna 10-25
Squats               45,95,115,135×3

Sunday rest. Sore! Inner thigh and leg

Monday 10-27
A. Rack pull riser.     211. 5×5(135
Didn’t feel like it

A. Cable Row.          12,10,(70,80,90
Rack pulls.                  135
B. strict press.            8,(45,45,45)8
C. Incline db press.   8-10(25
D1. Lat pull down.     8-10(80
D. Net grip db press301 8,6,4,15

Thursday hiit stairclimber

Friday 10-31
Shoulder lateral machine 4×12/10/8
Hammer shoulder press. 4×10 45/25/35
C1Front incline raise db 4×10 (10)
C2bent lat raise.             4×1″(10-15)
10 min hiit

Sat. 11-1
Leg extension.        N.    3×10(70-90)
Squat. Low bar.             3×8-6(95,115)
Calfs.                             4×15-25(150-200
Hip abductor

Sunday. Yoga

Monday 11-3
A.Incline Press
     2 sets of 8 reps, 1 set to failure            (10-20 reps)
 B. Seated Dumbbell Press
        3 sets of 12 reps(15,20,20,25)
 C1.Weighted Bench Dips
        3 sets of 12 reps
 C2.Front raise (15)
       3 sets of 12 reps

Tuesday 11-4
A. Bb rows.  2×8 then amap 75-12
B. pull-ups w band  3×12
C. Cable row.  3×12 3×11(90)

Wed off. Sore ass. Chest lats

Thursday. 11-6
A.Squats low bar riser square n stool
B.lunges. Db.   3×12 (8)
C1. Sngle press.3×12  (45)
C2. Calf raise angle lp 3×12(45)
C3. Side leg kicks 3×15

Friday rest

Saturday 11-8
A.Incline Press
     3×8(45,65) 1×3(85)
A2. Lat pull down (60,70,80)
 B. Seated Dumbbell Press
        3 sets of 12 reps(25)
 C. Weighted Bench Dips
        3 sets of 12 reps
 D. 45 angle bb press (45)3×10

Sunday rest. Bojangles

Monday  11-10 workout anytime
A.Incline Press db
(25,30,35) 3×12/8/6
A2. Rear delt fly db
B1. lat bi angular
(50,90,110,110) 3×8
B2.  Seated Dumbbell Press
 C1.Weighted Bench Dips
 C2.v bar press down & bb curl
 1×10(50) 1×6(45)

Tuesday 11-11-14 workout anytime
A1. Atg squats 3×8 (45,65,65)
A2. Rdl 3×8(45,65,65)
B1. Squat machine (0)1×8
B2. Leg extension 2×8(55)
B3. Leg curl.          2×8(30)
C1. Assisted pull-up
     Sngle leg step
     Down.                2×8(60)
C2. Good morning 3×8(45)

Wed 11-12 walk 25 min on treadmill

Thursday. 11-13. Yoga
Friday. Rest

Saturday 11-15
A.incline press (45,55,65) 3×8
B.  Bb rows.  (45,65,75)3×8
    1×5 deads. (95)
C. Front squat. (65)2×5-6
D1.face pull (48,60)
D2 standing calf raise (50)3×10 hold at top
E1. Assisted dip(50)
E2 dips
Sunday 11-16
Rest burger patty half quesadilla and Waffle House steamed
Almost passed out in church

Monday 11-17
A. Rear delt (55)53×10
B. across body cable 1 arm row
C. Lat pull down (60)3×10
D. Cable row. (36,48)3×10
E. Shoulder raise. (10)3×10
Wed- 2 sets legs walk

Thursday. 11-20
Shoulder machine. (20)3×10
Good morning (45,65)3×8
Atg squat (65)1×1
Pull-up 2×3
Bicep curl 1×8

Friday 11-21
A. Deads (45,65,85,95)3×8
B1.Db row (25,30)
B2.Db Arnold (15,20)

