Sept 25 Thursday

It is 9:04 Thursday pm 

woke up today with energy as usual,goals in mind,  wanting a breakfast buffet! I’m talking eggs, toast, grits, waffles, juice, all the odds and ends! BUT I DID’NT eat it of course.. I came down them “tairs” ( i must tell you about the Tammy Vines reference ) In fifth grad I went to school with Tammy.. she had a smokers voice at 10, wore keds and was so SWEET! her eyes would squint when she smiled. brown hair. One morning a taxi brought her to school and we all couldn’t stop talking about it, just one of those kids. WELL, she got really “turnt up” one day and was telling the crowd a story (she had a speech impediment). Bless her heart..She said.. “yea, she went up dem stairs” and I still to this day get so tickled over thinking of her voice when i say up stairs or downstairs. MOVING ON….. i’m gunna go to hell for making fun. 


had 1 egg, 3 egg whites, ezekiel tortilla with low fat sargento pepper jack cheese melted on top and 1 small baby Organic 96% lean beef sausage I made yesterday.  Yesterday I had a hankering for fluffy biscuits. My favorite biscuit would be sausage and egg or sausage biscuit with mustard. then comes the honey butter biscuits or lets go all out and throw some gravy on this! see, I LOVE to eat.. people have no clue. I would be 300 lbs. Not there is ANYTHING wrong with being 300 lbs.. I have friends that size that’s healthier than me. I just enjoy my body..well I am vain.  Before grandma training, I had a WARM oatmeal raisin cookie and unsweetened almond milk! you could say I’m getting ready for Santa. hohoho



I have been dragging as* lately.. I think i could be dying? jk. it’s called NO CAFFEINE! I don’t see how people do it. I did incline press, front raise/lat raise/curl/tricep extension combo.  Lat pulldown with rope followed by YOGA! I do yoga at home.. usually off roku or youtube. 

image      Here is my sweet little whole wheat homemade greek yogurt biscuits. Had this yesterday.   I will post recipe. but they aren’t Bojangles! you can tell it’s not self rising flour. Satisfied me though. I make my own sausage. I think I used some polaner Jelly as well. 


imageI LOVE Vi-Crunch! fat loss/protein cereal.. low in sugar and it’s so yummy with frozen berries. the link to buy is if you want some.  this is a meal. (I enjoy sweets, I should probably be on a green hippie type diet for best health but I’ll get there on day) . 


Went to meet new business partners at a local gym today for one of my jobs. I work with the #1 weight loss company in the world and as you know.. OBESITY is only rising. I work that gig part-time and I am a personal trainer.  I do a lot of online training and nutrition coaching.  I have lot’s of free time that I am working on utilizing a little better 🙂  Skip and I are around each other for most of the day until about 3 pm.. then we don’t see each other until about 10pm. We spend a lot of time together, I value that and am very grateful.  (sometimes) sometimes I wanna kill him lol.. but anywho.. Skip went went with today to meet the gym prospect. Had some drama on facebook today… I guess it comes with a hot head temper speak my mind personality like mine to attract confrontation when I rant about a fitness topic. I’M WORKING ON IT, OK? my spiritual journey is a wild, fun, scary, fulling one and boy oh boy does it test me. 


image   I DID clean this baby out today! prob ate 3/4 of the bag. I wanted some applegate smoked turkey and sweet potato chips.. Hey, at least I am having a protein with my carb and fat…right? 


Later this evening I worked. phone calls, text, emails, paperwork, and reports.  I am back into eating collard greens.. random but thought I would let you know. I am learning more about Thyroid disease and hoshimoto disease. It would ve very fulfilling to go for holistic medicine. For now, I will research! I LOVE to research and find out about new ways to help people heal. Health is more about just eating apples. I love to find a body in stress and help to heal it. There is nothing better.   I learned that iodine is crucial for your thyroid. so eat seafood, sea vegetable and iodized salt 🙂 I am going to study more before I can say if goitrogens are bad. (broccoli, kale and some other foods) I know how to heal adrenals.. so now I would like to educate myself on the thyroid gland. I am working on my site as well.  We are coming up with a members site where I will have tons of videos, workouts, mp3’s of how to live lean and have good mental health bc you all know I am bat shit crazy. Really though, I have been all the anti-depressants and suicidal in the past.  Suffered from chronic hives and panic attacks. Of course now, having the amazing God source that we all have access to.. I am drug free and crazy free.. (almost) 😉   said with love.


Thank you for taking interest in me and being open to pick up nuggets to improve your life because you have called for a higher purpose and he lead you through here. Don’t go to bed angry and I will see you soon! 


Happy Eating

NO fluff, NO bs, no strict fad diets

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