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SOOO I announced i have a bun in the oven. PHEW, it was hard to keep why I was training like a sissy a secret! 

First Trimester- I DID experience nausea HOWVER, COMA….if I ate, the sick feeling went away. YES, It was an ongoing sick feeling but and move on. I was craving different things at different weeks.  Coming from fitness/nutrition background… it was HARD to wrap my head around eating certain foods but after getting intuitive gut feelings that i needed them, I went with it.   week 5 I craved burgers and fries and Im not talking “this would taste good craving” … i was CRAVING like a deep yearning for ya man/woman feeling ( you know what i’m saying)?.

Next week was sandwiches, next it was orange juice; which, by the way my intuitive health coach had mentioned i needed calcium, potassium and vit C so I guess that was the reason for that. I did notice I wanted more carbs than I normally wanted. It could have been from me going from 200-300 mg’s of caffeine a day to hardly any and needed the extra energy. The thought of certain caffeine made me wanna yak. I found that odd. (I’M TELLING YOU MOMMIES, the baby is i control… what ever you are wanting.. go with it! unless it’s unhealthy and you are an unhealthy person. it’s never to late to change your lifestyle so the little one doesn’t grow up struggling with obesity or health issues…. i only ate one pickle the whole time and stuck with my vi shakes for ice cream.. I actually went to FROYO and watched my friends eat the ice cream. I haven’t wanted sweets at ALL! and if you know me, that’s weird! Honestly, I feel like I am birthing my husband! lol. what I mean is .. everything I want to eat, SKIP LOVES! ohhh heres one. week 4 and mostly the whole way through. i wanted PIZZA.. i didn’t cave and go on a yeast, dough,get candida and leaky gut binge.. i made healthy alternatives AND would put marinara on EVERYTHING! even egg whites! if you have kids, you know how some of them eat only the topping from pizzas and not the dough? i would eat the topping of skips “hot n ready” pizza. HAHA hot n ready.. don’t you wish your girlfriend was like that? ok, moving forward! I was KILLING breakfast foods! KILLING IT. Look at this.. BOYEEEE ..had grits, toast ( either natures own whole wheat no sugar added or ezekiel) with pomander ( no sugar in ingredients jelly) egg whites, two eggs err day, greens and george foreman has browns with ketchup or salsa. I have eased up since first trimester though. 




The EPIC night was the bomb! i was CRAVING sushi! the real kind. not the fat american cream cheese  with rice and no meat make you fluffy crap. the raw salmon over rice with ginger salads.  I was feeling fat and was in the middle of working so I just pushed off the craving because when you are trying to get lean… you just push off the craving and you’re good. It usually subsides and you get on with your diet. Well, hours pasted by and every hour the craving got stronger and all the “preggo wanna give opinions mamas wanted to be like, NO you will kill the baby.. do NOT eat sushi”.I did NOT CARE!  ( me being hardheaded ) I said.. YOU can kiss my arse.. ~back to the story. It was about 915 pm and I had managed to put off the craving that long and I called my ( i feel bat shit crazy and can’t make designs need someone to think for me) husband and told him the situation .. he got on to me and said go right now and get you some. you have GOT to start listening to your body and get over this fitness eating disorder BS. so I did. 945pm I got me some goods. woooo y’all, it was like a drug. i ..up! to top it off ( since I had been wanting something fried) Skip calls and asks if I want sweet and sour chicken?? does a cat have climbing gear? (exactly) so I had sweet and sour chicken for dessert. lol. this was prob the BIGGEST fluff fest so far. since then. the only thing fried that i will eat are french fries and buddy do I LIKE EM. 














Last week ( week 12) we went to longhorns and I order a 6 oz sirloin no seasoning, cheese fries ( small order) and a salad with low fat ranch.. It was fantastic. surprisingly i haven’t added that much fat. about 3 lbs. my body fat was 17-18 at week 6, still have slight lines but feel and look kind of sloppy. working out has been a real struggle bus! the first trimeter, I was so doggone tired but would do what i could. If I pushed to hard, I get icky feeling. I did easy flow yoga twice a weeks and weights maybe 2-4 days.. much lighter weight of course bc if i tried to go heavy I would cramp. Didn’t wanna kill the baby so I pulled back. The first trimester was so emotional. AT first, i took 4 pregnancy test! after that… I still couldn’t believe it ( i have a hard time with receiving good things), I just felt like i would “see red” when i visited the bathroom and that would be it. I had been wanting to grow my family for about 4 months and it just wasn’t happening.  i was praying for massive success and would get images, voices and dreams of babies. the way i was brought up, kids meant your life was over and you could never have anything is you had kids. (my mom didn’t like being a mom is all) So i would get these answers like children WILL BRING YOU SUCCESS.. so I had a very emotional breakthrough.  I also figured out that I ovulate at different times than most women. every pee stick said that i wasn’t ovulating so naturally i thought “great” just my luck.. but low and behold i had missed ol flow and got curious. Sure enough, i was preggo but still wanted to hear that heartbeat to confirm. (once again, recieveing issues)I went for my FIRST DR visit at 12 weeks. I am one of those weird forest type whacky people that doesn’t really like Dr’s! I went to my intuitive reiki health coaches and they helped me zone in on my prayers and mediations.

I am going half and half medically speaking.. doing the routine doc visits as bad as i hate to do the glucose  test , dr’s and nurses that could give a shit WHAT kind of lifestyle i live and treat me like I’m 400 lbs overweight and don’t know stinky about health and all that. (yea, Im gunna tell you how I really feel) I want a midwife only ( NO Dr.). it’s my “plan” will it happen? only God knows. Moving forward

image this was a craving for the old school grilled cheese and tomato soup. i found an organic type soup with very little added sugar, organic low fat cheese (ruminao) and fat free (lifetime) cheese ..the bread.. well.. i wanted to “TRY” gluten free bread. and this brand is seeded glutino.. ew! and it has 4.5 grams of fat per slice.! NO THANK YOU! but i heated on george foreman and it was GUD.

I told y’all about my marinara wants.. so i made a mix of fat free natural turkey/lean grass fed beef over spaghetti squash that i baked. a salad with Bolthouse ranch! I actually sent out a great newsletter for all subscribers about the great find. I didn’t care for the other brand. 











AHHH the fluffy women that stay away from healthy salmon sushi and healthy deli meat that go for Frappunccino and mcdonalds ( hey, I’m not judging) yes I am. LADY.. I will gladly help ya eat healthy, just ask. I’m not really that big of a witch. I was wanting cheese and crackers ( see cravings are so abnormal for me, but I fee like it’s things that kids like) I cut up some lifetime fat free natural cheese (hormone free) , nut thins with flax and applegate no nitrates or sugar added deli meat. I eat deli meat MAYBE once every two weeks if that. I haven’t wanted a whole lot of chicken. I have to force myself to eat it to make sure I eat a protein with my carb sources for blood sugar purposes.  I still use stevia and drink things with sucralose. i cut out gum. it has aspartame. I just don’t PERSONALLY feel like it serves me well. I cut back on veggies! really really loath eating them. I hide them in shakes and food. I take rainbow all natural pre natal and sea aloe liquid for micronutrients.  














imageI LOVE VI CRUNCH! it’s protein cereal sweetened with stevia ( a more natural sweetener) I have been drinking a tad bit of organic fat free milk. not sure why.. even though I grew up drinking milk, I prefer unsweetened almond milk. I measure out about 28 grams of frozen banana for shakes and cereal.


More to come! thanks for stopping by, and PLEASE message me vi Facebook or if you would like me to go over any certain thing. 

NO fluff, NO bs, no strict fad diets

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