Monday 11-24 coconut water before. Bp 81/42
A.Rear fly a db (8)
B. Incline (45,55,65,65)3×8
C. Smith press (10,20,50,)

Tuesday 11-25 cardio
Treadmill 15%

Wed 11-26
A. Cable row (48,60,72,84,96,108)
B. lat pull down (84,96,108,96)
C. 45 degree row (12,15)3×12
C2. Inverted row 3×12

Thursday. Row machine 500 meters
A. Lat raise standing single arm(15,20,25) 3×10-8
B. shoulder press machine cable
C1. Curl machine (40)& ez curl added (10)
C2. Dips (bw) 4×10
D. To failure db press (20,12) 1×15?

Friday 11-
Warmup good morning and rdl (45)
A. Old lady leg press (85,100,115,130,145)4×8 2 way w carol
Leg extension 2×6 (70)
Incline walk
Saturday 11-29
Legs not really
Sunday 11-30
Incline skull crusher
Bicep curl front db

Monday 12-1 legs
A. Squats. Low bar
B. rdl
C. Calf raise seated

12-2 off
12-3 back Waffle House
A.Cable row (72,72,84)4×8-10
B. lat pull down (84,96,108)4×8
C. Cable load overhand row machine
12-4 shoulders. J Christopher. Johnny’s last night
Rear fly db (8,10)3×10
A. 45 degree row (12,15,20,25)4×10
B. db shoulder press (25,30)3×8-10
C. Db row (50)2×8
D. Lat machine (20,30,32.5)4×10

12-10 kettle bell warm up walk .85 mikes
12-11 chicken fingers wedges
A. Rear felt fly machine (50) 3×10
B. incline bench (45,65) 4×8
 C. Pumps assisted (50) 4×10
C. Walk mile.

A. Rdl (45,65,95,115) 4×8
B. cable kick back 12,30)3×10
C. Bands for glutes
D. Walk.
12-15 Monday la fitness
A. Shoulder press machine. (50,70)
B. seated cable row (27.5,35) 4×10
C. Incline 45 row (15,20) 4×10
D. Seated lat machine (20,30)4×10
Walk this am .70 miles

12-16 walk .8
Row machine 3:28 20-24 spm 500
A High row (50,70)
A1. Leg press calf raise (90)
4×10 +1 lp

12-17 3:53 22-24 spm 500 felt tired
A. Glute bridge. Smith (50,70,90)4×10
B. leg press (90,180)
4×10 wide

12-18 3:39 18spm 74 strokes
          3:23. 20spm 68 strokes
          3:32. 18spm 71 strokes
12-19 la Friday walk wu .20
A. Incline press
B. db press (30)4×8
C. Assisted chins (60,50) 3×10
D. Rear delt (55,70)3×8

Started science of getting rich
12-20 la Saturday cookies last night and biscuit
Walk 0-4% .35
A. Rdl. (65,85,95)4×8
B. calf raise on squat machine cable
C. Walking lunges
D. Calf raises

12-22-14 Monday pissy pants
fitness shoulders/lats
A. Shoulder press machine. (50,70)
B. seated cable row (27.5,35) 4×10
C1.Lateral machine (30)8,8,(35)8
C2. Lat pull down (70)10,10(85)8
D. Tricep dips. 8,8

Tuesday walk .70 mikes

Wed 12-24 anytime legs
A1. Squats (45)3×10
A2. Rdl (9)3×10
B1. Leg extension 3×8-10
B2 standing single calf raise 3×12
B3. Kickback(0)3×10

Thursday 12-25 nothing!

