Casey’s Food

I take a few sips before i eat to help with absorption and digestion!  aloe juice cf1

the wonderful low sugar whole wheat bread, boars head sandwich meat and snack crackers!  I was wanting a sandwich as one of my meals for refeed and it was very satisfying. meal 6


my low carb day.  It’s wheat bran w blueberries, Stevie and pumpkin pie spice, egg whites, shiitake mushroom, spinach, grapefruit and no sugar added salsa.

cf3black beans,Brown rice, tilapia, mustard, hot sauce, brocc and brussel sprouts.  meal 3cf4KOOL AID  this is my go to fun drink.  i add glutamine, crushed ice and stevia!  really helps the mind while dieting cf5

Meal 6 ..lean ground beef, mustard of course, brussel sprouts & brocc for fighting fat on hips! and avocado for my fat.  cf6

Black beans, sirloin, mustard and green veggie ( I think this was my 4th meal) cf7

This is a small portion bc I was hungry at 6am.  I split my bfast into two parts.  shiitake, fresh salsa, spinach, egg whites, fat free cheddar cheese,  oats and cocoa nibs with cinnamon and stevia! I love the cocoa nibs. they r a superfood filled with antioxidants. cf8

This is what I had for post workout, choc almond milk, cookies n cream isolate and chocolate rice cakes (yea im hormonal, so choc is good right now)cf9


NO fluff, NO bs, no strict fad diets

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