Friday 13th 2012 good ol time

Today has been a chill day. It’s storming and I am watching episodes of Charmed! . Started my day with our “ninje” workouts. We do different things every workout. This am we did sledge hammer hits, pullups, farmer walks, sit ups and dug holes with post hole diggers. My body is responding very well to the “new” cardio. I am not as stressed about diet for this prep. I am drinking shakes and not tripping out about eating at exact times. If I am hungry, I eat. My body lets me know if I need fat, protein or carbs. I am still doing a tad bit of steady state cardio. My body continues to mature the more I prep. I have been working with clients, cleaning and reading. BIG NIGHT festivites on this Friday night :p . I love meeting all the new people via facebook and twitter. Taking progress pics tomorrow and I am READY and excited to see the changes comared to a few weeks back. I don’t check bodyfat really. I will weigh every am and take my temp..that lets me know a few thing about how I metabolize the previous days food and workouts. I had lots of lean beef today. It was really good, tasted like a burger. I am pumped about my chocolate findings today at Publix (see braski training or my athlete page). I am going to do my pm cardio while finishing up Charmed 🙂 Oh and the pic is me and my dog donut. I wanted people to see that I have lost inches. Most people see me and think I have always been in shape just because I am petite. I used to EAT and DRINK! The older I get, the better I get. Age is JUST a number.


NO fluff, NO bs, no strict fad diets

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