Friday 12-26 1.57miles walk
A1. Assisted band pull-ups 4×5
A2. Incline bench (45,65,75)3×8
B1. Trx row 4×10
B2. push-ups on bench. 4×10
C1.bb shoulder press single throw.
C2. Lateral raise (8,10,10)3×10
D1. Db curl (10)1×10
D2. Dips on bench(bw) 1×10

Saturday 12-27 home
A1. Smith glute bridge (135)8
A2. Rdl w calf raise (45,65,85)3×8
B. Trx squats 3×10
C. Sled pull. Front and backwards. (45) 5x
Walk 1mile 17:45 431 pm

Sunday off! Nothing! 12-28-14

Monday 12-29 my gym
A. Push press (65)3×6
 One set of good am with (10)
B1. Seated shoulder press
      Smith.      (20) 3×10
B2. Pull-up (bw 2 &assisted) 3×5
B3. Face pull (60,70)3×10

Tuesday 12-30 la fitness 7:30pm
A1. Squats. (45,55,65,65)
A2. Squat bar calf raise ↕️10
B1. Hack squat (0) 3×10
B2. Lunge/glute bridge no wt 3×10
C.  Cable kick back on 4’s(10-15)3×10
D1. Hip abductor (75-80)2×10
D2. Kick back machine (65-70)2×10
Walk cool down 5 min
Wed la fitness 12-31
A. Pull-ups assisted. (80)25
B1. Smith push-up 3×10
B2. Smith n ball pull-up 3×5
C1. Nice curl ez (40,
C2. V bar press down (27.5)3×10

Thursday 1-1-15
Nothing. Moved 3 closets and painted.

Friday 1-2-15 la fitness shits packed
A1.  Leg press (90,180,200,230)4×8
A2. Leg press calf raise (“)10
B. rdl. (45,95,65,65)x8
C. Cable kick back (15)3×10
D. Hip abductor (85,100)

Saturday 1-3-15
Deads (85,85,105)5
Group workout

Sunday 1-4-15

Monday 1-5
My gym
B. leg press(2+plates) 3×10
C. Trx squats 3X10

Tuesday 1-6
A. Rear delt machine (55,70)3×8
B. shoulder press machine (50,55)3×10
C. Military press bb (45,55)
D. 2 negatives then lat pull down (100,85)8 cramp so lowered

Wed 1-7

Thursday 1-8
Yoga 20 min

Friday 1-9  my gym
A. Rdl(45)3×10
B. cable kick back bench(14)3×10
C. Leg press 1×10 ouch back
D. Trx squats 2×10
E. Leg extension (30,50)3×10
F. Seated leg curl (40)x10
G. Hip abductor (75)3×10 fuck gosh damn a joints
Massage and burger/fries

Saturday 1-10-15
La fithes
A. Assured pull-up (70)3×10
A2.  Assisted dips(70)3×10
B. seated cable row (27.5)3×10

Sunday 1-11-15
A. Row 4min. 17stm
Walk 1 mile

Monday 1-12-15 dr zevia
A. Leg press (90,180)4×10
B1. Leg extension (30)3×10
B2 seated leg curl (45,55)3×15
C. Quad kick back (7.5)x12
Walk .65

Tuesday 1-13-15 dr zevia feel good. A joint still effed
A. Deads sumo (65)3×8
B. Military press standing(50)3×8
C. High lat pull plate loaded(45)3×10
D1. Push-ups on cable row 3×5
D2 seated cable row (35)3×10
Walk. 0% 8min 10% 6Min 15% 1 min 5.8

Wed 1-14-15
Chiro. Hurting.  Gym.
2 sets of bicep curl on cable and tricep across body pull down
Bird dog 3×10
Walk .29
Stretch.  Tired

Thursday 1-15
A. calf raise on seated leg press
B. Squats cable machine (37.5,42.5,47.5,52.5)x10
C. Back extension machine (55,70)4×10
D1. Leg extension x10 easy
D2. Leg curl (55,70,8
D3. Hip thrust (bw)4×10

Friday 1-16
A. Bent over db fly (5)3×10
B. Shoulder press. Plate load (50,60,70)4×8-10
C. Close grip pull down (85)3×10
D. Lat pull down (85)3×10
E. Seated row machine (60)3×10 each

