Casey’s Flog

Meal 5..Tilapia on the foreman grill, peppers, onions and green beans w coconut oil.  seasoned w sea salt, pepper, cayenne, ms dash. meal 1 on refeed day! aunt J pancakes and sugar free syrup (no I didnt eat all of them) Meal 1 refeed day from above ;0)    YUMM freckin...
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Casey’s Food

I take a few sips before i eat to help with absorption and digestion!  aloe juice the wonderful low sugar whole wheat bread, boars head sandwich meat and snack crackers!  I was wanting a sandwich as one of my meals for refeed and it was very satisfying. meal 6 my...
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My Food

I will try and make pics of my food and explain why I eat them as part of my prep for the Worlds Aug 25th in Canada! I love eating! I also like to cook.. It's therapeutic to me. The first pic Is my 6th meal of the day. Usually...
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Friday 13th 2012 good ol time

Today has been a chill day. It's storming and I am watching episodes of Charmed! . Started my day with our "ninje" workouts. We do different things every workout. This am we did sledge hammer hits, pullups, farmer walks, sit ups and dug holes with post hole diggers. My body...
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High Vibrations

  High Vibrations   29 Jun 2012   Some of you know that I am spiritual. I practice meditation daily and study. I want to share with you a few things. You have probably heard of “good vibrations” yes Marky Mark sings about it hahah. In the spiritual dimension, negative...
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Meditation and Fathers Day

  Meditation and Fathers Day   17 Jun 2012   Today started off pretty good. I usually meditate for about 15 min every morning.. Today my meditation lasted 45 minutes!. I have had a lot on my mind, which translates to "My ego is struggling with letting go". Most people...
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