What’s up? I wanna go over something really quick. Look, and this may have been, gee, this may ruffle some feathers, but hey, that’s why I’m here. That’s why I’m here. To get you informed. Bring Light to the situation, and to hopefully provoke you to think a little differently or at least be open to new ideas about your health. I get a lot of people..well, women.. well, women and men with a certain type of  energy that believes this thing where, “you’re just skinny or your genetics are good and I HAVE to do cardio every day to get lean and blah, blah, blah, blah. And these people do cardio year round. WTF!? Like, look, I mean I even say it, our hmzfitness_  on  Instagram – if going on vacation gives you anxiety or you think you need cardio to get lean. You’re, you’re on the wrong diet”  and if you think like this.. please  contact us for help.

I want to clarify a few things.  In Casey we  specialize in helping women typically, and men too. But men are a lot easier than women to, to, to fix, to repair on the insight. You know, women go through a lot and we really specialize in getting a woman help the, again, whether it’s her hormones, um, you know, getting your metabolism up, building it with food and proper exercise. Now here’s, here’s the typical thing. And we also do competition prep and Bikini prep. I’m not, that’s not my niche. What is, it’s easy to do. Um, we do offer that, but the majority is, we specialize in pretty much the hard cases were way more than a trainer of the surface level shit of eat some chicken and asparagus and do some cardio and 15 squats.

You know what I mean? So typically what coaches do is they prescribe a plan, a meal plan. It is not even custom. They’ll say it’s custom, but it’ll still be an ounces. There’s no food rotation in there. There’s no food testing done to see if the individual has sensitivities to it. But it’s just not about that. Um, so we’re, we’re holistic in the sense of Diet and training and all that. So typical coaches do that. They give a blanket, a program, it’s a, I call it a “bro” program where anytime you see a isolation day, which means a bicep tricep day & 3 oz chicken and sweet potato usually is a dead giveaway of a bro  program. Do people benefit from those? Absolutely. I mean, people benefit from crossfit workouts. So I’m not, I’m not saying to just do one thing. I’m just telling you a little bit more to provoke thought so you can learn and learn, dig around and learn some more things.

Ooh, we could go so many ways here. So they give that workout program. first of all, isolation moves. Typically for the woman we work with, less is more. You don’t need to be doing an orange theory type of classes. You don’t need to be doing a crossfit plus hit plus running all these miles and you know, eating salads, you don’t need to be doing that!-  less is more. If you’ll focus on the type of lifting that stimulates hormones, squats, dead lifts, you know, you can just Google hormone response,  exercises that promote the best hormone response for fat loss. Simple Google search will tell you that. science. So those things and then we’ll try to taper off the cardio.  we changed each element slowly. It’s like I’m a medical doctor. When they give you a prescription, they’re not going to give you five prescriptions for your condition.

They’re going to start with one. They’re not going to change a bunch of elements cause we need a control group. So we get the woman in here or the person, the case individual and we’ll start taking away, cardio we will lower the volume, we will address their hormones. We work with team of doctors that specialize in looking in depth oh the hormone panel. we also do allergy testing. They all kind of stuff, right? So we factor that in. We make a meal plan based on your body.  And what we think that you’re going to need first. And then we reverse diet, So  the client gets better results. They not only feel better, but they get leaner with let less effort than what they were doing. That’s not the answer for all honest.

And I’m not saying that’s what it takes. I’m just saying if you depend on cardio everyday, you probably have a compensatory type of behavior where you’re doing that cardio to offset bad food choices, and to punish yourself in some sort of way because you know? more… more is better and we’re going to grind it out. ummm. I’m about working smarter, not harder. And that’s where all these women getting to doing these things and wonder why the thyroid doesn’t work and they can’t shit and they don’t want to have sex. That’s fine. and you can’t like the way you hold fat. We know how to put certain exercises together in the program to target hormone response to chew off that fat around your legs. That never leaves. There’s ways to do that and it doesn’t happen overnight. Usually those clients need to commit at least a year with us and commit to what we do.

NO fluff, NO bs, no strict fad diets

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