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SOO many things I love about Fall.  This is one of the things that i love.  BUTTERNUT SQUASH! I haven’t eaten a lot of sweet potatoes. They seem to bloat me.  I can eat butternut squash and pumpkin though.  I love eating a big bowl of pumpkin with shredded unsweetened coconut flakes or walnuts, berries, pumpkin pie spice and stevia extract for my last meal of the day. Lots of fiber. I get more food for less cals. I am ALL ABOUT THAT!  100grams of baked butternut squash has 45 cals and 11 carbs.  has fiber and high in  vitamin A for immunity and anti oxidants.  gotta keep the anti oxidants high in a time with high toxicity.


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Apple Cider Vinegar is full of enzymes and good bacteria. It contains acetic acid which has been shown to lower blood pressure up to 6%. It can also help eat up the starches if you do eat grains in your diet. (I use Bragg – Apple Cider Vinegar)

Lemon juice helps balance blood sugar and has an alkaline effect on your body helping to regulate ph. It contains, Vitamin C.

Cinnamon is one of the best anti-oxidants on the planet. It is the number one herb/spice for balancing blood sugar.

Cayenne Pepper has been shown to drop blood pressure, increase metabolism.

Stevia Extract is an all natural sweetener made from the stevia plant and it is a great replacement for any artificial sweeteners.

I do this when I feel kind of run down.  It’s the first thing I do in the am instead of coffee or tea.  I do this as long as my body tells me. usually about 3-5 days.


Grocery run – went to whole foods this go around bc they have low fat no sugar added turkey andioulle sausage.  Im sure i misspelled that haha. I like to plan my cheat meal before going to the store. I wanted slaw dogs, so I found the turkey andouille and shazamm. I buy beans! I like them for carbs. I cook in the crock pot. I have some Shiitake mushrooms. very healing and good for thyroid, i buy frozen veggies mostly. I will either cook in a large dish or just microwave. ( I know microwaves r bad) .  I love cabbage as you know. I bought this for my slaw. no sugar added peanut butter for fat /protein source.  I wanted to try the coconut spread and WOW it’s good. oats, unsweetened almond milk. chocolate is great. natural shampoo. PUMPKIN. this certain brand taste best to me.  I am looking into buying a chest freezer and making a years worth of mashed pumpkin.  Not wild about eating from cans


I also buy frozen fruit. when i want it.. its usually in my oats.  I add them in my hot oats and it thaws without the microwave. I LOVE my unsweetened shredded coconut flakes. great fat source. I bought a big ol container of cracked black pepper.  I love seasoning. I will mix light laughing cow cheese, pepper, salt, garlic, sugar free bbq sauce, sundried tomatoes and meat all together in my oatmeal and yummmm.  I bought some terra chips to go with my slaw dogs. 🙂  i could eat the whole bag in one sitting. BUT I didn’t


Made these for a friends bday party.  It’s visalus protein. 2 heaping scoops, 1/4 cup fat free plain greek yogurt, enough water to get pudding consistency, 1.5 mashed bananas (mash before adding to the pudding), place cupcake liners in pan and add 1 reduced fat nilla wafer on bottom , add pudding (about 1 large tbsp), top with another nilla wafer, freeze and remove when hard.  They thaw fast. if thy thaw too much, they will be messy. I haven’t nailed the time down yet. but they were damn good.


ahh this is so good.  2 slices toasted ezekiel bread, 1.5 oz tuna, about 2 oz avocado, sea salt, pepper, walnuts mixed together as a spread (I alternate btwn avocado and greek yogurt) , steamed cabbage, mustard and grilled eggplant.  that’s my fav stevia extract, crushed ice and KOOL AID! in the cup.


meal 6!!! pumpkin with pumpkin pie spice, stevia extract, steamed cabbage, egg plant, green beans, Brussel sprouts, toasted Ezekiel bread with 1 tsp pnut butter, onions and peppers, sauerkraut , chicken breast, salt and pepper.  hey i was hungry.


really dig eggplant cooked this way.  i cut em.. place them on the george foreman grill, sea salt and pepper.  good good good


me making the wonderful vein self portrait. haha. I am proud of my little ken barbie doll obliques.  I used to see the singer PINK on tv and think omg she has those things! haha.

I am in week 4 of my posterior chain specialization program.  squats are going up. i did 185 at parallel bc i was being a pussy.  I know I could get 225!!! we shall see.  I weight 112. I did 5 sets of 5-8 reps of squats.  next week i will go up in weight.  sometimes I wanna say hell with the plan.  I wanna do squats this way or add this exercise. BUT…. I KNOW i must follow my plan.  doing maybe 40 min cardio a week. IF that.  training 5 days a week. getting two cheat meals a week. I look in the mirror and just want to start taking steroids so I can hurry up and look like a bad ass jacked figure model. haha I know PATIENCE and TIME!.  I see how far I have come in 3 years. I guess I can wait it out. Ask me tomorrow and I might tell ya something different. ha.  I have been drinking coffee, go energy shots by visalus or rockstar recovery for pre workout.  I make sure i go two days without any caffeine and stay current on my adrenal supps. I am ready to add size to my arms! As for right now, I am focusing on helping others while making a living, writing, making improvements on my physique. I am ready to do a photoshoot! Haven’t scheduled one.  Just wanted to throw that out. haha  looking to do a pro show in April.  let’s get it!!  train smart, eat smart. do things that feel good and surround your self with people you enjoy being around.  Peace Out

NO fluff, NO bs, no strict fad diets

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