30-34 weeks fit pregnancy






I am 34 weeks pregnant. It is a Thursday night and I have on double divas in back ground. I usually pop on netflix while i break and eat.. Never heard of the show but I know the store is in kennesaw ( where I live) so I wanted to see.

So far.. Sunday’s.. I am worthless. Still manage to get things done however, Sunday and Monday seems to be the worse low energy days. My best day is Thursday so far. during the week, I am ok. caffeine helps work miracles! I do about 50-100 mgs and get it from green tea, visalus products or coffee half and half.

When you get pregnant.. First trimester, you will get a little unmotivated maybe sleepy a couple of days a week.

Second trimester, you feel kind of normal, slightly more motivated yet you still need a tad bit more rest than if you were not building a baby.

Third is like first except more symptoms as you get bigger. I make SURE.. well that’s a lie. I TRY to  get in 1 hour of complete rest which means. NO PHONE, NO PC, NO WORK. just couch and tv or bed. I got a little scared earlier in bc I could tell I wasn’t resting enough and baby felt my anxiety so my Reiki healer said I needed 4 hours a day or the doc would put me on bed rest. I had a few weeks where my clients had to lift everything for me.  Most of them understand. I know I would. It’s hard for me because I am miss Independent and don’t a DAMN person “helping me” lol

I probably could have milked this pregnancy a little more. Maybe not? who knows. I can tell you that being a fitness pro beforehand has truly been my saving grace! I don’t see how ANY woman goes through childbirth and doesn’t workout.

competing gets you use to working while dog tired.You are use to not drinking and being socially detached  vs going to bed at 3 am after strip club and bar.  It teaches you how to work and not bitch and complain bc YOU chose to compete just like I CHOSE to have a baby!

Pretty pumped to see what a mind trip labor will be!

I still follow my same workouts. horizontal push pull and anterior posterior workout. They are very light. 30 min max.. heavy weight upper body and bodyweight, stairclimber and maybe 40-45 lbs on lower. Found a great chiro and he has helped a TON with my S joints! Acworth Wellness if you want to know.


Thee pic on left is on stage of course then the side pic is me at 33 weeks I think or 32 weeks?

I had to flex really hard to get the tricep to pop out.









The Vilocity pic is a FREE group workout I started. part time or since pregnant, half of part time if that qualifies,  I promote Project 10 and use Vi products . It made sense to me to partner with them because of ALL the people That Could stand to get healthy knowing they couldn’t eat like my clients or myself do. Whats cool is Vilocity…The workout.. is free and I am compensated when anyone wants to get more out of the workouts and gets on a plan. every time they lose 10 lbs or gains 10 lbs of muscle. the company donates 90 meals to a local child in need. It’s been a rebirth to my group fitness passion. I forgot how fun I use to have with a group. Be sure to follow my page to find out when the next free one is. If you aren’t local.. they have them everywhere. I just won’t be there 🙂 I am doing them every two weeks until My babe comes.












Next pic is me…. TIRED as #uck ! sometimes, during a plan or client email. out of nowhere if i haven’t rested.. I will get so sleepy! so I listen. In the past, i would blow it off and end up almost passing out and feeling bad! so, i surrendered to the babe! he runs the show! Prob around 30-31 weeks













starting at 30 weeks – is the pregnancy tea. It has raspberry leaf and helps my uterus get stronger. the benefits are really cool if you look them up.
















next picture is a probitotic coconut water i found ( no added sugar) and it served its purpose! I could tell it packed a punch. probiotics have been the key to my healing and health. then, that was me at 31-32 weeks. 7 months i think. Oh , and the cookie dough.. it only taste good if you are a skinny bitch I think. Like, use to really lean foods. bc I bought more and I was not in diet mentality… it tasted like butt hole. It’s so interesting to watch how the baby is. I can totally tell how his appetite and food choices he will pick by what I want. He wants real food! real sugar, not fake.. real fried fish.. real stuff where as when I was competing.. I thought walden farms and artic zero was God’s gift to earth.










