How to feel comfortable in the gym (if you’re a woman)

For all the Health/Fitness Coaches—>The pain with selling a weight loss/health/Fitness offer, fix your life program is…

Everyone “wants” to do it, saying they want in but don’t take action, and ghosting.

Fact #1 We aren’t here to convince anyone that they NEED to get healthy, become a better person, sexy, rich, happy, or break generational curses.

Fact #2 Understand that no matter what we say, how many tears we cry on camera or post we make… MOST will never change. And for those people, you do podcasts, post free content, Live and have low ticket offers and hope for the best.

Fact #3 Knows that for every thousand people who see your free content, maybe 10 will say “yes” to change.


Those who’ve paid me for transformational coaching know that it’s NOT the “feathers in hair, tender-caring, aw, go take care of your busy schedule or health scare and get back with me when you’re ready” who gets THE results.

The ones who get THE results know that it’s the tough love, kick your-ass, direct energy That wins every time.

I know I do best with mentors and coaches who are very direct and matter-of-fact with me. And notice. I didn’t say they were abusive. Just be honest and direct.

What’s the saying?

“Average Players want to be left alone
Good players want to be coached
Great players want the truth”

The ones who get physical results are like, “Give me answers, tell me what it is and what to do to change.”

The world could come to a stop, kids could get sick or they could be moving across the country and will say, “Yes” no matter what.

When someone is NOT ready, and I speak directly, They think I’m shaming them, judging them, and being mean because it’s how they feel about themselves, and im mirroring that back. OUCH

Yet, when I show up with the same direct energy, THE ONES WHO ARE READY feel INSPIRED and motivated to take action. They feel seen, heard, and moved. They start having breakthroughs and feel called.

The Dirty Truth is that I had a secret in 2023 about my weight loss offer…

Only those in my inner circle KNOW how much I fell out of love with Hotmomz because I felt like I couldn’t be direct with my buyers. ( I know, confident Casey, not direct, wtf right?)

Those close to me know how soft I am and how bothered I was by this. Helping people become happy and healthy was THE PASSION and VIBE so what gives?!

I wanted to burn it to the ground because I felt like everyone was so fragile and would run away or chargeback and quit if I was direct

And the truth is, I didn’t feel like they paid me enough to be on their ass like that, I wanted everything to be gentle and effortless… I had everything there in the program, was that not enough?!? ( talk about not wanting to take responsibility and being an entitled little baby I was.. Sesh, but the self judgment is pointless and I digress)

I was TRIGGERED! I had years of Trauma around suppressing ANGER

I thought being DIRECT was being ANGRY so of course I didn’t want to go there. I didn’t know the difference.

I didn’t want to be direct fiery Casey ( which is THE ONE who saved my life) I didn’t want to go there because I was afraid of hurting people.

I didn’t wanna call them out on their real-life shi*y little excuses because so many were already feeling ashamed and guilty..

so what happened?I GAVE MY POWER AWAY TO THE POWERLESS Because I had to overcome powerlessness myself!

And now, Im done with my bullshit- which means, im done with people’s Bullshi* too.


if you want to BE THE LEADER THIS YEAR and get your clients MORE transformations than ever before IN RECORD TIME to know that there are people out there giving excuses to themselves like “being too busy with work, or kids..the lame excuse like, “Let me wait until im back from my trip or “im afraid of spending and failing”

YET, we both KNOW they they VERY capable of doing the work and getting results and could do BOTH the trip, kids, life, AND your offer which is what they are wanting.

How do we know this? BECAUSE YOU and ME have done it and are still doing it! We have the mother fuc*&ing CODES and is WHY they are coming to us for answers!

So stop playing it small and being worried about bruising them which in turn keeps them weak, disempowered, and stuck!

They will come to know that in every heart-felt post and content they see, there’s also a fiery dark feminine who will help them get THE RESULTS.

So moving forward… There’s going to be both energies because YOU are both. And, It’s SAFE to be BOTH.

The feathers in hair, feminine, open, rainbow dancing version, and the dark feminine, divine fiery masculine who can create positive change

One energy is for awareness and feeling but doesn’t get the physical transformation and one is for the physical transformation

So, your potential students are either in the awareness phase stuck in feeling their feels or they are in the transformation taking action season?

How can you teach them how to do BOTH, like you?

Because A lot of women feel that if things seem too soft, they won’t change…

You want them to change and know they NEED to change the SAME energy that they are already familiar with and they aren’t moving, they need a different FIREY energy. To get in their face a little to decide if they want to stay or evolve. Kind of like how you talk to yourself when you want to procrastinate!

So, moving forward, you’re not going to take any of their shit stories about the fear of failing, being busy and sick, or needing to wait till vacation is over ( because you KNOW damn well that you don’t let yourself off that easy so why let them?)

They are in YOUR energy wanting to know the way, so GIVE IT TO THEM.

They can get ZAPPED by the fire or get warmed by the flame!

We will be here in support. In kindness and compassion.

And when the right ONES are READY, you me, and we, WILL get the result so be ready for THAT type of energy!

The energy moving forward in your marketing energy gets to be…

If you want to do this, here’s what it costs and we start.

If you don’t wanna do this. At least you’re aware that you should but we aren’t going to waste time on a phone call for you to stay the SAME

THEY WILL HAVE TO DO THIS! No one is coming to save them. Just like no one came to save you!

YOU are the hero and that’s the type of client you get to work with!


NO fluff, NO bs, no strict fad diets

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