Casey’s Flog


Meal 5..Tilapia on the foreman grill, peppers, onions and green beans w coconut oil.  seasoned w sea salt, pepper, cayenne, ms dash.


meal 1 on refeed day! aunt J pancakes and sugar free syrup (no I didnt eat all of them)


Meal 1 refeed day from above ;0)    YUMM freckin EEE


Meal 2,3 some 4 for refeed day… my personal pizza (recipe on, jello cheesecake and choc mousse with protein shake and hersheys chocolate  I LIKE chocolate.. big deal


I have sushi once a week! it’s my fav carb load or cheat meal  .  I normally do not eat the fried rolls.  I love nigri and any roll with salmon.. I usually ask for no avocado or cream cheese) however, I could eat my body weight in the ginger salads


Meal 1… egg whites, peppers, onions, spinach, fresh salsa, oats, cocoa nibs, bluberries, seasoned w what you see above 🙂 and stevia extract


Meal 2 and 3… shake with choc syrup, and plain rice cakes.. meal 3 plain ol chicken and mashed sweet potatoes w cinnamon and pumpkin pie spice


Refeed cereal choices… I LOVE PUFFINS!  I tried reese puffs and captain crunch but thought it tasted to artificial compared to puffins or moms best.  I like the natural version 🙂


PWO … Cinnamon raisin bagel with my shake of course


Meal 3.  Your basic bodybuilding meal, brocc, green beans, mashed sweet potatoes w cinnamon and pumpkin pie spice w chicken.  (I guess mustard is abnormal)


Meal 4..I have been really enjoying tilapia lately!  grapefruit ( I get pissed when i buy RED grapefruit! cut them open to find out they r  PINK) anywho…brocc, green beans and mustard!.  I always take a swig of Raw organic apple cider vinegar before carb meals w my digestive enzymes and lean out 🙂


Meal 5  chicken (seasoned), green beans, fish oil caps and coconut oil


Meal 6 … romaine w raw organic apple cider vinegar and ms dash , tilapia, green beans and avocado (Im serious about craving fish) haha


Had these during my workout! yes I turned into superwoman after these.


LOVE drinking this before bed! it makes me sleepy


Meal 1..wanted to switch it up a bit so I had shredded hashbrowns, egg whites w peppers, onions, seasoning, mustard.  I will prob stick with some type of Oat bc I did notice a dip in energy after the white potatoes.


NO fluff, NO bs, no strict fad diets

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