Me at the waffle house still keeping it lean. steak, egg and egg whites cooked in spray, hashbrowns steamed and grits for dessert 🙂











this probiotic on the left is the JAM! i will be using this while i breastfeed! It is cultured milk from a type 2 cow! from beyond organic website. I have to add stevia.. who cares. you can tell you just feel stronger.. immunity wise with this stuff! wheat grass I use occasionally. It’s great for detoxing the blood. and boosting immunity.












next pic is my first shower. NOW THIS WAS FUNNY and sooo sweet! let me tell you. Growing up in Felton ( small community in Buchanan GA) everybody knows everybody. My mawmaw was a hair stylist when I was growing up. She just HAS retired *bc her hands stopped working) lol . My pawpaw’s 1 st cousin Miss Estelle ( who is 90yrs old) called one day SO EXCITED and wanted to throw me a baby shower! I haven’t spoken to her in YEARS! I wondered for days.. Why? why? it was hard for me to accept. I didn’t talk to anyone from school really except for facebook. all my close friends were where I live now so I told her I didn’t know who to invite.

 I showed up almost pissed because I was going to be late if I had to change clothes. ( I had a nice outfit in the car) the outfit in the pic is me coming straight from a group workout that I was already feeling VERY tired from.

Skip said.. SHUT UP and just go like you are. so I did. They didn’t care.. ALL The ladies from Junes beauty shop ( my mawmaw) was there.. all the women I grew up listening to and shampooing were all there happy as could be. and a lot of my family members on the Addison side.  I love older people, So this was a blast for me. Estelle can COOK! her food was delicious she had all the trimmings. little games, punch, and awww a little corsage! how sweet! It was a real tradition shower. What is CRAZY is that My babes theme and other shower is “hey diddle diddle” blue with farm cow. and Estelle had a tea set of hey diddle diddle without even knowing about his theme! she was also very close to my grand dad (pawpaw)so I feel like he had a hand in it from the other side. LOOK how big and round my belly My face looks a little swollen too! If I don’t keep that water intake up high.. I swell fast. 










The pic of fried fish is a funny story.. I LOVE CAPTAIN D’s I bet the last time I had captain d’s was in 2007.

I had what you see in the pic and yum.. it was great!










This Is what happens in the am’s. Skip and the dogs sleep in. Murphy comes to say Hi when HE feels like it and Donut is always wanting attention.












 FOOD and Casey.- Did a 30 min leg workout. and had some good food!






Check out this  redo of a dresser into console using graphite Annie Sloan and dark mixed with clear wax.

The one I wanted or liked cost 1899! this is about 250 total maybe bc We had the wax.

Most of our house is free or old furniture redone in Annie Sloan. saves a TON of money and adds major character!













THIS Glider chair/ottoman! was amazing! I will probably use even when babies are older! I use to roll my eyes about going into babies r us and baby shopping. That third trimester hits..next thing you know, you wanna go shop all the stores, get everything and park in the expecting mothers parking spot! Not because I’m tired.. Something naure-istic kicks in. 













I have been sleeping better because I prop up vs laying on side with the noogle pillow. I have noticed that standing in my bathroom or shower makes my legs hurt.. It’s a lower leg thing. I work from home so I lay on couch and work. Helps a TON and I want to encourage you…. invest in training or SOMETHING and find a job where you can work from home. You may like the corporate gig. Been there done that and it’s not my cup of tea. at least with corporate job you get PAID TIME OFF! so hey, both has blessings. I use to want to be a nurse because of the scrubs lol.

Babe is so big that he can’t move like he use to .. he just hiccups and moves his butt, feet and hands.. not much flipping. I am so excited to share my photoshoot that we did yesterday!

I need to get in bed bc I have an early client and a therapy session with Allyson Roberts soon after with clients after that and then travel out of town for an overnight and all day show that My girl Sanquenette is doing.

See ya soon! 

NO fluff, NO bs, no strict fad diets

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