How to NOT Ruin Your Diet When Stress Hits

Being a mom is a DIFFERENT… all new/next level/stressful type of responsibility that comes with added pressure. Sometimes, I want to drink or eat the stress away when they go to bed and the house is quiet.. Sometimes… If I’ve trained legs hard and it’s been a day from hell, I will eat a bowl of cereal the size of Texas BUT MOST OF THE TIME…. I refrain!!!!! here’s how…

A. I have discipline because I KNOW  that I will regret it when I’m not where I want to be physique wise. 

B. I go for a zevia ( stevia soda), La Croix and add liquid flavored stevia, I hit the Juul ( yes, if it’s been a bad day and mama needs a smoke break even though I don’t smoke), judge away.. Or, I will plan my meals so I can have something sweet like candy, cereal of fruit and it’s actually accounted for via nutrition planning software like eat this much, myfitness pal or my personal macro system. I will get crushed ice, pour koolaid (without added sugar) and add my own liquid stevia extract for sweetness. I will eat 2 cups of veggies with iodized salt and get my ass ready for bed… 

C. It’s not worth when you can plan ahead of time and or have something that’s zero cal

D. Do something that’s self soothing like shop online, explore pinterest, write, take awesome girly baths etc. 

E. I feel better about myself and empowered KNOWING I can control myself.


~Hunger is the first element to self discipline.  If you can control what you eat and drink, you can control everything else.  


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NO fluff, NO bs, no strict fad diets

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