Why The Juice Cleanse DIDN’T Work


I remember wanting to do a detox and juice cleanse after the holidays and or anytime I felt bloated & fluffy.

I remember seeing, “metabolic reset” and wanting to buy everything they had to offer.

I was insulin resistant, sensitive to carbs, scared to gain weight, had thyroid issues ( even though my gynecologist said that I was normal)

I had pcos, Ibs, poor focus, anxiety, low libido and I was so tired.

I craved sugar, was never hungry in the mornings, and lived on caffeine.

I had so much on my plate. The kids, home, job, etc. I felt like a robot going through life’s daily motions.

frustration was my norm. The workouts, diet attempts, and meditations/therapy and still no miracles.

I would do research, try to drink kombucha, and take supplements. Still nothing…

I had invested in mentors, self-help books, and therapy but nothing gave me that, “180” result that I was looking for.

not until I addressed my emotional body aka mindset did things change for the better.
wanna know what was blocking me?

trauma… but not the type of trauma that people think about when they see the word.

It was more like, feeling like I was in a constant state of survistateI would feel rushed & like there wasn’t enough time.
I had a hard time getting things done and felt weird when good things happened.

I felt like everything would come crashing down if I took personal time for, “me” to enjoy life. ( I felt guilty, to be honest, Like, I should be doing more)

The second I felt a victory of success, I was afraid of losing it and or someone would take it from me.
Scarcity, lack, and exercising so that I wouldn’t gain weight were from trauma.
I was blindly addicted to emotional chaos aka up and downs
I found out why and want to share my results with you.

check out how I increased my calories by 1000 per day, lost body fat, and cleared out the fear around going backward.

my hormones were finally in balance, I had energy and hit all of my goals.

I even landed on a cover of a fitness magazine and was able to get more things done in less time
everything improved in my life improved as a result.

that’s why a trauma-informed approach to health & fitness is the only way to true happiness & long-term fitness success.

here’s the application It won’t be up much longer. check it out, apply & BOOK YOUR strategy session for the Hotmomz lifestyle program so we can help get you on the other side of the struggle


NO fluff, NO bs, no strict fad diets

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