Saturday. Nothing

Sunday 1-18-15 swimming 20 min

Monday 1-19-15
Off nada

Tuesday. 1-20-15
A. Calf raise cable lp (110)15,(130)12(150)12
B. back extension (70)3×10
C. Leg extension (55)3×10
D. Rdl (45,65)3×8-10
E. Leg press (2,3,4plates) 4×10
F. Leg curl seated (55)3×10

Wed 1-21-15 sore
A. Lat pull down (55,70,85)3×8-10
B. rear delt fly machine (70)3×8
C. Db press (20)3×10
D1.Lateral raise (10)3×10
D2. Dips(bw)3×10
E. Cable row (27.5)3×10

Thursday 1-22
Nada legs hurt from doing nothing

Friday 1-23
A. Leg press (4plts) 3×8-10
B. leg press seated (110)3×10
B2. Leg press seated calf raise (110)3×12
C. Leg curl standing (15) 3×10

Saturday 1-24 my gym
A. Standing military press (45)4×8
B1. Smith push-up (6thrung)3×10
B2. Trx row 3×12
C1. Seated cable row (60,70,80,90)x10-12
C2. Ankle weights quad kick backs/abductors lateral raise 4×15
D. Incline press (45,55,65)

Sunday 1-25
Walk incline 15min
A. Assisted pull-ups (80)5×10
B. sumo deads (45) 5×10
C. Shoulder press sngl bar(45)1×10
D. Push-ups (squat rack) 5×10
Monday 1-26
Stairclimber 15 min level 3

Tuesday 1-27  legs home gym
A. Leg press (1,2,3,4plates)x10
B. glute bridge (65)1×10 then (bw)2×10
C. Sumo rdl (65)2×12
D1 Trx/cable squats 2×10
D2. Db combo move (10)2×8
Done blah!

Wed 1-28 la. Sore hams coffee
A. Face pulls (27.5)3×10
B. incline press (45,55,65)4×6-8
C. Shoulder press plate loaded(90)3×6-8
D. row plt loaded  (90,110,120)4×10-12
E. Inverted row (bw)3×10
F. Dips bench 1×10

Thursday 1-29 nada

Friday 1-30
A1. Back extension machine (60,70,80)3×10
A2. Kick back standing (bw)3×13
B. seated leg curl (55,70)3×10

Saturday 1-31 nada
Sunday 2-1-15

Tuesday legs my gym
A. Lunges 1×12
B. leg press(2-3plt) 2×10
C. Rdl (65)3×10
D. Kick backs (20)3×10
Made back hurt

Wed 2-4 la  shoulder/back
Row 550m 4:23
A. Back extension machine (70,85)3×10
B1.at pull down (85,90,
B2. Cable row (70,86,100)
C. Db shoulder press (25,30)3×8-10
D1. Db lat raise (20)2×8
D2. Dips bench 2×10

Thursday 2-5 active rest
Rdl (65)1×10
Dynamic warmup
Push-up smith 1×10
Walk neighborhood w Murphy. Little circle.

Friday 2-6 legs la
A1. Back extension (87)
A2. Calf raise (170)
B. hip abductor
C1. Leg extension
C2. Leg curl seated (55)4×10
D. Lunges

Sat n sun. Nothing!

Monday 2-9 feel like doodoo
La sprayberry.
A rear delt machine (50)3×10
B. shoulder press (50)3×10
Walk for 10 min treadmill

Tuesday 2-10
Stairclimber 15 min of interval. 3 &7.5.  30 sec and 90 sec
Row machine. 500 meters
1 set assisted pull up (70)1×10
C1.bar press down (22.5,27)3×12
C2.bicep curl cable (22.5)3×10
Wed 2-11
A. Push press (45)3×10
B. seated db press (20) 3×12
C. Seated cable (27.5)3×10
D. Pull-up assisted (70)3×10
Walk incline 15%and 7% then row but started cramping

NO fluff, NO bs, no strict fad diets

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