Sept 16th

Today was pretty fun. Woke up around 7:30 am. for some reason I tossed and turned last night. Must be my new weird curved, memory foam pillow? I have been doing nuero (visalus)tea or go shot for caffeine. My consumption is WAY down! today I had a neuro before workouts. Got a text from My friend/Client/business partner Bridget. She has been working with me for a little while. I love her drive and honesty! She down about 20lbs and is learning a ton of new techniques about diet and workout. She wanted to see how I trained Lats and shoulders so I said..come on. I didn’t train hard at all! did 35lb db for shoulder press 10x’s and maybe 105-110 on lat pulldowns. lots of rest in between. When I don’t feel like pushing it.. I don’t push it! I am a recovering endocrine mess up. by that I mean.. I suffered from extreme adrenal fatigue, was 53 years old and pre menopausal on paper and had every food intolerance you could think of. I am healed now. But i’ll tell you what.. being high strung like me, if you don’t “drop your pack and take 5” every now and then… you will be on the verge of hospital. I reckon because Im hard headed and just push it to the limits? I see this often in women! they gogogo, eat like shit or not at all, take care of their husbands, friends, and kids. While trying to be a bread winner and they turn to a bottle of chardonnay at night and wonder why they can’t lose fat and are on anti-depressants. slowwwww down. or god will put ya down! he does me anyway. Since i LOVE food, and LOVE to eat.. I figured I would show ya what I had today.

Meal 1 was Vi shape powder, apple pie spice, oat bran, sea salt, pumpkin all mix together and since I’ve really been into Greek Cream Cheese I added a dollop and some green apples! DELICIOUS! 

photo 2    Meal 2 was QUEST BAR! it’s been WAY to long! like MONTHS since I had one. I tried cutting back on stupid spending and this was def a stupid spend! i wold spend 30$ a month on quest bars! silly silly. now, I see where I can afford to treat myself. (bc I don’t typically do starbucks) so i did this. Im trying to be more faithful with my dollas! That will be a whole other post! 


photo 3 

Meal 3 was the best!  photo 4photo 5    fish on George foreman, baked white potato with greek yogurt (organic) salt and peppers.  zucchini and HOT SAUCE!


photo 2 (2)


I grew up eating egg and olive sandwiches! made with a couple of eggs boiled, salt, pepper, green and black olives. and mayo.. I do a clean version with egg whites, greek fat free plain yogurt, salt pepper and olives.  I eat on ezekiel bread or rice cakes.. had jalapeños on side bc I like hot stuff.

my other meal was a wrap! my husband, Skip has been eating sandwiches and to tell you the truth.. I just LOVE sandwiches! (grew up eating sandwiches as well) this is low sodium pepper turkey from deli, avocado, lettuce, tomato, mustard, cheese (low fat organic)

photo 1 (1)












for workout I did all sets 4×10

A. side tricep cable 

B. cross rear delt pull

C.Lat pulldown (105)

C2. db press (35)

D1. lateral raise machine

D2. vbar pressdown (not sure) heavy though 



EAT! rev your metabolism! lift! limit cardio and track what you eat. imagine yourself where you want to be and what you want to look like! you deserve it! 

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